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  • 1.PRESENTING:Traditional Prospectingvs. Prospecting ThroughSocial MediaH oo sier H o spita l it y Co n f erenceCapture Leads with Legendary Prospecting

2. Traditional Prospecting vs. Prospecting through Social Media1 Whats the Difference?:Traditional Prospecting Social Media Prospecting2 The Sales Callvs. Prospecting: Traditional Prospecting Social Media Prospectingsignatureworldwide.com 3. Seminar Workbook3Effective Social Media Prospecting Tools:4Creating Compelling Subject Lines: To: Cc:Subject 1:Subject 2:Subject 3: From:5Additional Tips: signatureworldwide.com 4. Why Train Your People How to Prospect?Making sales calls is much different than finding new clients, letWho Should Attend?alone finding the right client for your business. You have to findBecause we make great salespeople great prospectors,the right person to speak with before the sales process evenattendees should include anyone who is actively engaged inbegins. Signature Worldwides Legendary Prospectingfinding and communicating with potential customers:training encourages business development as a continuous, Vice Presidents of Salesactive process. In this half-day or one-day session, attendeeswill learn to create the right message and then put it to use Directors of Saleswith on-the-spot prospecting. Sales Managers Business Development ManagersThis live fire session allows participants to learn and do withthe expectation that real prospects will reply to their sales Regional Managersteam members. One director of sales and marketing is already Account Managersexpecting big results: Sales RepresentativesWith clear prospecting guidelines and enhanced communication Inside/Outside Sales Teamsskills, sales team members will generate new business and gain Field Sales Representativesgreater penetration with existing clients. Counter Sales RepresentativesDescription Learning ObjectivesLegendary Prospecting teaches salespeople how to Search the Internet and identify potential contactsgenerate incremental business by finding the right customer Create effective email communicationsand then contacting them in a manner that inspires that Identify the dos and donts of email prospectingcustomer to speak with a sales team member. Using sensory language when leaving voicemails Use the power of the telephone in tandem with the Internet Order a free sales mystery shopping call today Does your sales team know the right answers to customers questions? Do they identify caller needs and create value before quoting rates? Do they ask for the business? The level of service you provide your prospects does make a difference. Dont waste a single opportunity. Contact Amber Anthony Fox (614) 766-5101 or email amberanthonyfox@signatureworldwide.com to take advantage of this offer.5115 Parkcenter Avenue | Dublin, Ohio 43017 | Phone 800.398.0518 | signatureworldwide.com