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Appleby's learning vision


  • 1. The Question
    • What is the learning vision of the people at Appleby School?
    Copyright 2006, Allanah King, Appleby School


  • Attainment achievement, accomplishment, skill, ability, talent, success
  • Service an act of help or assistance, the act or manner of serving the school, community.

Inspiration was initially sought from our much treasured traditional badge & motto given to Year Sixes before leaving for further education. 3. 4. Our goal is to. Develop self motivated learners and community members who take responsibility for managing their learning, allowing them to develop and grow as individuals. We are well positioned to do this. 5. Communication Be able to communicateeffectively using language,symbols and texts. 6.

  • Be able to take ownership of decisions and actions

Managing Self 7. Thinking and Making Meaning

  • Be able to interpret information and make meaning in order to build understanding & knowledge.
  • Be critical, creative and reflective thinkers.

8. Relating

  • Be able to competently step into a variety of roles valuing other points of view.