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How to affair-proof your marriage


  • 1. Affair-Proof Your Marriage:How To Solidify Your Relationship In 3 Easy Steps CP Gilfillan


  • Affair-proofing your marriage is easier than you think


  • To ensure you keep your man make sure your mind is set for strengthening your relationship


  • Avoid constant worrying about whether the relationship may break down


  • Consider thesethree simple stepsto ensure your marriage is healthy, vibrant and insulated against the temptation of outside forces:


  • Step 1: Talk, Talk, Talk
  • Talk to your partner about whats on your mind
  • Avoid suppressing issues that bug you

7. Talk, Talk, Talk!

  • Worried about your partner having an affair and it's affecting your relationship?

8. Talk, Talk, Talk!

  • Find a way to talk about it in a manner that doesnt rock the boat

9. Talk, Talk, Talk!

  • Explain your feelings to your partner by gently easing your way into the conversation

10. Talk, Talk, Talk!

  • He's more likely to listen to you if you approach the subject in this subtle way

11. Talk, Talk, Talk!

  • Communication is everythingin a relationship


  • Step 2: Go out with each other
  • Go out together on a regular basis

13. Go Out With Each Other

  • Just because youre married doesnt mean you no longer need to date

14. Go Out With Each Other

  • Making time to go away together means you spendquality timewith each other whichstrengthens the bondbetween you

15. Go Out With Each Other

  • Not spending sufficient timetogether has been shownto increase the chances ofan extra-marital affair

16. Go Out With Each Other

  • Varythe activities you get involved in together and who you socialise with

17. Go Out With Each Other

  • There may be times when it feels good to go out with other couples, and other times when itsjust the two of you

18. Go Out With Each Other

  • Whatever you decide to do, give yourself time and space to keep the bond between you alive


  • Step 3: Tell him how good you are together
  • Tell your partner regularly:

20. Tell Him Youre Good Together

  • How good you are together
  • How strong your relationship is
  • How much you love him
  • How you'd never want to be with anyone else

21. Tell Him Youre Good Together

  • Beabsolutely genuineabout your positive comments

22. Tell Him Youre Good Together

  • Avoid saying them so often they sound trite

23. Tell Him Youre Good Together

  • Choose the moments carefully when you do say them so they sound special andmean something profoundto him

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  • Find out more tips of how tosuccessfully affair-proofyour marriage
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