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Marriage IS a Private Affair

Marriage IS a Private Affair Chinua Achebe /tnw te be/ 1952 Rawezh Ibrahim 20133322 Cyprus International University 21.10.2014Warm UpThe main conflict in the story is the clash between generations; Old VS. Young. Should the new generation have such conflict?

Should always parents be decision makers for their children?

Arrange marriage VS. love marriage? Why?Title: Marriage is a private affairSuggests that in matters where personal freedom and tradition conflict, personal freedom should win out. It is a verbal irony.

Author biography He was born in November 16, 1930 and became a teacher.

Achebes parents converted to Christianity, and all of their childrens names have spiritual connotations. Chinualumogu (Chinuas full first name) means May God fight on my behalf. African most famous contemporary author. A member of Ibo people in Nigeria.In 1990, he was paralysed in a car accident.

A brief summary A young man, is visiting his girlfriend, Nene Atang, in her room. The couple has recently become engaged, and Nene asks her fianc if he has written to his father to inform him of the engagement.Nnaemeka explains the differences between urban and village life styles. While the conservative families do not accept love marriage. His father rejects his proposal for getting married with Nene. He finds a lady for him; Ugoye Nweke.After 8 years of silence, Okeke agrees to see his grandsons. Settings Time: 1950s Place: Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria Characters Nene Atang: Nene Atang is of Nnaemekas wife. She is a Christian, and she teaches at a girls school in Lagos, a city she has lived in for her entire life.She knows nothing about tribe life, Ibos life style as well. She is rejected by Okeke, her father-in-law, to get married with Nnaemeka. At the end she plays her crucial role to persuade her father-in-law to meet the children.

Characters Nnaemeka:He is a young man who originally came from a small village in the country but now lives in Lagos. His profession is not stated, but he appears to be an educated man. He does not want to upset his father, which is why he waits until he can see him in person before breaking the news of his engagement to a non-Ibo girl.The quarrel with his father upsets him, but he hopes, despite all indications to the contrary, that his father will eventually forgive him for marrying against his will.Characters Okeke:Okeke is Nnaemekas father. He lives in a small village and thinks in a very traditional, conservative way. He believes that things should be done the way they have always been done; the old customs should be observed.Characters Madbogwu:Madbogwu is one of the men in the small village where Okeke lives.

Ugoye Nweke:Ugoye Nweke does not appear directly in the story, but she is the young woman who is selected by Okeke and his neighbour as a suitable wife for Nnaemeka.Themes 1. TraditionThe story centres around the clash between traditional values and a more modern way of conducting ones affairs.The Ibo tribe never marry outside their own tribe.People in the city expect to choose their own partners rather than accept an arranged marriage.Nnaemeka points out that he cannot marry Ugoye Nwake because he does not love her, his father replies, Nobody said you did. He continues, what one looks for in a wife are a good character and a Christian background.Themes Tradition and restricted religion St. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians /krnn/ says that women should keep silence.When Okeke hears that Nene is a teacher.

Love is not important; what matter is that she will make a good Christian wife. The First Epistle to theCorinthians, often referred to as FirstCorinthians(and written as 1Corinthians), is the seventh book of the New Testament of theBibleThemes raisingrejectingTradition OkekeNnaemekaThemes 2. Gender RolesThe society depicted in the village is strongly patriarchal; the men are in charge.Women do not receive too much education. Ugoyes father, for example, pulled her out of school when he thought she had learned enough to be able to ful fill her duties as a wife.

Style Nature Symbolism: When the conflict between father and son first breaks out, it is December, and the weather is hot and dry. Many years later, just before Okeke realizes his inappropriate behavour, the weather is very different.There are black clouds, and soon the rain begins. This is the first rain of the year, and it soon develops into a thunderstorm that marks the change of the season. It also marks a change in the old mans heart.Language In his mature work, Achebe is known for incorporating words and expressions from the Igbo language (Igbo is an alternative spelling of Ibo), as well as pidgin English (a simplified form of English spoken in many of the countries that were part of the British Empire). Achebes purpose is to convey the flavour of the African cultural setting even though the language used is English. However, Marriage Is a Private Affair is an early work by Achebe, written when he was still an undergraduate, and he had not yet developed his mature style. It is noticeable that all the characters in the story speak in perfect British English.Conflicts Comes from Nnaemekas choosing to marry someone other than the girl that Okeke picked for him. It is over a clash in cultures.

Conflicts Conflict (Internal and External): Rural vs. Urban Lifestyles, Arranged marriages vs. Love marriages, Main character vs. father, wife vs. father-in-law

Father-in-law vs. Father-in-law

Main character vs. Main Character

Modern Values marriages based on love.

Critical Overview David Carroll points out the importance of the incident in which Nnaemekas father refuses to consult an herbalist about his son:The story suggests that what at first seems an added reluctance to influence his son is in fact a sign of what father and son have in commona refusal to be controlled by ancient customwhich will eventually lead to a reconciliation.Criticism Bryan Aubrey Marriage Is a Private Affair in terms of some aspects of life in Nigeria in the 1950s and points out that the authorial voice in the story favours the young mans position over that of his father.Foreshadowing for the endThe story ends before the reader finds out if Okeke reconciles with his son so that he can meet his grandchildren. Remember Okekes beliefs: Ibo men should marry within their own tribe. How do you end the story?

Questions?Thank you for your attentions.


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