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February newsletter from IDHS.


  • 1. FEBRUARY2009 Volume6,IssueIILEADING PROFESSIONAL JOURNAL In This Issue: APPLAUDS IDHS FOR PROACTIVEPARAMEDIC FROM WALESVISITS OWEN COUNTY EMS 2 APPROACH TO CYBERSECURITY WITH SPRING AROUND THECORNER, MAKE SURE YOURFAMILY IS PREPARED 3 The Dec/Jan Issue of Public CIO Magazine:IMPORTANT CONCEPTS FOR 3 Technology Leadership in the Public Sector, calls theINSTRUCTING FIREFIGHTERS IDHS cyber-security risk framework proactive, and highlights it as an example of an effective and RACES OPERATORS4 efficient, top-down approach to IT risk EXERCISE CAPABILITIES management.DURING STATEWIDE TEST STUDENTS MUST FULFILL4 The article reports that, in partnership with theCOURSE PREREQUISITES OR Indiana Chief Information Officers (CIO) office,BE DENIED CERTIFICATIONS IDHS developed an IT cyber-security risk framework that can beOPERATION SAFEGUARD: A 4 used statewide.NEW WAY TO EXPERIENCE [Eventually,] all stateDISASTER PREPAREDNESS agencies will be asked toIDHS ANNOUNCES NEW 5 use the framework inAccording to its website, http://EMS TRAINING MANAGER assessing IT risk. This iswww.govtech.com/gt/magazines, Public CIO an important, fundamental is the first best-practice peer journalSPRING WEATHER SIRENS5 step in taking a strategicfocused solely on the management issues, approach to IT risk technology strategies, and political hurdles INCIDENT MANAGEMENT6 management. COURSE SCHEDULED FOR(Continued on page 2)MARCHFrom the Directors Chair Executive Director Joe Wainscott HANDLING STRESS AS AN EMERGENCY RESPONDER The recent events in Haiti demonstrate that critical need of assistance, it can be tempting Know your limits. Remember that going stress is an inevitable part of emergency and for emergency responders to ignore their ownbeyond your limits is likely to make you less humanitarian aid work. Disaster responselimitations and needs in order to continueeffective in the long run. situations present unique stresses and dangerssupporting response efforts. However, failing Ask for help when you need it, both in terms that can include work in a potentially hazardousto adequately take care of yourself can very of your tasks and with personal support environment, heightened responsibility forquickly diminish your ability to help others. whenever necessary. It is your responsibility vulnerable people, exposure to atrocity and We in Indiana see our share of emergencies to seek support to make sure you are in the suffering, unpredictability, and separation fromand disasters. When working in a disaster best possible condition to friends, family and usual supports. situation, it is important to: do the job, and not to let These unique stresses and dangers can have Assess and monitor your own stress levels. stress get out of hand.Pay attention to the signs of stress for you, serious mental health consequences for Try to eat healthy foods responders. Studies show that at least one-such as changes in your sleep or appetite, and do not to skip meals. third of emergency responders exhibit signs of fatigue, or being short-tempered, and put inplace your strategies for coping in healthy Keep a regular schedule, emotional distress that interfere with their life such as regular waking and and work, and may be severe enough toways. sleeping hours and work warrant professional help. Be deliberate in managing stress. Make yourand relaxation time. Don't work 24/7!plan a routine part of your deployment. During a disaster, when many people are in (Continued on page 2)

2. Page2 TheHoosierResponder FEBRUARY2009 PARAMEDIC FROM WALES VISITS OWEN COUNTY EMS Mike Callaghan, a paramedic from Wales, spent 90 ambulance stations and 7 control centers, itIn addition to his stay with Owen County EMS, three weeks in Indiana this month to complete serves the entire Welsh population of 2.9Callaghan also had the opportunity to visit in-service training and gather information aboutmillion across 12,825 miles. Bloomington Hospital ambulance service, and American EMS to take back to his colleagues. Hospitals in Bloomington, Franklin and Monroe. Chris Lunsford, director for Owen County Callaghan would like to establish a A medic for approximately 20 years, EMS, facilitated Callaghans visit. Mike hascommunication link with Indiana paramedics for Callaghans unique professional experiences spent a lot of time interacting with Owenthe purpose of gathering information on patient include working as a diver medical technician County EMS and has enlightened our crews not care modalities and protocols to improve the on oil rigs worldwide. Diver medicalonly about life in the UK, but also about howEMS system in Wales. technicians are trained in providing care tothe Welsh ambulance service works. Lunsford persons injured in diving related environments. also indicated that they learned a lot about Callaghan hopes that creating a communication Callaghan first became interested in the medicaldifferent protocols and guidelines between link between paramedics in Wales and Indiana field while deployed on a diplomatic security countries, and how different services and health will help establish long-term friendships, foster detail in Iraq, where he was tasked as a mediccare systems operate.education and knowledge of different systems, at a combat support hospital in Bagdad.which he hopes will lead to more visitexchanges to encourage new ideas for both Upon returning from the Middle East, Callaghan services. Lunsford agrees that such a link would came to the United States to further his have great potential for promoting professional education at Pelham Training center in friendships and nurturing education in both Bloomington. He has returned several times countries. continue his education and receive his paramedic training.After receiving his NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) Paramedic certification he applied to the UK Health Professions Council (HPC), the registering body for Paramedics in the UK, and wasOwen County Emergency Medical Services accepted as a registered paramedic. Callaghan (OCEMS) is a county funded Ambulance now works as paramedic in the Welsh transport service, which provides pre-hospital Ambulance service based in Llanelli in west emergency medical care as well as vehicle Wales.extrication and rope rescue for the county. Primarily a rural county of around 400 sq. The Welsh Ambulance service is the thirdmiles, Owen County supports a population ofFrom left to right is Chris Lunsford, and Mike Callaghan largest ambulance service in the UK. Operatingaround 23,000. Cyber-Security Directors Article Handling Stress(Continued from page 1)(Continued from page 1) Do something every day to relax, and get The Indianapolis Fire Department maintains a unique to proper rest and exercise.Critical Incident Stress Management Team. Ifneeded, team members can be deployed to government Keep in touch with friends and family. executives.assist firefighters almost anywhere in the state. Written by Many professional resources are also availableFor more information, please visit renowned to emergency responders working in disaster http://www.indy.gov/eGov/City/DPS/IFD/CISM/ journalists, situations. The Indiana Division of MentalPages/home.aspx. academics, and Health and Addiction supports 10 District public-sectorDisaster Mental Health Response Teams The Indiana Fraternal Order of Police also has officials, Publicwhich can be available for individualsa deployable Critical Incident Stress CIO leads theimpacted by a disaster as well as Management Team which responds conversation on issues and real-worldemergency response personnel. For after disasters to support emergency experiences for this senior tier of government.more information about these teamsresponders. For more information CIOs and intergovernmental IT experts utilizeyou can visit www.inallhazards.org. about their services or to request the Public CIO magazine and website to share assistance for your agency, please perspectives on policies, strategies and bestcontact Darren Sroufe at 812.455.1980. practices to bring change-resistant organizations into the 21st Century.Preparing for a disaster helps everyone accept the fact that disasters do happen, IDHS, IT director, Marty Jackson, says the nextand provides an opportunity to identify and step toward cyber-security is to implement a collect the resources needed to meet basic Governance, Risk and Compliance tool which needs after a disaster. If you have not already will automate the framework and keep threatdone so, I strongly encourage you to assemble assessments current as agencies begin storinga disaster preparedness kit so you and your data in the application. IDHS expects to have this family will be as ready as possible in the event tool fully operational in the next few months. of a man-made or natural disaster in Indiana. 3. Volume6,IssueII TheHoosierResponder Page3 WITH SPRING AROUND THE CORNER, MAKEFIRE Spotlight SURE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE PREPARED The Fire Training Achievement AwardThunderstorms producing large hail, flash Know what to do: recognizes an individual or division whose floods, heavy rains, lightning, strong winds and Take shelter in a building or car. contributions to training and education of tornados, are prevalent in Indiana. Even if they Shutter windows, close blinds, shades, or Indianas fire service has made it morelast only a few minutes, thunderstorms have curtains, and secure outside doors. effective, safer and more professional. Thethe strength and power to cause a great contribution may be in the form of specificamount of damage. Avoid showering or bathing, as plumbing and program development or outstandingbathroom fixtures can conduct electricity. commitment to raising the level of Spawned from powerful thunderstorms, Use a corded telephone only for knowledge, skills and abilities of firefighterstornadoes can devastate lives andemergencies. Cordless and cell phones are and emergency responders


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