what does it mean to believe?

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What does it mean to believe? Is it more than just blind faith? This is what we'll explore in edexcel unit 3.1


  • 1. What is it to believe... ... Is it more than blind-faith?

2. Statements:

  • I believe in a benevolent God
  • I believe suffering has its purpose
  • I believe that RE is great
  • ..What does itmeanto say
  • I believe?

3. Do we have to see to believe?

  • On the next few slides, look at the optical illusions...

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Chances are...

  • Some people in the room didnt see both pictures
  • So now the question is posed just because we cant see something; does it mean its not there?

9. Affirmation:

  • I believe the sun should never set upon an argument
  • I believe we place our happiness in other peoples hands
  • I believe your parents did the best job they knew how to do
  • I believe you cant control or choose your sexuality
  • Listen to Affirmation, and decide why Darren Hayes might be saying the lyrics he is...

10. Justifying beliefs:

  • When you make a statement about something you believe, you should always be prepared to give your justification
  • Write down 9 of your beliefs, in order of importance (from top to bottom) on the Diamond Nine sheet these beliefs must have justification at the ready!

11. Moral Issues: 12.

  • A 70 year old man, dying of extremely pain inflicting cancer should he be allowed euthanasia?


  • A single, unemployed woman with 7 children, who falls pregnant should she be allowed an abortion?


  • AIDs ridden Africashould artificial contraception be allowed?

15. With the statements on the Previous Slides...

  • In GCSE RE, you will form an opinion on these matters
  • What will you have to do to have a justified opinion?

16. The Formula...Issues youre told about...Thinking process... Forming your own beliefs...Listening to others... New, reshaped ideas... Learning more! 17. Now using your statements from the Diamond Nine Sheet...

  • Use the formula and discuss it with the person next to you

18. 19.