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Luck\'s Yard Clinic testimonials


  • 1. What our clients say.....
    Lucks Yard Clinic testimonials

2. The clinic as a team
Theyve got it all at Lucks Yard including a warm, welcoming atmosphere. They care, they treat, they explain and they make a difference. It was my lucky day when I found them because it changed my life and is the best natural health resource in the area. Heather W.
3. Chiropractic
Tone is a very gifted practitioner. She manages through her expertise to heal both mentally and physically. I always benefit from my treatments with her, feeling much more energised, flexible and comfortable. I would recommend anyone suffering from back pain to try the experience.
Christine J
4. The clinic
Lucks Yard Clinic has so much to offer and wonderful welcoming atmosphere in which to offer it.
Heather W.
5. Podiatry and the clinic
I always find Yvette Mann very welcoming and informative about my treatment I also see that the Clinic as a whole, offer various treatments and help and has a relaxing atmosphere.
Liz B.
6. Emotional well being
Before I went to see Helen, I had lots of fears and was panicking a lot. I went to see her twice and now, I definitely dont panic as much as I used to.
She has helped me by showing me how to control my panicking and worries. Helen is a fun, lovely lady and I enjoy spending time with her
Shona 9 years old
7. Chiropractic and massage
After an X-Ray revealed the problem with my neck and shoulder my GP recommended that I visit Tone. I leave Lucks Yard felling taller and much more comfortable.
I highly recommend their treatments and cannot emphasis enough the importance of good posture. I am an ex P.E teacher with a worn out spine!
Barbara B.
8. Chiropractic
My experience of chiropractic treatment is kindness, care and understanding provided by a skilled pair of hands.
Bronwen T
9. Podiatry
I have entrusted my feet to Yvette for a decade. She is an excellent Podiatrist and delightful company.
10. Clinic
'Lucks Yard Clinic is a delightful Chiropractic and Health Care clinic in Milford, Surrey. It has a warm, friendly welcoming atmosphere.
Christine J
11. Chiropractic from an early age
I started getting slightly concerned when my son did not want to walk, so I took him to see Tone when he was about 18 months old. It turned out that he was a little stiff in his hip and was slightly unbalanced. Tone treated Max and few times and suggested that we buy an indoor trampoline to help Max gain more balance in his body.
We did both and Tone was really pleased with Maxs progress through his treatment and homework. Max soon became a confident and strong walker and hasnt looked back!
Thank you Mrs. H.
12. Chiropractic and the clinic team
Having felt rather cynical as to whether Chiropractic had any medical advantage my mind has been completely changed after the professional and caring treatment I have received at Lucks Yard Clinic.
Mary E
13. Feet
Following an unsuccessful operation 40 years ago, I was left with a stiff and painful foot. After a short course of treatment my foot is remarkably improved and once again I have movement in the joints. I would recommend giving chiropractic a try.
Mary E
14. Chiropractic for pregnancy
I saw Tone for treatment during my two pregnancies. She worked on my back so that it was strong to hold the extra weight and resolved a lot of discomforts that can come with your bodys changes at this time. She gave me confidence that I was in optimum condition ready for the births.
Rebecca S
15. Chiropractic and clinic
Having suffered increasing neck pain I decided to try chiropractic treatment, it changed my life. With the first session the improvement was amazing and within a few weeks I was a new, pain free person!
Heather W.
16. Working together as a team
I came to Lucks Yard with what I can only call a broken body! Everything hurt and felt out of place. Thanks to Priscilla and her wonderful care, six weeks later and I have my body back! Fully functioning and no pain.
Maninders podiatry has also greatly helped my recovery. I cannot recommend Lucks Yard highly enough.
Jo J
17. Chiropractic
My health challenges have been numerous (structured and otherwise). Tones treatments have been nothing short of a god send for me. Her skill and sensitivity is exceptional. I am so grateful I found her.
Lorna S.
18. Chiropractic
My first visit to Lucks Yard Clinic in July was with little hope after many visits to a physiotherapist then acupuncture. I was told nothing more could be for the pains in my right arm and neck. I now visit the clinic every 6 weeks for a check up, the nagging pain has gone.
June G.
19. Chiropractic for children
Tone helped our daughter Mia at the age of 4. Mia had a slight limp when walking and running. Tone over a period of 6months or so helped to realign her. The difference happened quickly and now Mia age 7 runs freely and naturally and has won races at school! Rebecca C.
20. Working as a team for our clients
A visit to Lucks Yard Clinic is about more than your physical condition, its a very nurturing environment and it is the warmth and wisdom that really make a difference so you feel supported and cared for.
Rebecca S
21. Learning to change old patterns
'Receiving treatment at Lucks Yard Clinic has been a very positive experience for me. I have learned how everyday activities such as driving, using a computer and even sleeping in the wrong position have adversely affected my body.
Small adjustments have made a big difference, and now whatever I am doing I find myself thinking of ways to improve my technique to minimise the damage to my bones and joints.'
22. Network Chiropractic
'When I have networking with Priscilla I feel like I want to fall asleep and Im falling out of space. After I am so drowsy and I sleep really well at night.'
Tilda Hughes, 8 years old
23. How children feel after Chiropractic care
'When I see Tone I feel like screws in my body have been loosened out, I feel much lighter.' Harry B, 10 years old
24. Chiropractic care
I visit Lucks Yard for several reasons. Tone has looked after my back, neck, hips and knees for some years. She is very clever and knows so much. Each treatment is suited to each visit. Over a period of time I have cut down a lot on painkilling tablets.
Plus, the whole place is restful and attractive.
Diana C.
25. Integrated health care team
I have been successfully treated by three of the practitioners at Lucks Yard Clinic. They are all very professional, very friendly and pleasant to be with. The overall feeling at the Clinic is one of relaxed and friendly professionalism.
Ian G.