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    UNIT 1

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    Warm Up


    A) Look at the photos below and answer the questions.

    B) Complete the sentences with the words from exercise A.

    C) Work in pairs and take turns. Ask and answer the following questions.

    1. Where are these people from? Why do you think so? 2. Which countries are visited the most? Make a short list and discuss the reasons.

    1. People in Netherlands speak _______. 2. Mexican people speak _______.3. Chang comes from China and he speaks _______. 4. Richards ancestors are form Wales, so his grandfather can speak _______.5. Switzerland is famous for its _______cheese and chocolate.

    1. Which foreign language(s) do you know?2. Where and how do you know it / them?3. Which language would you like to learn most? Why?

    countries, nationalities and languages

    A) Read the words in the box and fill in the gaps in the chart with them.

    Portuguese Greek Spanish Dutch Swiss Welsh Chinese American British Russian Arabic Persian

    PART 1

    country nationality language

    the United States English

    the United Kingdom British

    Iran Iranian

    Russia Russian

    Brazil Brazilian


    Egypt Egyptian



    Mexico Mexican

    China Chinese

    Greece Greek

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    ReadingA) Read the title and subheadings below, and answer the question.

    1. What is the general topic of the conversations?a) traveling to the airportb) staying at a hotelc) paying for a roomd) eating out at a restaurant

    The Grand Woodward Hotel

    Making ReservationsReceptionist: Good morning. Welcome to The Grand Woodward Hotel.Client: Hello. I want to make a reservation.R: When will you arrive?C: September twenty-fourth. I will stay for two nights, and I want a room for two people.R: Do you want two twin beds or one double bed?C: A double bed please. I also want a room with an ocean view if possible.R: That room is five hundred and ninety dollars per night. What is your name?C: Charles Hannighan.R: Will you pay with a credit card?C: Yes, a Visa. The number is 987654321.R: Thank you, Mr. Hannighan. You have a reservation for the twenty-fourth of September for a room with a double bed and a view of the ocean. Please call us if you have any questions. Have a nice day.

    Checking-InReceptionist: Good afternoon. How can I help you?Guest: I have a reservation, my last name is Hannighan.R: We have your credit card information, you just need to sign the receipt please.G: What is included with the room?R: A breakfast buffet and free transportation to the airport. Your room is 487, here is the key. G: Thanks. What time do I check out?R: At twelve in the afternoon. G: Thank you.

    Checking Out/Getting to the AirportReceptionist: Did you enjoy your stay at the hotel?Guest: Yes, very much. I need to go to the airport. My flight leaves in two hours.R: We have a free service to the airport, the next shuttle leaves in fifteen minutes.G: Great. I will wait in the lounge area.R: If you like you can leave your baggage here, we will put it in the shuttle when it arrives.G: Thank you.R: Thank you for staying at The Grand Woodward Hotel.

    B) Mark the following sentences true or false.

    C) Complete the sentences by filling in the blanks.

    1. The room at the hotel includes free breakfast and dinner.2. The shuttle to the airport costs $15.3. Mr. Hannighan pays for the room with a Visa card.4. The room Mr. Hannighan wants is not available.

    1. Mr. Hannighans room at The Grand Woodward Hotel costs $______ per night.2. Some rooms at The Grand Woodward Hotel have a view of the ______________.3. Mr. Hannighans first name is ________________.4. Check-out time at The Grand Woodward Hotel is _______ oclock in the afternoon.

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    D) Match the words in bold (listed below) with the correct definition.

    B) Fill in the gaps with am, is or are.

    1. reservation a. a small bed for one person

    2. twin bed b. to leave a hotel room at the end of a stay

    3. double bed c. a van or bus from a hotel to the airport

    4. check out d. a medium-sized bed for two people

    5. shuttle e. a payment to be sure you have a room for a future date

    1. Hi, my name _____Diana.2. _____she Mrs. Wilson?- No, she _____not. She _____Mrs. Taylor.3. _____ you a musician?- No, I _____not. I _____a sportsman.4. He _____Mark and he _____a doctor.5. Jeff and Betty _____dancers. They _____married.6. Sarah _____ not an engineer. She _____an architect.

    My name is David Johnson. I am a doctor from Scotland. I was born on 15 July 1983 in Glasgow. I am married and I have two sons. At the moment I live in Glasgow city and my address is 47 Hydepark Street, No: 3. My phone number is +44 141 221 6527.

    Name: _________________

    Surname: _________________

    Nationality: _________________

    Birth Place: _________________

    Date of Birth: _________________

    Occupation: _________________

    Marital Status: _________________

    Adress: _________________


    Telephone No: _________________

    Country: _________________

    Mr. Mrs. Ms.



    simple present : verb to be

    A) Look at the tables below and fill in the gaps.

    A) Work in pairs. Read the paragraph about Mr. Johnson and fill in the check in form for him.

    affirmative statements

    I ______ Oliver.

    You are Jake.

    He / She / It isTom / Helen / my cat

    We You They

    are students

    negative statements

    I am



    You are Tim.

    He / She / It ______ a police

    We You They

    ______ teachers.


    _________ you a teacher?

    Is he / she / it at home?


    we youthey


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    Warm Up


    A) Work in pairs. Look at the pictures and discuss the following questions.

    B) Match the given adjectives with their synonyms from the box above.

    C) Complete the word webs with the correct adjectives from exercise A.

    personality adjectives

    A) Read the adjectives below and put a tick near the ones you know.

    1. What kind of people do you easily become friends with? Why?2. Which personality traits should a person have as a hospitality employee? Why?

    1. aggressive e

    2. egoistical

    3. flexible

    4. friendly

    5. gentle

    6. impatient

    7. unhelpful

    8. motivated

    9. rude

    10. skillful

    a. uncooperative b. adaptable c. amiable d. enthusiastic e. combative f. capable

    g. intolerant h. impolite i. courteous j. arrogant

    positive negative

    PART 2

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    a. Own a Luxury Hotelb. Stay in a 5-Star Hotelc. Welcome Your Guestsd. Improve Your Guest Room

    A) Read the first two sentences below, and choose the best title:

    The guest room in your house will feel like a 5-star hotel room after you follow these tips. You will not spend much money and the room will be more comfortable.

    - Make it fresh: Wash the bed sheets before the guests arrive so everything is fresh. You can also clean the mattress to make the stay more enjoyable.- Organize: Clean up the room and organize the things in it. You should have a clock on the side table so your guest can set an alarm.- Welcome basket: You can give your guest a gift of basic necessities such as soap, mints, and tissues. Anything the guest does not use you can keep for the next guest.- Extra touches: Put flowers or candles in the room to make the guest feel welcome.- Cleaning: Dont forget to clean the bathroom, especially the shower or bathtub. - Luxury: You dont have to spend money on new towels, you only have to wash and dry them before the guest arrives. Leave a towel in the room with a new bar of soap, and there should be extra towels and tissue in the bathroom.

    If you follow our advice, your guests will feel like VIP customers in a luxury hotel!

    Make Your Guest Room Feel Like a 5-Star Hotel

    1. Always leave a ________________ in the room for the guest for them to use in the bathroom.2. You should wash the bed sheets and even clean the __________________ to make the guest feel more comfortable in the room.3. Extra _______________ and _______________ should be kept in the bathroom.

    B) Read the sentences below and fill in the gaps with the bold words in the text.

    1. Before your guests come, you must buy new towels.2. It is important to keep an alarm clock in the guest room.3. You should wash the sheets, but you dont need to clean the bathtub.

    1. bed sheet a. to put things in order, to clean up a mess2. mattress b. a cloth used to dry off with after the shower3. organize c. someone who comes to stay (home or hotel)4. towel d. it covers a bed, a person sleeps on top of it5. guest e. a part of a bed that makes it softer or more comfortable to sleep on

    C) Mark the following sentences true or false.

    D) Match the words in bold (listed below) with the correct definition.

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    subject pronounsI am Josh.Where are ____ from?He / ____ is the new English teacher.It is a pencil.____ are from Germany.Are ____ from Greece?____ are Turkish students from Izmir.

    1. She / Her ring is beautiful but she / her necklace is not that good.2. He / His mother is not a pilot. She / Her is a lawyer.3. I / My car is blue and he / his car is green.4. He / His is rich and he / his watch is expensive.5. We / Our living room is big but we / our house is small.6. I / My aunt is from Turkey and she / her husband is from Germany.7. I / My computer is not working. Can I / my use yours?8. She / Her toothbrush is red. I / My toothbrush is blue.9. I / My name is Steve and I / my am a teacher.10. They / Their come from Antalya but they / their house is in Ankara.11. She / Her uncle is a police officer and he / his is 28 years old.

    1. A: Where are _____ friends from?B: _____ are from Bulgaria.A: What are _____ names?B: _____ name is Anna and _____ name is George.

    2. A: Is this _____ coffee?B: No, it is not _____ coffee.A: Where is _____ coffee then?B: _____ coffee is on the table.

    3. A: Does _____ father work in an office.B: Yes, he is a miner. What about _____ dad?A: _____ dad works in the candy factory.B: I guess _____ job is safer than _____ dads.

    4: A: Can I borrow _____ math notes for tonight?B: Sorry, but I need _____ notes for to study tomorrows quiz. Ask Natalie?A: _____ notes I terrible, I cant read them.B: Well, why dont you copy _____ notes?

    possessive adjectives____ mother is a nurse.What is your fathers job?____ / Her roommate is from Russia.This car is famous for ____ speed.Can you take care of our kids tonight?____ clothes are beautiful.Their favourite city is London.

    Grammarsubject pronouns vs. possessive adjectives

    A) Read the table below and fill in the gaps.

    C) Read the sentences below and circle the correct words in italics.

    B) Read the sentences and fill in the gaps with the words in the box.

    your x6 they their her x2 my x6 your it his x3

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    Greeting HelloHiGood morning/ afternoon/ eveningHow are you? How do you do? Fine, thanks.

    Introducing yourself / someoneMy name is I am I am from / I come from Her/ His name is This is .She / He is from / She/ He comes from Nice / Pleased to meet youNice to see youWelcome to What is your name?Where are you from?

    Good byesGood byeByeSee you (soon/ later)Hope to see you (again)

    Professional Life


    expressions of greeting, introducing yourself / someone and saying good byes

    A) Work in pairs and role play the situation below.

    HelloGood morningGood bye Welcome

    Student AYou are a receptionist. Student B is a guest and he / she wants to check in. Greet him / her.

    Student BYou are a traveller. You enter into a hotel and walk to the recep-tion for a check-in. Introduce yourself to the receptionist and check in.

    Conversation 1

    Karl: Hi, _________ Karl Thomson.Dorothy: _________ Karl. _________ Dorothy Samson, and _________ my husband Ralph. Karl: _________ Mr. and Mrs. Samson. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today.Dorothy: Its our pleasure. And please, call us Ralph and Dorothy. Please have a seat.Karl: Thank you.Dorothy: You are welcome.

    Conversation 2

    Pam: Hi George, _________?George: _________, Pam. How are you?Pam: Im good. Do you still work at the same restaurant? George: Yes, I enjoy working there. And you? Do you still work in an office?Pam: Yes. I do. How are your children?George: They are both fine, too.Pam: Well, I have to go home now. It was _________.George: Nice to see you, too, Pam. _________ again.Pam: _________, George.

    PleaseGood afternoonPleased to meet youThank you

    A) Read the expressions below and put a tick near the words you use to greet someone.

    B) Listen to the conversations and fill in the gaps.