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WNC Parent July 2011


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    ADVERTISING DEADLINEAdvertising deadline for the August issue is July 12.

    Coming next month: Back to school

    Summertime is often described as easy.But the first person to put those two wordstogether must not have had kids.

    Keeping the little ones entertained can beexhausting. To give parents, grandparentsand other caregivers some ideas on summeractivities, we went to the experts at placesaround Asheville, such as The Health Ad-venture, N.C. Arboretum and PARI. Findtheir suggestions starting on Page 18.

    One easy way to keep kids busy is byputting them in the water. Spice up yourroutine a bit by hitting one of WNCs swimming holes. Wedescribe many of them on Page 3.

    And just as summer will be hot, siblings will fight. Guaran-teed. Our story on Page 10 gives suggestions from a few familieson tactics to keep the bickering at bay.

    July is also the time that WNC Parent gets into birthdays.Looking to make your next party more green? See our storyon Page 14 for tips. And our annual Birthday Guide follows onPage 18.

    See you next month, when, believe it or not, well be talkingabout sending these kids back to school.

    Summertime fun

    Katie Wadington, editor

    3 Beyond the poolFrom lakes to creeks, WNC ishome to many fun splashingspots.Fun at homeAshevilles experts share theiractivities for keeping kidsentertained this summer.Sibling squabblesLearn a few tips from areamoms on how to keep thepeace among your children.Green birthdaysFind out how to make a birth-day party more environmental-ly friendly.The Birthday GuideWe get you the details onvenues, bakers, entertainersand more.

    Travel toys20 suggestions from localtoy stores for keeping thekids busy on vacation.Better burgersGive the all-American ham-burger a new twist thisFourth of July.

    Kids Voices ......................17Librarians Picks ................30Story Times .......................31Parent 2 Parent .................34Artful Parent .....................38Home School Happenings ....42Growing Together ...............43Puzzles........................44-45Dads View........................46Calendar ..........................51

    Michael Fann, by JessecaBellemare Photography,jessecabellemare.com

    As kids head back to school, we look at keeping costsdown when school shopping and anti-bullying efforts inschools.








  • Sometimes you just need to cool off.And sometimes, you dont want to fightthe crowds at the swimming pool to do so.Fortunately, theres an alternative of a more

    natural variety than paying for the public pool:the swimming hole.

    Whether the goal is a quick splash in thecreek or a few laps in an Olympic-sized pool atthe base of a waterfall, Western North Carolinacaters to all needs.

    Childs playCane Creek at Fletcher ParkFollowing the parks dark mulch

    trails that contrast the lush greeneryalong the banks of Cane Creek, itshard to miss the official entrance tothe creek, marked by a sign in frontof the foot bridge that crosses it.

    Staying shallow for the most partin the areas nearest entrance, this isthe perfect area for toddlers to rompand splash. Farther downstream

    there are areas roughly 2.5-3 feetdeep.

    Entrance to the water can befound on the northeastern side ofthe park. Fletcher Community Park,85 Howard Gap Road, Fletcher.Bathrooms available.

    North Mills River Campground andrecreation area

    This unassuming spot, acces-sible off Airport Road, is a perfectafternoon trip to get the family outof the city and into the mountains.

    By Mat PayneWNC Parent contributor

    PHOTO BY JOHN FLETCHERFrom left, Joseph Mason, Angelica Addison, Chris Panther, Kelly Panther and Michael Rhoden cool off at Sliding Rock in the Pisgah Nation-al Forest earlier this summer. Sliding Rock is one of the regions most popular swimming holes.


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    Nestled in the greenery of Pisgah Na-tional Forest, families can enjoy a day onthe river, tubing, swimming or just play-ing. Tubes arent available on site, soprepare to bring your own. If a day tripisnt enough time in this often-over-looked area to explore the river and themiles of surrounding trails, there are 32campsites available for rent through theU.S. Forest Service.

    North Mills River Road off AirportRoad. Bathrooms and picnic tables avail-able.

    Sliding RockPotentially, the areas most well-

    known outdoor recreational area, the60-foot naturally occurring slide in Pis-gah National Forest has been attractingvisitors for decades. Known for the rushof sliding down the rock, its also equallyknown for its bathing suit ripping capa-bilities (jean shorts are recommended)as well as its icy waters.

    From the intersection of U.S. 276 andU.S. 64 in Pisgah Forest, go roughly eightmiles north on U.S. 276. Bathrooms avail-able.

    Beach PartyIf its not just the water but the sand

    between your toes that youre cravingand your budget wont withstand a tripto the Atlantic, the beaches of one ofthe areas more developed lakes might bethe best alternative.

    Lake PowhatanSurrounded by forest and classic state

    park campground aesthetics, Lake Pow-

    hatan is a great compromise between thebeach and the mountains. Soak up thesun on the lakes beach area while thekids enjoy the large roped-off swimmingarea. Not quite reaching the depth of apublic pool, swimming in the sandybottomed lake will bring back memoriesof a simpler time.

    375 Wesley Branch Road, Asheville $5

    per car (up to eight people per vehicle).Bathrooms, grills and picnic tables avail-able.

    Lake LureRenowned as one of the most beauti-

    ful places to get married, theres muchmore to do than just tie the knot on theroughly 720-acre lake.

    Directly off Memorial Highway, thebeach area at Lake Lure offers more thanjust swimming, with a waterslide and asmall water-park area perfect for waterwars. In addition to the various fun fea-tures, the recreation area boasts a capa-ble staff of lifeguards. Designed as afamily oriented destination, childrenyounger than 16 are required to be ac-companied by an adult.

    2724 Memorial Highway, Lake Lure.Bathrooms and picnic tables available.

    Falling for the fallsJust 45 minutes outside Asheville,

    DuPont State Forest harbors some of thebest mountainous swimming areas in theregion, including three falls that even themost seasoned outdoor enthusiastwould consider breathtaking.

    Hooker FallsEntering the forest from the north,

    Hooker Falls will be the closest in prox-imity to the nearest parking lot. Con-trasting its counterparts, Hooker Falls isan 11-foot ledge-like drop into a largeopen area perfect for swimming. Men-tioned as one of the best swimming

    WNC PARENT PHOTOLake Powhatan, in Bent Creek, provides abeach without the four-hour drive.

    Continues on Page 5

  • W N C P A R E N T . C O M 5

    holes to do laps, Cascade Lake has beencompared to the size of an Olympicswimming pool. Though this may be oneof the best swimming spots in the area,keep an eye out for kayakers attemptingto clear the falls.

    Entering DuPont from DuPont Road,drive roughly 4 miles and park in thedesignated parking area. Restrooms avail-able in the parking area.

    Triple FallsTriple Falls is one of the most distinct

    waterfalls in the area. Its three cascadeshandle the 120-foot elevation changefrom top to bottom. Enjoy swimming inthe pool at the bottom or catching somerays on the rocks.

    From the Hooker Falls parking area,cross Stanton Road and follow the signsfor Triple Falls. Restrooms available inthe parking area.