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Young Hoosier Jeopardy!. Catherine Trinkle 03/04. In The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon , what did the cat, the dog, and the cow use to find their way to the Dish and the Spoon?. They used a map. Answer. $100. Who pulled the last trick, on Tricky Fox?. Answer. The Teacher. $200. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Young Hoosier Jeopardy!Catherine Trinkle 03/04

    Clarissa Grindle

  • In The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon, what did the cat, the dog, and the cow use to find their way to the Dish and the Spoon?They used a map.$100Answer

  • Who pulled the last trick, on Tricky Fox?The Teacher$200Answer

  • Where did the animals go in Book, Book, Book?To the library$300Answer

  • In Book, Book, Book, who finally got books from the librarian?Then hen$400Answer

  • What is the one thing the boy wouldnt trade with the monster in The Monster Who Ate My Peas?

    His dog!$500Answer

  • Who did The Hickory Chair remind Grandma of?Her husband or the boys Grandfather$100Answer

  • Why could Louis find so many of the notes?He was blind, he had blind sight, his other senses were very strong.$200Answer

  • Who found Louiss note from Grandma?Louiss granddaughter$300Answer

  • What did the boy find in Bedhead to make his hair better to go to school?A hat$400Answer

  • True or false? If you have Bedhead, you should brush your hair!FALSE!$500Answer

  • Margie Palatini wrote Bedhead. What do we call her?The author$100Answer

  • In A Bus or Our Own, why did the children have to walk to school?Because the black children were not allowed to ride on a school bus with the white children, and the black children didnt get a bus.$200Answer

  • Shawn Costello drew the pictures in the book A Bus of Our Own. What is the word we use for this person who draws the pictures?The illustrator$300Answer

  • True or False: Teddy Bears were named after a popular movie star of the 1950s.False!$400Answer

  • What is the name of the president Teddy Bears were named for?Theodore, Or Teddy, Roosevelt$500Answer

  • True or false: in Shrinking Violent, Violet loved to get on stage and be the star.False!$100Answer

  • What does Violet do in Shrinking Violet to help Irwin the bully?Violet plays Irwins part in the play because he forgets his lines. Violet says funny lines to make the audience laugh.$200Answer

  • Where is the setting for Cindy Ellen?The wild, wild west.$300Answer

  • What kind of book is Cindy Ellen? Fable, fairy tale, or science fiction. Fairy tale$400Answer

  • In Jubals Wish, what does Jubal wish for?Jubal wishes that Gerdy Toads housework was done, and her toadlets were well-behaved, and Captain Dalbert had his adventures back.$500Answer

  • In Milos Hat trick, what does Milo pull out of his hat?A bear$100Answer

  • In A Fine, Fine School do the kids love to go to school on Saturdays and holidays?No way!$200Answer

  • In what book do planets rotate around the sun in the wrong order?!!Shrinking Violent$300Answer

  • In Waiting for Wings, what are we waiting for?Butterflies$400Answer

  • Name one of the characters in The Worrywarts.Wombat, Woodchuck, and Weasel are the three characters.$500Answer