great inventions 4th grade

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  • Great inventions

    4th A

  • A coconut bag with a zipper

  • A hand holder

  • A folder shirt

  • An electric loop as a windmill

  • A table dustpan

  • A button on your sockWhat a nice idea for not to lose them any more!

  • A balloon blower for your parties

  • A fake bills checker

  • A table vacum cleaner

  • A torch marker

  • A notes roll pen

  • What can you do with coconut oil, some sugar and coloring?A natural exfoliating scub!

  • A mobile phone speaker

  • A dust mop remote control car

  • A straight back reminder

  • A Fly catcher

  • A pen holder

  • An alarm buzzer

  • A magic spinning wheel

  • A balloon powered car

  • A can crusher

  • Creative and nice ideas!!Excellent job!


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