what does a loose interpretation mean? what does a strict interpretation mean?

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Bell RingerWhat does a loose interpretation mean?What does a strict interpretation mean?

Washington Years Foreign PolicyObjectives:Summarize the nations developing foreign policy with France, Great Britain, and Spain.

Explain how the United States dealt with Native Americans and with British interests west of the Appalachian Mountains.Washington Years Foreign PolicyAt first, Americans (for the most part) supported the French Revolution. However, as the Revolution against King Louis XVI turned bloody, many began to reject it.In 1793, the Jacobins (a radical group) seized power in France and starting the Reign of Terror and declaring war on all monarchies, including EnglandThe French expected our help (remember the alliance set up during the American Revolution)

Washington Years Foreign PolicyThe Democratic-Republicans wanted to support France(Jefferson & Madison)The Federalists wanted to back England/British(Hamilton)George Washington declared a position of NEUTRALITY.

Washington Years Foreign PolicyThe U.S. wanted to start using the Mississippi River for tradingThey needed a treaty with Spain (remember the Treaty of Paris)

Washington sent Thomas Pinckney to Spain to negotiate outstanding issuesGranted America access to the Mississippi River and the port at New OrleansSpain gave up all land claims between Miss. River and Atlantic Ocean

*VERY popular with Southern farmersWashington Years Foreign PolicyNative Americans between the Appalachian Mts. And the Mississippi River resisted white settlers, often attacking them. The British also maintained forts in this region, encouraging the natives to resist the new settlers.Clashes broke out between natives and settlers in the Northwest Territories (Ohio River Valley)Long story short, Washington bought the land from the natives for a payment of $20K and $10K per year after that.Washington then sent John Jay (the guy from the Federalist Papers) to negotiate a treaty with the BritishJay's Treaty 1794The Terms of the TreatyBritain had the right to seize cargo going to FranceBritain agreed to international arbitration to discuss compensation for cargoBritain agreed to give up their forts on American territoryBritain granted the America most favored nation statusAmerica was granted limited trade with the British Caribbean territoriesWas America now pro-Britain?