adms-bis bouwkundige informatiesystemen adms 2006 uml part 2 jan dijkstra - 16 oktober 2006

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ADMS-BIS Bouwkundige Informatiesystemen ADMS 2006 UML part 2 Jan Dijkstra - 16 oktober 2006 Slide 2 ADMS-BIS Subjects Slide 3 ADMS-BIS Objects & Classes Slide 4 ADMS-BIS Analyses and design of a system Process orientation processes, activities, functions How? Data orientation data, entities, objects What? Slide 5 ADMS-BIS Data aspect Structure of information Which are the static objects? What are the classes of objects? How did they differ? What are the relationships between them? Information modeling Slide 6 ADMS-BIS Basic concept of information modeling An information system has to represent information about objects (entities) that occurs in the UoD (Universe of Discourse) associated with its application domain. Design domain model modeling approach Design IS model data model Slide 7 ADMS-BIS Basics data model Data models in IS development Problem domain : UoD 1.Store information 2.Present information 3.Manipulate information Slide 8 ADMS-BIS Data model concepts Objects are Physical (tangible) like students, or Conceptual (intangible) like name things in the real world Objects have properties Property of object = attribute + value Link = connection between objects Multiple objects are identifiable by a unique identity Slide 9 ADMS-BIS File card of Student Name Stud van TUE24 March 1980M / F Address Terborg 7, 2745 XY Gieten Tel 06 23840692 DateFinished Courses 21/02/20027m063 24/03/20057m822 Slide 10 ADMS-BIS Objects and links 1 We can not store real-world objects only information about them Information objects represent the corresponding real- world object The properties of an object are represented by the attributes of the corresponding information objects At any time an (information) object has a certain state consisting of the current values of its attributes The state of an object can be depicted by means of an object diagram Slide 11 ADMS-BIS Objects diagram Stud van TUE: Student Name = Stud van TUE Gender = M DateOfBirth = 24-03-1980 Address = Terborg 7, 2745XY Gieten Elsa van UvT: Student Name = Elsa van UvT Gender = V DateOfBirth = 07-04-1982 Address = As 17, 5623TW Waalre Slide 12 ADMS-BIS Objects diagram 877: Student Name = Stud van TUE Gender = M DateOfBirth = 24-03-1980 Address = Terborg 7, 2745XY Gieten 1221: Student Name = Elsa van UvT Gender = F DateOfBirth = 07-04-1982 Address = As 17, 5623TW Waalre Students with identification numbers Slide 13 ADMS-BIS Objects and links 2 877: Student2002022101: Course has Bas: PersonLouise: Person IsMarriedTo Slide 14 ADMS-BIS Classes A class is an abstract concept Each object is an instance of a class A class has attributes with no values Classes classify objects Object analysis than values to attributes Slide 15 ADMS-BIS Class diagram Object diagrams reveal both the structure and the state of objects In an information model, we are interested in the structure of objects and not specific in their state Classes of objects and their relationships with each other are described in a class diagram Slide 16 ADMS-BIS Class diagram 2 Student Name Gender DateOfBirth Address Student StudentNo Name Gender DateOfBirth Address Slide 17 ADMS-BIS Question ? Describe the class Rectangle and describe an instance of this class Rectangle length : int width : int R1: Rectangle length =25 width = 10 Slide 18 ADMS-BIS Class and relations StudentCourse has finished Person IsMarriedTo Husband Wife role name link association name Slide 19 ADMS-BIS Object class and their data types Student StudentNo : Int(8) Name : Char(15) Gender : Char(1) DateOfBirth : Date Address : Char(125) Slide 20 ADMS-BIS Exercise Een aantal projectteamleden maakt deel uit van een uitvoerend comit. En van de projectteamleden is voorzitter van dit uitvoerend comit. Tevens is n van de projectteamleden mentor van een aantal andere projectteamleden. Vraag: geef klassenaanduidingen, rolnamen, en mogelijke associatie van bovenstaande beschrijving in een diaghram weer. Slide 21 ADMS-BIS Solution Projectteam lidComit Mentor Voorzitter maakt deel uit van Slide 22 ADMS-BIS References Sommerville, Ian (2001) Software Engineering, 6 th edition Timothy Lethbridge & Robert Laganire (2005) Object-Oriented Software Engineering, 2 nd edition


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