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Don't Forget the Community Organizing! Winning Good Jobs for All Mental Health Consumers and Psychiatric Survivors By David W. Oaks For Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence. 26 July 2011 • Portland, Oregon. Psychiatric survivor activist 35 years Executive Director - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 26 July 2011 Portland, OregonDon't Forget the Community Organizing! Winning Good Jobs for All Mental Health Consumers and Psychiatric SurvivorsBy David W. Oaks

    For Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence

  • David W. OaksPsychiatric survivor activist 35 years Executive Director MindFreedom International 25 yearswww.MindFreedom.org

    Board member:Oregon Consumer/Survivor CoalitionUnited States International Council on Disability

  • MindFreedom GhanaLearning from poor and developing countrie about employments: Role of Non Governmental Organizations and Community Organizing.

  • MindFreedom Ghana: Working with NGO's

  • Cross-Disability Organizing: MindFreedom Ghana Mad Pride

  • THANK YOU for supporting MindFreedom!

  • Turkish Consumer/Survivors

  • Concern about globalization of western psychiatric industry

    Organizing in Pune, India.

    Activist , survivor and counselor Bhargavi Davar, PhD

  • Mother power!Role of allies such as family members in supporting major change in mental health system.

  • Al Galves, PhD, of New MexicoRole of concerned psychologists:New director of International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP).Board member MFI.

  • Bonnie Burstow, PhD in TorontoRole of professors:

    What is history of 'mad' academia and 'mad' activism collaborating?

  • Geoffrey Reaume, PhDRole of historians:This is an activist and one of the founders of Psychiatric Survivor Archives of Toronto

  • PsychOut v. ECT in Toronto

  • Piers Gooding (Melbourne Australia)

    Role of graduate students.This intern started MindFreedom Academic Alliance

  • Sally Zinman: Long-time activist.In a nutshell: What is psychiatric survivor/mental health user movement, and how can anyone connect?

  • Community Organizing: Recycle!





  • The 'gears' of people power.Keep it Simple: Mutual Support Meets Community Organizing

  • Learn from other movements:

    Nothing About Us Without Us!South African Disability Movement Slogan

  • Olmstead Supreme Court victoryWinning national court decisions

    USA exampleSue Jamieson (attorney)Elaine Wilson (middle)Lois Curtis (right)

  • Oregon Consumer/Survivor Coalition!

  • OCSCState-wide VOICE for Oregon consumer/survivors

    More "peer delivered specialists" in Oregon.

    Infrastructure for major state-wide change.

  • United Nations binding treatyKnow your rights to social and economic justice:

    The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2006

  • Drug ad: Maintainability?

  • Or creative maladjustment?

  • Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.

  • MLK on IAACM It may well be that our world is in dire need of a new organization:"The International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment."

  • Satyagraha = Truth ForceScience is finding that no one absolutely grips reality.

    Science is finding the universe is more mysterious than they ever thought.

  • Are You Proud to be "Maladjusted"?What is generally called "normal behavior" Is related to:

    Global climate catastropheEconomic inequality

  • We Shall Overcome in Oslo, Norway

  • Judi Chamberlin

  • Last shock: 15 April 2009Forced ECT in USA: Ray Sandford of MinnesotaMore than 40 outpatient forced electroshocks, escorted from home.MFI helped. Now free.

  • Free: 24 May 2011Forced ECT in USA: Elizabeth Ellis of MinnesotaHad 13 forced electroshocks, Including 1 outpatient.For saying "no," back inside for more.

  • Global EmergencySurvivor of Electroshock In AccraPsychiatric Institution In Ghana

  • Accra Psychiatric in Ghana

  • Loren Mosher and Soteria House

  • Robert Whitakerauthor of Anatomy of an Epidemic

  • Rae Unzicker & Justin Dart

  • http://www.mindfreedom.orgMindFreedom International celebrates its 25th year for human rights and humane alternatives in the mental health system.

    Independent. United. Activism.

  • Unite to WinMindFreedom Vision:

    Unite for a global nonviolent revolution in the mental health system

  • Unite to WinA Few MindFreedom Campaigns:Shield: Alerts and Our Own MediaGlobal: UN, Handbook and TrainingChoice: Alternatives for Mental Health Mad Pride: Celebrate Our DiversityCoalition: Affiliates and SponsorsElectroshock & Human Rights Initiative

  • Patch Adams & GesundheidtWarning:

    Red Rubber Nose!

  • Irish Mad Pride

  • Irish Mad Pride

  • MLK and You are in IAACMWhat is your leadership role, globally and locally, in:"The International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment."

  • David W. Oakspsychiatric survivor and executive director of MindFreedom International


    oaks@mindfreedom.orgPh: 541-345-9106Toll free: 1-877-Mad-Prid