5 Great Inventions in Human History!

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1. 5 great inventions in Human History 2. The human brain is an unparallel organ, capable of turning dreams into reality. 3. Today we bring you 5 incredible inventions that changed the world forever - The Microwave The Printed Press The Vaccine The Birth Control Pill The Cell Phone 4. But before we start, a small quiz: Which of these 5 technological marvels was first to be invented? (The answer is at the End :) 5. 1 The Microwave 6. The Microwave When and where? 1945, United States. Best known for: Being discovered accidently by American engineer Percy Spencer, whose candy bar had melted in his trousers' pocket after working next to a high-power microwave beam. Amazing! The first microwave ever built was the size of a refrigerator, and cost 5000$. The Microwave 7. 2 The Printed Press 8. The Printed Press When and where? 1450, Germany Best known for: It's credited inventor Johannes Gutenberg, who made "The Bible" the first ever book to be printed in Western Civilization. Amazing! Type printing was actually invented more that 300 years earlier in China. Movable Type Printing Johannes Gutenberg 9. 3 The Vaccine 10. The Vaccine When and where? 1796, England Best known for: It's inventor Edward Jenner - A British scientist and doctor who intently infected an 8 year old boy with Cow-pox in order to prove his theory. Amazing! Jenner's Vaccine is said to have saved more lives than any other discovery in the history of mankind. Edward Jenner Polio Vaccine - Setbacks 11. 4 The Birth Control Pill 12. The Birth Control Pill When and where? 1960, United States. Best known for: Liberating millions of women around the world; allowing them to gain control over their sex lives for the first time in human history. Amazing! Although approved by the FDA in 1960, unmarried women were not able to get hold the Pill until late 1972. In fact, the Catholic Church still doesn't approve its use. Birth Control Pill Effects on The Brain Birth Control Pill The 60s 13. 5 The Cell Phone 14. The Cell Phone When and where? 1973, United States. Best known for: The first ever wireless call - made by Motorola engineer Martin Cooper to his great rival Dr. Engel of Bell Labs. Needless to say that the Doctor wasn't very happy to receive this call. Amazing! The average mobile phone today has more computing power than the all the computers used for the Apollo 11 moon landing. The Cell Phone 15. And now for the answer of the QUIZ: Out of the 5, the PRINTED PRESS was first to be discovered back in 1450. 16. We hope you enjoyed! @check123comFollow us Follow us https://www.facebook.com/Check123com