journal what does quantitative mean? examples what does qualitative mean? examples

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  • JournalWhat does quantitative mean? Examples

    What does qualitative mean? Examples

  • AgendaSet up Pumpkin ExperimentPumpkin BookPanther Pride

  • Warm-upStingy Jack is an old Irish folk tale. Originally Jack used a turnip, when the Irish came to America they started using pumpkins instead. Today we are going to start a pumpkin observational project. What sort of things should we observe about the pumpkins?

  • October 9th

  • Journal EntryWe have 20 different Amino Acids in order to have so many different types of proteins because?

  • Agenda and MaterialsAmino Acid Mixup NotesGame Outside

  • Go Brain! Go!Hope has just gotten a new charm for her bracelet. She wants to think of all the possible combinations she can make. She has 4 different charms. They are a unicorn, shoe, basketball, and a H. How many combinations can she make?

  • October 10thRock and Roll Day

  • Journal EntryWhat happens when you add heat to a protein?

    What happens when you change the pH of the proteins environment?

  • Agenda and MaterialsBrain Pop pH reviewpH and Denature slidesHSA practice test reviewPumpkin ObservationPut notes in notebook

    Look at testEvaluate yourself

  • Go Brain! Go!Coke ExperimentDillion heard a rumor that Coke can dissolve teeth and steak. He wants to test these rumors. He designs a test to see if the rumor is true. What is his IV, DV, and experimental setup.

  • Protein Creation ReviewProteins are made up of?

    Each protein has a certain arrangement of?

    The three main functions of protein are?

  • Protein RequirementsProteins require three major things to function properly:Certain ShapeCertain pHCertain heat level

  • What happens when conditions not met.Proteins unravel and lose their shape.

    When this happens we say the protein is denatured.

    Denatured proteins can not function.

  • October 11thClass Spirit

  • Journal EntryHow is the heat from todays demo similar to an enzyme?

    Why did the cracker taste sweet on your tongue?

  • Agenda and MaterialsTalk about Pumpkin ObservationObserve beakers of noodlesEnzyme Notes

    Maybe watch video about cokePumpkin BooksWrite down observations

    Enzyme Note guide

    Video Questions

  • Go Brain! Go!Noodle DemoThere are two beakers. One with noodles that sat over night and another with boiling water. Do you think the overnight noodles are soft? What is the difference between the two beakers? (IV) Why do we boil noodles?

  • EnzymesAre proteins that perform a unique function.Their function is to help speed up reactions.The reason they do this is to make things happen faster.Why is this good?

  • Chemical ReactionsA reaction is what happens when two molecules interact.The molecules can be broken apart or put together.We call the molecules involved in the reactionSUBSTRATE

  • SubstrateIs the molecule to whom the interaction is happening.

    What happens when you run out of substrate?

    Is the enzyme still there?

  • Bringing it HomeWhat happen to the reaction when the red substrate disappears?

    What happens to the reaction when the pH is changed?

    Enzymes speed up reaction as long as the conditions are just right!!