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  • 1. What to Say, What not Say!By Ashima Kalra

2. Fact1: Just one out of nine childrenfinishing school joins a college 3. Fact 2: A study by the National Assessment and AccreditationCouncil showed that 90% of thecolleges and 70% of the universitiesthat the council graded were ofaverage or poor quality 4. Fact 3: Studies show that the number of students committingsuicide because of the pressure to perform well in secondary board exams is rising alarmingly 5. Fact 4: Indian students now spend $7 billionto go abroad and study in foreign universities because of the poor quality ofeducation at home. Yet the governmentdrags it feet over permitting foreignuniversities to set up shop in India, Where in same cost we can successfully implement and run around 10 more IITs 6. Fact 5: The quality of schooleducation hasnt improved. According to a study it was found that in rural north India on an average day, there is no teachingactivity in about half of the primary schools 7. What is the ISSUE by the way? 8. The Issue is Though EveryInstitute provides But they are really Good Academic not enough toCurriculum, EnhanceClassroom SpecificEMPLOYABILITYProjects & QUOTIENT (EQ)!!!! Brief Internship too... 9. Effectiveness of Education is only when itQUALITYdevelops & delivers :Quality compliments Professionalism &Employability....It Improves the overall..REPUTATION 10. Educationnhancementxcellencemployability 11. Join the pool of : & Like-Minded ProfessionalsEnhance Entrepreneursyour Industry PractitionersMentorsContributorsEMPLOYABILITY Social EntrepreneursQUOTIENT (EQ)!! Women Entrepreneurs And. So on.!! 12. iBe a part of METs:WorkshopsBootcampsMDPs & EDPsSeminarsSubmitsConferencesLive AssignmentsMentoring sessions 13. Converting StumblingSTONES Into MILESTONES 14. Reach me at: ashima@imetglobal.com , ashimakalra20@gmail.com /pages/IMET-Global-Innovation-Mentoring-Entrepreneurship-Talent/183402541690418By Ashima Kalra /ashi.kalra