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<ul><li><p>We Buy Houses in Portland Oregon Any Condition, Price Range, or Area in the Beaver State </p><p>GET A FAIR CASH OFFER WITHIN 24 HOURS If you need to sell your house fast in Portland and the surrounding areas (we acquire </p><p>houses all over Oregon), wed like to make you a fair all-cash offer on your house or </p><p>property. </p><p>Well even GUARANTEE that offer and have a check in your hand in as little as 7 days. </p><p>Let us take over the burden of your unwanted house. </p><p>Its that simple. No Pressure. No Obligations. No Gimmicks. </p><p>We buy houses AS IS </p><p>House Needs Work And I Cant Afford To Cover The Costs </p><p>Dont worry, we buy houses in Portland in any condition, with no contingencies. You make </p><p>NO repairs nor will we require you too. </p><p>We also have helped many local homeowners throughout Oregon get through a number of </p><p>different situations. The most common reasons people come to us: </p><p>* Avoid Oregon Foreclosure </p><p>* Upside Down on your Mortgage </p><p>* Struggling to make monthly payments </p><p>* Relocating </p><p>* Divorce </p></li><li><p>* Undesirable Tenants </p><p>* Needs repairs you cant pay for </p><p>* Fire Damage </p><p>* Vacant house </p><p>AND so much more </p><p>We have dealt with all of the above and more. And we dont limit our house buying service </p><p>in just Portland, we can buy in all areas of Oregon such as: </p><p>Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Eugene, Corvallis, Redmond, Ashland, Grants Pass, </p><p>Roseburg and many more across Oregon. </p><p>If you are in a similar situation or face your own unique set of problems, give us a call at </p><p>503-928-7765 and speak to one of our experts. We can help you get your life back. </p><p>We will handle all of the paperwork, make all the arrangements and close within a few days </p><p>if necessary. Youll get a quick house sale with no hassles, so you can put your worries </p><p>behind you. </p><p>Oregons #1 Trusted </p><p>What We Offer </p><p>The goal of our company is to facilitate a fast and hassle-free sale of your Oregon house. </p><p>How do we do this? We buy your property ourselves! Our experience and reliability help </p><p>ensure an effortless process. We offer first rate convenience, privacy, and flexibility, with </p><p>personal touch. We are your solution for all your real estate needs. </p><p>Out of Time or Out Of Options? </p><p>Selling your home through traditional real estate channels could take months or even years </p><p> if it sells at all? Concerned about loan approvals falling through, banks requiring costly </p><p>repairs for mortgage authorization, and home buyers with a long list of unreasonable </p><p>demands? Your worries are valid. </p></li><li><p>Cant Sell Your House and Running Out of Time? Contact Us Today! </p><p>If you have tried to sell your home before, you must be aware of how lengthy and expensive </p><p>the process can be. Working with an agent is the most common route people take when </p><p>selling their home. And, if you dont have much equity in the house, your options to sell </p><p>quickly are even more limited. You may have to come to the closing table with a large sum </p><p>due. </p><p>As you can see there are roadblocks and hoops to jump through when selling your house </p><p>the traditional way, with a real estate agency: </p><p>* It could take up to a year to complete the process </p><p>* You have to pay closing costs, commissions to both agents, service charges, etc. </p><p>* There are mountains of paperwork </p><p>* Your house must be immaculate. That means all little (or big) repairs need to be fixed </p><p>* Your agent has many other people they are working with and may not give you their full </p><p>attention </p><p>* A buyer can tie up your home for 8 weeks and back out right before closing, forcing you to </p><p>start the process over </p><p>* There is NO GUARANTEE your agent will sell your home </p><p>It can be costly to do list your home with an agent when you look at things closer. We </p><p>acquire houses directly from homeowners. When we acquire houses in Oregon, we do not </p><p>http://www.webuyoregonhouses.com/</p></li><li><p>charge a commission or fees when closing. If you are selling your home, why shouldnt you </p><p>get to keep that money? </p><p>So Heres A Solution Sell your property to us! We buy real estate property from people </p><p>in situations just like yours in almost any area, condition or price range in Oregon. </p><p>We will work with you on your terms. If you need to close quickly, no problem, we can get </p><p>you a check in as little as seven days. Your house is in terrible shape and cant (or just dont </p><p>want) to fix it up, you dont have to. We will deal with it. We buy houses in Portland with </p><p>cash and dont have to rely on traditional bank financing. </p><p>Save yourself the stress and uncertainty of working with an agent. </p><p>In short. </p><p>Regardless of your situation, condition of the house, or timeframe </p><p>Our goal is to help make your life easier and rid you of the property that has been stressing </p><p>you out, by paying a fair, honest price in as little as seven days.. </p><p>Or Give Us A Call Now At: 503-928-7765 </p><p>We help real estate property owners just like you, in all kinds of situations. From divorce, </p><p>probate issues, foreclosure, death of a family member, burdensome rental property, and all </p><p>kinds of other situations. We buy houses in Portland and surrounding areas in </p><p>Oregon. Sometimes, those who own property simply have lives that are too busy to take </p><p>the time to do all of things that typically need to be done to prepare a house to sell on the </p><p>market if that describes you, just let us know about the property youd like to be rid of </p><p>and sell your Portland property fast for cash. </p><p>If you prefer to talk to someone in our office before submitting your property information just </p><p>give us a call today at 503-928-7765 or go online at www.webuyOREGONhouses.com </p><p>http://www.webuyoregonhouses.com/</p></li></ul>


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