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Portland, Oregon: Smart Transportation Planning. By: Eric Boucher Bryan Daupinais Andrew Hurczyn Matthew Pepin. Elements of Effective Transportation Planning. 2040 Growth Concept and The Metro. Broadly defined goals. a sense of community - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Portland, Oregon:Smart Transportation PlanningBy: Eric Boucher Bryan DaupinaisAndrew HurczynMatthew Pepin

  • Elements of Effective Transportation Planning2040 Growth Concept and The Metro

  • Broadly defined goalsa sense of communitythe preservation of natural areas, forests and farmlandsquiet neighborhoods with easy access to shopping, schools, jobs and recreational opportunitiesthe feel of the region, with open spaces, scenic beauty and small town atmosphere

  • Planned for desired outcomesIt was time tomake a choice . . .to allow thecurrent patternsto continue . . .or protect someof the communitycharacteristicswe valued.

    121,000 UGB acres added from 1985-1990Additional 120,000 by year 2040 if patterns continue2040 plan adds only 19,000 acres to the UGB by 2040

  • Maximizing Access sustain economic health by providing access to jobs and industryreduce the need to drive or travel long distances by making jobs and shopping more convenient to where people livemaintain access to the natural areas around the region.

  • Priority treatment to cheaper, cleaner, and more efficient modesBike lockers and racks at transit stations.Bicycle friendly service on all TriMet systems150 miles of bicycle lanes and boulevards in Portland and 751 miles of bike paths in the metro area

  • Choice through diversity of modesa balanced transportation system providing a range of choices, including transit, walking, biking and cars.expand transportation choices by providing safe and convenient alternatives to drivingtarget transportation investments to rejuvenate main streets and traditional downtowns

  • Why is Government Involvement Important?They represent the peopleMoneyAbility to regulate automobile use.Decide where to implement different modes.

  • Metro: What is it

    Land use and transportation planningSolid waste managementManages parks and other centers of the arts.Maintains UGBSustainability

  • Portland Development CommissionWhat is it?Urban Renewal AgencyCombine retail and residential uses near light rail.Mixed use housing for people of different incomes.Street side improvements Transportation improvementsConstruction of parks and similar services.

  • Portland Development CommissionCreated Courthouse Square

  • Tom McCallIn the 1973, Governor McCall implements the Urban Growth Boundary for every metropolitan area.This UGB separates urban areas with higher density from lower density


  • Urban Greenspace InstitutePrograms to integrate natural and built environments.Protects/builds parks, trails, and green spaces

  • Urban Greenspace Institute

  • Hartford ProgramsTravel ServicesPark and Ride locationsConnecticut Highway Assistant Motor Patrol (CHAMP)

  • Hartford ProgramsCommunity ServicesAdopt a HighwayScenic RoadsBridge Maintenance

  • Public TransportationPortlandMAX Light RailTriMet Bus SystemStreetcarAerial Tram

    HartfordFree Star ShuttleAmtrak and bus service to leave and enter city

  • Hartford TransportationFree Star ShuttleFree bus service around cityAmtrakFast train service to New York and BostonBus ServiceGreyhound, Peter Pan, Bonanza, etc.

  • MAX Light RailMetropolis Area Express 3 current lines with 1 in constructionRuns on reserved lanesOffers quick travel to all areas of the city

  • TriMet Bus SystemCovers the city and its suburbs thoroughly

    Handicap accessibility

    Most buses are equipped with bike racks to make mass transit more user-friendly for the cycling set

    Runs every 15 minutes or better throughout the day

  • TriMet Bus SystemComfortable and accessible waiting areas at stops and shelters

    Signal priority and roadway improvements help buses stay on time

  • Portland StreetcarConnects southern waterfront, through downtown Portland to residential and shopping districts to the northGives access for the residential area to the commercial area of the cityCreated to reduce short inner-city automobile trips, ease traffic and parking congestion, and encourage more residential, commercial and business development in the areas through which it passes.

  • Aerial TramConnects the south waterfront district to the Oregon Health and Science University.Quicker travel up and down the mountainside.Provides as a major transportation unit for the University and its riverfront campus sites.

  • Fareless Square

  • What is Hartford Missing?Network of transportation and accessAttractive structures and facilitiesMore modesLess reliance on automobilesThere is hope: Hartford 2035 plan

  • Hartford 2035

  • Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG )

    CAPITOL REGION TRANSPORTATION PLANA guide for transportation investmentsthrough the year 2035


  • Policy ReaffirmationMore Travel ChoicesBetter TransitBetter Bike & Walk OptionsBetter Systems ManagementLink Land Use & TransportationFreight PlanningEnvironmental Justice

  • Regional Growth of Centers DevelopementDowntown Hartford

    Rentschler Field area

    Bradley Airport area

    Griffin area

    Health Center/WestFarms area

    Bucklands area

  • Ideas WithinComplete Streets (Allowing for all users)

  • Ideas WithinRapid Transit LineProposed Busways

  • Ideas WithinRapid Transit LineProposed Busways

  • The most important quotes I found:

  • Along with these ideas there is a plan for a regional greenways system (Multiuse Trail System)

  • Hartfords PotentialHartford has a plan to rejuvenate their transportation system. Using many of the principles that Portland used to make there cities transportation so great.

    Now all they have to do is change these plans and ideas into reality!

  • ConclusionsPortland = GoodHartford = Poor right now with a 1.6 billion dollar potential

  • Questions?

    They talk to the people, hear their problemsThey have the money to accommodate anything. The more money, the faster, more efficient, safer method can be implemented.Mixed use and integration is very important.It provides activities and environmentally friendly organizations to improve the quality of life in the areaMetro's master plan for the Portland region includes transit-oriented development: this approach promotes mixed-use and high-density development around light-rail stops and transit centers, and the investment of the metropolitan area's share of federal tax dollars into multiple modes of transportation. Metro's master plan also includes multiple town centers, smaller versions of the city center, scattered throughout the metropolitan area. Sustainability-they provide tips and recycling centers for people to keep the area sustainable for people and the environment

    Street side improvements lighting trees and sidewalksTransportation improvements such as light rail, street cars, and the intersection of the two.The PDC was voted into place in 1958 by the citizens of Portland to serve as Portlands urban renewal agencyCourthouse square replaced a parking lot and is now a vibrant active site, that people refer to it as Portlands Living Room. They have events in place daily, attracting almost 10 million people a year.

    Its an actual wall and there are strict regulations on non-agricultural development.Different from the automobile induced sprawl. Doesnt allow the area to neglect their core cities in favor of development along interstate highways, in suburbs, and satellite cities. one can see pastoral farmlands and old red barns within 15miles (24km) of downtown Portland, literally across the street from large suburban developments (where that street is the urban growth boundary.)

    DECREASES AUTO USECurb extensions with greenery; makes it attractive and environmentally friendly, and also making drivers slow downStructure on the right takes storm water and urban runoff and filters it directly into the ground. This saves gallons and gallons for the storm water capacity of the city.Also provide parks with bike paths which is also an alternative to commuting

    provides motorist assistance such as changing flat tires, jump starting, pushing vehicles to shoulders, providing fuel and offering shelter. Free star shuttle about every 12 mins 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Monday - Friday and from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Saturdays Amtrak high costRed Line AirportBlue Hillsboro through city center to GreshamYellow Expo Center to city center Helped expand the colleges


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