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what do we mean when we say brand?

the shrink cooperative

to unlock deep brand truths, we must distinguish brand from product.the shrink cooperative

brand is not product and product is not brand. every marketplace proposition has two components, each with their own responsibilities.the shrink cooperative

the brand proposition is the embodied experience and associated imagery consumers create around a product.the shrink cooperative

the brand is the beacon of expectations and the steward of the consumer relationship.the shrink cooperative

the product proposition is the story we tell to justify the fulfillment of our needs, wants and desires.the shrink cooperative

it is the responsibility of the product to deliver on the promise of the brand and the potential of the consumer brand relationship.the shrink cooperative

a clear understanding of the richness of the brand proposition unlocks opportunities and reveals hidden value.the shrink cooperative

what does brand look like?the shrink cooperative

because we imagine the world around us in our own image, brands possesses charisma.the shrink cooperative

through metaphor we see that brands, like people, are vital, dynamic, sensual and complex.the shrink cooperative

brand is comprised of four fundamental aspects; thinking feeling sensing intuitingthe shrink cooperative

brand is the collective public history of a good idea. the thinking aspect is the rational and objective descriptions of the brand.the shrink cooperative

brands are subjective and resonate with the ability to attract and repel. the feeling aspect of brand is the emotional and human description of its presence.the shrink cooperative

brands are distinct and immersive sensory experiences. the sensing aspect is the way a brand comes alive for the five senses.the shrink cooperative

brand is a product of and a participant in culture. it is subject to gossip and conjecture. the intuiting aspect of the brand is where consumers keep uncertainty, hunches and secrets.the shrink cooperative

growth is driven by an understanding of the value that is latent in the relationships consumers have with brand.the shrink cooperative

when we imagine our brand differently, what opportunities emerge?the shrink cooperative

the shrink cooperative helping brands imagine value differently

we are a loosely organized cooperative of experienced researchers, planners and strategists whose goal it is to help brands learn. we deliver creative research and strateg y ser vices that honor the responsibility brands have to help make things better.

the shrink cooperative


the shrink cooperative