4. conversation starters, pathways 1

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  • Academic Interactions 130IECPFall 2015Nikki Mattson

  • AgendaConversation StartersBrief ReviewPathways 1

  • Conversation Starter 130AImagine you were studying a major that you thought would be a good fit, but after completing one semester of coursework in that major, you realized that the reverse was actually true -- it was not suitable for you. In this situation, do you think that you would start another major or that you would complete what you had already started? (Mohammed Alsadiq/ Undecided)

  • Conversation Starter 130AIf men use feminine items like feminine clothes or makeup, do you think that it affects their personalities or not? And why? What are some examples?(Hassan Aljaffar/Chemical Engineering)

  • Conversation Starter 130AA lot of voices have arisen over the years demanding equality between males and females in many fields. For example, some activists have advocated for equality in job opportunities, salaries, hours and retirement ages. But should males and females be equal in every field and in every aspect? Why/why not?

    (Ahmad Emam/mechanical engineering)

  • Conversation Starter 130BIn the nineteenth century, women did not have many rights under civil law in America. What do you know about womens rights in your country in the past and the present?

    Also, more and more female lawyers are playing an important role in society. When you think about the particular characteristics of female lawyers, what comes to mind?

    (Intellectual Property Law, Guanrong Chen)

  • Conversation Starter 130BGovernments all over the world are trying to enact laws that benefit societies. Have you ever questioned the role that a society itself plays in enacting laws? What are your thoughts?(Law, Ahmad Alhammadi)

  • Conversation Starter 130BThese days the concept of being transgender has become more and more common in societies around the world. Transgender means that a person has two genders. By definition one is the physical gender, and the other one is the acceptance of the gender by the individual. For example, other people see them as a men, but they consider themselves to be women. How is this idea approached/discussed/treated in your country?

    (Psychiatry Nursing, Bora LEE )Video

  • Quiz from yesterdayWhat is the difference between gender and sex?Which country is the home of the fighting cholitas?What do masculine and feminine mean?

  • Building VocabularyUsing context (how does this work?)Why is this important?

    Pg. 4, listening

    Pg. 5, complete B and C individuallyPg. 5, complete part D as a group

  • Note-taking brainstormingWhat is the purpose of taking notes during a lecture?

    What equipment and strategies do you usually use for taking notes?

    Do you think the equipment and strategies that you usually use for note-taking are effective? Why/why not?

  • What are effective note-taking strategies?

  • Note-taking (pg. 6)

  • Pg.6, part A and BA1. some culture = strict gender roles2. children learn gender from watching others


  • Before listeningPg. 6, Before listening

  • Listening and Note takingListen to part of a lecture and try to write down the main ideas on a piece of paper.

    Check yourself. Did you include the ideas on pg. 7 (part A)?

  • Listening for detailsPre-listening Video

    Listen to the next part of the lecture and try to complete part C.

    Discussion: pg. 7 After listening, critical thinking

  • Gender and Society pg. 12 Video and DiscussionBefore viewing part AListening and words in contextViewingAfter viewing pg. 13 A,B, and C

  • More VocabularyPg. 14 listenPg. 15 - B

  • HWNone!