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  • Inventory Report: 540 Lakeshore Rd. W., Appleby College


    55: 540 Lakeshore Rd. West, Appleby College

    1. Description of Property Municipal Address 540 Lakeshore Rd. West Name (if applicable) Appleby College Legal Description PT LT 19 & 20, CON 4 TRAF SDS AS IN TW12702, TW21288, TW23166, TW28644, TW30882 &

    96437 S&E PTS 1,2 & 3, 20R18521. S/T TW21288; LTS 19 & 20, CON 4 TRAF SDS AS IN TW30882, T/W TW30882. TOWN OF OAKVILLE

    Location of Property The property is located on the south side of Lakeshore Rd. West and extends south to Lake Ontario. It is bounded by Fourth Line to the west and Dorval Drive to the east.

    Ownership Private Access Access was granted by Appleby College. Site inspection completed August 27th, 2015 (AB, CU, ES)

    Accompanied by Jewel Kennedy and Innes van Nostrand, Appleby College Staff. Current Use Educational. Private Boarding School Existing Designation Listed on the Register of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value of Interest (NOT Designated).

    Description: Appleby College: This property has potential cultural heritage value as a cultural heritage landscape associated with a historic institution. It includes: Appleby Alumni House (c. 1923), Colley House (c. 1911), Appleby Memorial Chapel (c. 1919), Powells House (c. 1919), Appleby Headmasters House (c. 1911); Old Barn (c. 1913).

    General Description Appleby College is an independent day and boarding school founded in 1911 by Sir Edmund Walker and his son-in-law John Guest. The large property is arranged with buildings at the core and sports fields around the perimeter. There are about 20 buildings used for administration, teaching, staff housing and student residences. These are linked by roads and paved walking paths and surrounded by five large sports fields and amenities such as tennis courts. The oldest buildings on the site are: Appleby School House (Colley House, built 1911), Principals Residence (Appleby Headmasters House, built 1913), the Barn (built 1914), the John Bell Chapel (built 1920-29), and Alumni House (E.V. Brown House, built c. 1929 and altered 1989). Newer buildings and facilities (built between 1961 and 2007) have been integrated into the site.

    Priority Level Low

    Figure 1: Appleby College (Colley House). (CU, 2015)

  • Lake


    e Rd.


    Lake OntarioAthletic Field

    Athletic Field

    Athletic Field



    Athletic Field

    Suffolk Ave.

    Principal's House

    Maple RowAthletic Field

    Original Gate



    e Rd.


    Lake OntarioAthletic Field

    Athletic Field

    Athletic Field



    Athletic Field

    Suffolk Ave.

    Principal's House

    Maple RowAthletic Field

    Original Gate


    Appleby CollegeCultural Heritage LandscapeInventory Map

    Drawing not to scale

    Corporation of theTown of Oakville1225 Trafalgar RdOakville, ONL6H 0H3



    Site Structures

    Assessment Boundary


    CHL Study Area

    Heritage District

    Heritage Trail


    Park Trail



  • Inventory Report: 540 Lakeshore Rd. W., Appleby College


    2. Key Recommendations Priority = Low

    Rationale for priority level:

    Current cultural heritage resources are being used and maintained; however,

    Potential vulnerabilities for future development.

    Recommendations for future action:

    Correct errors in the listing on the municipal heritage register, and expand it to include aspects of the cultural heritage landscape of the campus;

    Refer to the property in municipal planning documents such as the Official Plan and secondary plans; and

    Protect natural features through by-laws governing conservation of natural resources.

    3. Documentation and Inventory of Built Form List of Built Features:

    1. Colley House (Appleby School House built 1911), a large, four-storey, red-brick building with decorative brick work. A modest, one-storey, brick addition has been added at the northwest corner to create an entrance and staircase. Principal's Residence (Appleby Headmasters House, built 1913 and renovated 1987), a two-storey house with a hip roof, overhanging eaves and several chimneys, clad in lake stone and shingles.

    2. Barn (built 1914) with a gambrel roof, two lanterns, wood siding and a stone foundation. It replaced an earlier barn lost in a fire.

    3. A wooden outbuilding in the southeast corner of campus, believed to have been built c.1920 by a previous owner, Judge Snider.

    4. John Bell Chapel (built 1920-1929, enlarged 1968), a one-and-a-half-storey, Gothic-Revival-style chapel, made with stone from Lake Ontario, and stained-glass windows dating from 1928 to 2004. A large stone structure at the southeast corner contains the bell. The west elevation was enlarged in 1968 and the three original gables were increased to five.1

    5. Alumni House (E.V. Brown House, Kucey Family Admission Office, built c.1929, altered 1989), a one-and-a-half-storey building with a steeply sloped, gable roof, stucco exterior and wooden window units. It was converted to administrative space in 1989.Memorial Classroom Building (built 1949), a large, two-storey brick building, with projecting front entrance , flat roof, and large window openings.

    6. Walker House (built c. 1961, enlarged 1976), a two-storey, red-brick, student residence.

    7. A sports complex, renovated in 2006 and comprising the J.S. Gairdner Arena (built 1969), a swimming pool (1970), and a Library and Science wing addition (built 1972).

    8. Two faculty houses (built c. 1970), of similar design in the southeast part of the property.

    9. Nicolas Art Centre (built 1985), a two-and-a-half-storey building with stucco-and-brick exterior.

    1 ERA, 2012.

  • Inventory Report: 540 Lakeshore Rd. W., Appleby College


    10. Baillie House (built 1993), a large, two-storey building with hipped roof, dormers and gables.

    11. Faculty housing (built in 1996), three, two-and-a-half-storey duplexes with gable roofs and wood-shingle siding, in the northeast part of the campus.

    12. Powells House (built 1997 to replace a 1918 building of the same name and location), a two-and-a-half-storey building with stucco-and-brick exterior.

    13. John Guest Student Commons (built 2007), a large building with red-brick, stone and glass exterior. It replaced the original John Guest Hall and is the largest building on campus, integrating several previous buildings including the Gymnasium, built c.1956).

    14. Memorial Hal (built in 1949, entrance built in 1956), a two- storey brick building with flat roof, the central block at the core and a large entrance added with four brick pillars.

    15. Raymond Massey Learning Centre, a two-storey building with a crescent-shaped footprint and a brick-and-vinyl exterior , that connects the Nicolas Art Centre, Memorial Hall, and John Guest Student Commons.

    16. Additional Built Features located throughout property, including:

    Original stone gates on the south side of Lakeshore Rd. W.; Artwork and sculptures; New stone entranceway with wooden gazebo (built 2002); Benches , tables, chairs and sitting areas throughout the property; Tennis courts; Full size artificial turf; Five sports fields with goal posts and sports equipment; A wooden footbridge spanning a creek in the southwest part of campus; A 75th anniversary totem pole in the "art garden"; and An Inukshuk monument directed by a First Nations artist, with stones from around the world.

    4. Documentation and Inventory of Natural Form List of Natural Features:

    Layers of old and new plantings, including Silver Maple, Pine, Spruce, Black Locust, Linden, Oak; An early-20th century line of trees along the old entrance road (originally the east property line) and at the old

    entrance gates; Mature trees in the southeast part of campus (a forest is evident on 1930s aerial photo); A mature treeline above the playing field seating area (post-1930 as it is not in 1930's photos); A Spruce row between Alumni House and the Nicolas Art Centre; Mature specimen trees throughout the property; An arboretum project begun in the 1990's; Recent deliberate planting of Carolinian species in a forested area (early photos show bare land); Aggressive Ash removal along the waters edge; Forest trails and dugouts built during the First World War on the west part of the property; A floodplain on the west side of property; A creek rerouted by the founding headmaster and teachers to allow a larger playing field; A maintained mulch path on the west bank of the creek valley; Soccer fields along the creek, dating to 1911; Audience seating on the hill, in its original location;

  • Inventory Report: 540 Lakeshore Rd. W., Appleby College


    A gathering space beside the chapel, once used as a marching ground for cadet corps, was regraded and rebuilt in 2002-03;

    A recent rock garden behind the Principal's House (early photos show a terrace and veggie garden); and Colourful annual flower plantings throughout.

    5. Design (Typology) X all that


    Categories of Cultural Heritage Landscape


    X Designed Landscape clearly defined landscape designed and created intentionally by man.

    X Organically Evolved Landscape

    results from an initial social, economic, administrative, and/or religious imperative and has developed in its present form in response to its natural environment

    Relict Land