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  • 1. Welcome to OUR HEALTH class todays Lesson: Anatomoy


  • Materials:
    • Everything you need to make an anatomically-correct sock monkey/puppet
  • Assignment:
    • Create a sock monkey/puppet with at least 5 body parts
    • Present your monkey to the class and identify the proper name and function of each structure

3. XTRANORMAL A Free Web-based movie maker THIS is NOTyour MothersSock Monkey 4. Sock Monkey example: 5. Sock Monkey example: 6. How to.

  • Create an XTRANORMAL movie
    • Its free & easy
    • Create an account
      • Accounts come with 200 points you will use those pretty quickly
      • Educators may request special accounts (5000 points)
    • Account takes a little time email verification
    • Educators account takes a few days

7. Basic Features:

  • Set Where do you want to place your characters?
  • Actors Choose from funny to scary.
    • Voices Be sure the voice is understandable and clear.
  • Sounds Is there a sound to be played throughout movie?
  • Story Enter your script. Toggle between characters.

8. Additional Features:

  • Click and Drop these effects into the script:
    • Camera Angles zoom in on one character, pan the room, etc.
    • Motions make characters scratch their head, shrug shoulders, clap, etc.
    • Faces Change the expression of your characters .
    • Look at Great effect that has character stop and look at camera.
    • Pauses emphatic effect mid sentence
    • Sounds interject sounds into script

9. Real, curricular (g-rated) Examples

  • English Class example
  • Science class example

10. Blah blah blah

  • Go Animate for Schoolsis a fun, easy to use site that gives students the ability to create their own animated movie. Students simply drag and drop backgrounds, characters, and objects to create each scene. Go Animate for Schools is free for teachers with up to 100 students. Once teachers set up accounts for their students, only those students can access this online world. It is a safe, teacher controlled learning platform where students can share their animated creations with their classmates.
  • Why use it? Go Animate for Schoolsgives students an alternative way to express what they know. Instead of the traditional report, in which students either write with pencil and paper, or use Word or PowerPoint, Go Animate gives students the ability to creatively express what they have learned. This new platform can encourage reluctant learners and is highly motivating and engaging for all students.