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Baudhayana:The value of pi was first calculated by baudhayana What is known as pythagoras theorem today is already found in baudhayanas sulva sutra,before the age of pythagoras.


Aryabhatta showed that zero was not a numeral only but also a symbol and a concept. Aryabhatta find out the exact distance between the earth and the moon.Aryabhatta stated his theory that earth is round and rotates on its own axis He explained that the appearance of the sun moving from east to west .


He introduced negative numbers and operations on zero into mathematics.He wrote Brahm Sputa Siddantika through which the Arabs came to know our mathematical system


Bhaskaracharya:Bhaskara introduced Chakrawat Method or the Cyclic Method to solve algebraic equations.

He is famous for his book SIDDANTHA SIROMANI The first principle of gravity was stated by Bhaskaracharya and not Newton

Bhaskaracharya stated the laws of gravity in the book Surya Siddhanta in 11th century.


Mahaviracharya:Jain Guru Mahaviracharya wrote Ganit Sara Sangraha in 850A.D., which is the first textbook on arithmetic in present day formThe current method of solving Least common Multiple (LCM) of given numbers was also described by him.


He got the name kanad ,because he was interested in minute particles called kana. His atomic theory can be a match to any modern atomic theory.


He was one of the first scientists to claim that termites and plants could be the indicators of the presence of underground water.Another theory earthquake cloud theory given by Varahmihira in his Brhat Samhita.



Susruta:Susruta the father of surgery.

In Susruta Samhita, the method of selecting and preserving a dead body for the purpose of its detailed study has also been described.


Charak is called the father of ayurvedic medicine.His Charak Samhita is a remarkable book on medicine.Dont you find it fascinating that thousands of years back, medical science was at such an advanced stage in India.



Jagdish Chandra Bose:the development of wireless telegraphy. The first public demonstration of radio waves for communication was made by Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose in 1895,GOWTHAMRAJUCHALLA

Pingala:Binary numbers were first described byPingala(c. 200 BC). the earliest known Sanskrit treatise on prosody.He also invented the Fibonacci sequence


4. RulerRulers were first used by the Indus Valley Civilization prior to 1500 BCE. Made of ivory, the rulers found during excavation, reveal the amazing accuracy of decimal subdivisions on it


3.Water on moonISROs Chandrayaan-1 made the startling discovery that our moon is not a dry ball of rocks

The discovery of lunar water is attributed to the Chandrayaan mission.


Flush Toilets:

Flush toilets were first used in the Indus Valley Civilization. These existed in most homes and were connected to a sophisticated sewage mechanism. The civilization was prominent in hydraulic engineering.

So,weve always been acoolcountry. History is testimony to it.So whats stopping you from being innovative? Go, win the world.



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