and the non-profit world. books worth reading overview  what does “web 2.0” mean? ...

Download And the Non-Profit World. Books Worth Reading Overview  What does “web 2.0” mean?  Examples of web 2.0  What does it mean for us non-profits?  Why

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  • And the Non-Profit World
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  • Books Worth Reading
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  • Overview What does web 2.0 mean? Examples of web 2.0 What does it mean for us non-profits? Why bother? Public vs. Intranet web sites Web 2.0 experiences at LSSM Reference sites Your experiences, thoughts, and concerns
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  • What does web 2.0 mean? AJAX (asynchronous web applications) Interactivity User-provided content User-driven information flow
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  • Examples of web 2.0 Blogs CNN Politics Blog Industry Blogs (Microsoft Developers, etc.) Political Campaigns Wikis Wikipedia Wiktionary Social Networking Facebook LinkedIn Social Bookmarking/Tagging Technorati
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  • What does it mean for us non-profits? Getting past the buzz, down to business Culture shift Our users tend to be older, less tech-savvy than the general workforce. Are they ready? Is the organization ready? What can/should IT do to push 2.0 apps?
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  • Why bother? Transparency Email hides valuable information in individuals inboxes Relevance Emails reach you whether you want them or not RSS feeds Flexible relational data models Openness Interact at any point Wikis retain history, discussions Relational Database-ify information
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  • Why bother? Enrichment Formal documents leave out experiences and opinions Blogs and wikis help retain discussion and personality Contribution Ability Visibility Incentive Users take on more active role Feedback/discussion mechanisms
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  • Why bother? Entice and Recruit Visitors become participants become advocates Users become members of community Empower Individuals get louder voices Engage More than people interacting with websites People interact with people via the website
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  • What does it mean for us? Oversight If users provide content, need to consider oversight Acceptance/adoption of 2.0 concepts Collaboration Users are in charge Evolutionary websites A little 2.0 here, there adopted over time Iterative
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  • Public vs. Intranet sites Who are your contributors? Public web site considerations Who is your public audience? Larger user base + sensitive public = greater burden of oversight Intranet web site considerations Smaller user base = fewer contributors
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  • Web 2.0 experiences at LSSM IT Blog Second most popular set of pages on the intranet One primary contributor, one other, several authorized Used to announce changes to intranet web apps, share tips, other IT news, thoughts, ideas Comments from users Lowest rating: 4 out of 5 stars Highest rating: 5 stars
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  • Web 2.0 experiences at LSSM Communications Blog Communications Director is primary contributor, minimal experience, self-professed techno dummy One other contributor, no authority or autonomy Only used so far for posting weekly email newsletters to the intranet No comments received from anyone outside the Communications department thus far Lowest rating: 2 stars Highest rating: 4 stars Communications Director wants public blog
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  • Web 2.0 experiences at LSSM HR Blog Lots of potential, but dead in the water One short-lived post, deleted after a couple of days
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  • Web 2.0 experiences at LSSM Wiki Private IT Knowledge Base Has yet to reach critical mass A single dominant contributor
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  • Web 2.0 experiences at LSSM Conclusions Must not underestimate the cultural change Concerns about oversight/control significant 2.0 apps will sink or swim based on experience and comfort level of principle/potential users Use familiar, comfortable terms for 2.0 applications e.g., IT Blog => IT News and Info e.g., IT Wiki => IT Knowledge Base
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  • Reference sites My tags Wikipatterns People Patterns, People Anti-Patterns, Adoption Patterns, Anti- Adoption Patterns Some patterns applicable to more than just wikis 10 Arguments for Web 2.0 in an Organization organization/ 10 Challenges for Web 2.0 in Organizations organizations/ Ten Ways Non-Profits Can Start Leveraging Social Media rifts.htm
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  • Your experiences, thoughts, and concerns?