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<ul><li><p>ATE OF OREGONDEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY PJID MINERAL INDUSTRIES,</p><p>329 3. W. Oak Street Portland, Oregon</p><p>LIST OF MINES IN OREGON</p><p>The attached is a list of the mines and. mining proper-ties in the State of Oregon. Those properties which areknown to be active are so indicated. The type of the proper-</p><p>ty - whether gold, placer, quicksilver, chromite, etc. is</p><p>indicated, but no description of the property is given otherthan the name and address of the operator and the county anddistrict. The list 'ts alphabetical by counties and by miningdistricts within the counties. The total number ofpropertieslisted, is 1,621.. Of these, more than 200 are shown as beingproducing mines or active operations.</p><p>Because of the tremendous number of properties locatedover the State, it has been quite a task to assemble the listnow available. It is reasonably accurate, but changes will bemade and the list will be brought up to date from time to time.</p><p>E?BL K. NIXON, Director</p><p>March 1939</p><p>Price, 25 cents</p></li><li><p>March 199</p><p>Mines known to have been active during the past year</p><p>iU t cirName of Mine Location</p><p>*Elk Creek Placers (gold) SeeEng1and Hilliard (placer)</p><p>Nelson placersBaker &amp; Harriman Prospect (gold)Brewer, GlennDale, William (gold)Gold Bug (gold)</p><p>IHagelson</p><p>ProspectHamm Gold Mining Co.Harriman ProspectHunter, John (coal)Kent Mine (old information)Marble Creek Mining Co. (gold)</p><p>(see Tom Paine)</p><p>Old Soldier (gold) (see Tom Paine)Paine, Tom,(gold)Parker, Norman*Record (gold)</p><p>Salisbury Ranch (pldcer)Schroedor,Mrs.Maude (clay)SorbeckSt ices GulchStub MineSutton Creek Mining CorporationYellow Boy (gold)</p><p>YoLlow Stone Mining Co0Young America (gold)AmazonAnalulu Mine (gold,ailver)Appotomax (see Columbia)*gaut (go].d)Bald MountainBelle of Baker (gold) (Local name: Mammoth mine)Big Pine Group (gold) Frank Davenport Baker, Ore.Bourne Group (gold) Bourne Gold Mining Co0Buckeye (gold) James B. Sipe Mining Co0</p><p>(old information) 516 Federal St., Pittsburgh, Pa.Bunker Hill (gold)*Climax (gold) Grayson HinckleyColumbia at al (gold) Cracker Creek Gold Mining Co,Cracker Creek Gold Mining Co. (gold) Paul C. Murphy, Pres., Portland, Ore.</p><p>Iaased to Campbell-Oregon Gold Mining Corp.; 84 'flhliam St., New York, N.Y.IL Porter Campbell, Pres.</p><p>Cracker-Oregon Mine (gold)nma</p><p>, eureka &amp; Excelsior (gold)Excelsior*Golconda Consolidated (gold)</p><p>(under lease)Grand Trunk (gold)Hanover Claims (gold)Hemler, Geo. E., Claims (gold)Homestake Claim (gold)Ibex Gold. Mining Co. (gold)</p><p>Mammoth (gold)Mountain View (gold)North Pole (gold)Price Anderson Group</p><p>STTEOF OREGON - LIST OF MrNES</p><p>are indicated thus (*)</p><p>Address</p><p>Norman Parker, Baker districtEngland &amp; iIil1ard Prairie City Ore.</p><p>Albert L.Geiser Baker, Ore.</p><p>Eric Landes Baker, Ore.Geo.&amp; Chester Grdenor, Baker, Ore.(James Cavin Baker, Ore.(Mrs. F. L. Robinson Walla Walla, Wash.</p><p>G. LilJey, lessee Baker, Ore,</p><p>Record Gold Min.Co.. C. Fellows Mgr. Baker, Ore.</p><p>Mrs .'taude Schroeder ,Baker, Ore.</p><p>Yellow Boy MiningN. A. Muegge</p><p>Mose Fuchs</p><p>Bert Piper</p><p>II. C. Wilinot</p><p>Co.</p><p>Baker, Ore,</p><p>Baker, Ore.</p><p>Baker, Ore.</p><p>Sumpter, Ore.</p><p>Cracker Creek Gold Mining Co.</p><p>Jackson Estate Portland Ore.</p><p>Cracker Creek Gold Mining Co.</p><p>Cracker Creek Gold Mining Co,Ibex Gold Mining Co. ,310 Rogers Bldg.,Vancouver, B.C., P.B.McTavish, Pres.</p><p>R.P,Anderson Baker, Ore.Cracker Creek Gold Mining Co.iLP.Anderson Baker, Ore.</p><p>District</p><p>Auburn</p><p>if</p><p>BakerI,</p><p>if</p><p>eq</p><p>ifft</p><p>Cracker CreekIf</p><p>'II!</p><p>I,</p><p>If</p><p>I''I</p></li><li><p>Sampson Claims (gold)Silver King (gold)Sipe, James B., Mining CSouth Pole (gold)Summit Mine (gold)Taber Fraction (gold)Buttercup Mines Inc. (gold, asbestos)</p><p>(placer and lode)Dry Horseshoe (gold) placer'Elliott &amp; Gold Nugget Claims</p><p>*oregon Mining Co (gold placer)</p><p>OrionCalifornia Gold Mine (gold,silvor)Crown. Point Mine (gold, silver)Dean (gold, silver)</p><p>Eagle MineFree CoinageGalloway (gold ,silver)Granite Group (gold silver)Grizzly ClaimsImperial Eagle Mine (gold ,silver)Last Chance (gold,silver) (may be seineMountain View (gold, silver)*Og Chief (gold,silver)Red Chief (gold,silver)Rob RoyWinchesterBay Horse (silver,copper)Connor Creek (gold,silver)Cnnor Creek Mining &amp; Milling Co.Gallagher Group (gold)Kidwell Silver Mining Co. (Idaho)Kromite Mining Co. (chromite)Lambert &amp; Flick (chromite)Liddy, r.J. (gold,silver)McCorkle &amp; Sheiie (gold)Mullin Prospect (gold)Oregon Plaster Co.Thinner</p><p>Schist Mine (gold)</p><p>Snake RIver Mines Co.Soda Creek Mine (gold)</p><p>*Submarine Gold Mining Co. (gold)(placer)</p><p>Amalgamated Mine (gold)</p><p>Apex Claim (see Summit)Balm Creek Gold MIn.Co.(copper,gold)</p><p>Basin Mine (gold)</p><p>Blue Bell Group (gold,00pper)Buckeye (copper)Burkeniont (copper,gold ,silver)</p><p>Clover Creek Diatoniite</p><p>STA'E OF OREGON - LIST OF MIN</p><p>Operator Address</p><p>BiXR COUNTY (continued)</p><p>gold) (see Buckeye Mine)R. P. Anderson</p><p>Cracker Creek Gold Mining Co.C F Glaspell,Pres ,Bridgeport,Ore Bridgeport</p><p>Jack ConnersL. B. JacksonW B Pattison</p><p>P. R. HarrisonOtto SimonMolly N. HarpharnJess Baker</p><p>U.S.Metals Co.G. O.Jefferson</p><p>(Connor Crepk Mine)</p><p>Baker, Ore,</p><p>Bridgeport ,Ore.</p><p>Hereford, Ore.1926 2d Ave.Seattle, Wash, -</p><p>Bl1 RunCable Cove</p><p>NSuinptor, Ore.</p><p>Baker, Ore.</p><p>Baker, Ore.</p><p>Portland, Ore.Portland, Ore.</p><p>Frank McCorkle Bridgeport, Ore.</p><p>J. M. MullinsGus D. Darland Grangeville, Idaho</p><p>John Mu.11insGus D. DarlandW. IL Bullock Grangeville., IdahoSubmarine Gold Mining Co.GeoNeider, Pree. Boise,. IdahoAm lgamated Mines Co.W.Burnlmam, Box 1928, Spokane, Wash.</p><p>Balm Creek Gold Mining Co.John Arthur Mgr., Oregon City, OregonC. L. PalmerW. S. Sturgill Baker, Ore.D.C.W.NeIsofl et al Baker, Ore.</p><p>Frank DeKlotz Filer, Idaho</p><p>March l9</p><p>District</p><p>Cracker CreekN</p><p>U</p><p>'II,H</p><p>'I</p><p>Conflor Creek -H</p><p>U</p><p>$4,</p><p>I,4</p><p>'I'IH</p><p>'4</p><p>ft</p><p>H</p><p>I,</p><p>Eagle Creek. *ft</p><p>Bert Piper Baker, Ore.George Ingerson Baker, Ore.</p><p>Imperial Mining &amp; Granite Group in part)Geqrge Tu.rnbow Baker, OrM. F. HoweOtto Simon Baker, Ore.</p><p>2</p><p>Nenv Mine</p></li><li><p>Sanger (gold)Sheep flock (gold)Snowstorm3oereign Consolidated Copper Co.SturgillSummit Mine (gold)</p><p>Farwest Milling it Mining Co. (gold)(placer)</p><p>*Forest Queen Mine (gold)rackly Claims (gold)Jay Gould MineJim Fisk Vein (gold,silver)</p><p>BPXER COUNTY (continued)</p><p>Claude McIntyre</p><p>(Forster &amp; Thomas)</p><p>Summit Mining Co. ,W.M.Strayer,Sec0Baker, Ore,</p><p>Baker, Ore.</p><p>Glaude McIntyre Baker, Ore.,gold) (see Balm Creek Gold Mining Co.)</p><p>Mrs. A. Thitaker Baker, Ore.Creek Gold Mining Co.)</p><p>Claude McIntyre2029 Cherry St. Baker, Ore.</p><p>being sampled (an.l938) by W C.Fellows and Associates)</p><p>.4</p><p>'I</p><p>.4</p><p>'4</p><p>14</p><p>14</p><p>Cold Spring Mining Co.,Henry Meihorn Pros.Halfway Ore. 'I</p><p>U</p><p>- March 19 STATE OF OREGON LIST OF MThES 3</p><p>Clover Creek Copper Co. (copper,gold) (owned by Balm Cr.Gold Min.Co.)Copper Butte (copper,gold)</p><p>.(Copper Center (copper, gold) J .A.Gyilenberg Baker, Ore.Copper Queen (copper,goia)Cox, C.C., ClaimCrystal ?alace (gold) S. A. 7ork Boise, IdahoDaddy Lode Copper Co. (copper)Dixon &amp; Gravens Claims (gold)Dolly Varden (gold)agle Creek Placers (gold)</p><p>Zast eagle Mining &amp; Milling Co. (gold)EvelandPorster it Thomas Copper Claims (copper,gold) Sovereign Consolidated Copper Co.Uaybolt PropertyHiggins, Bill, &amp; Eveland, Chas. (gold,silver)Hiflsboro Gold Mining Co. (placer) gold,*uulltop Keating Claim (copper) Gust Schermer Keating, Ore.eat1ng (copper)Lilly WhiteMcGee's ClaimsMcIntyre Group (copper,gola)11idway</p><p>Miller it Lane</p><p>Miles, DunhamNew HopeOld Man Group (copper)Oregon Copper Mining Property (copperPaddy Creek (gold)Poorman Group (copper,gold) (see BalmRoy &amp; Sturgill Mines (gold)</p><p>dhlte ClaimWoodrow (see Summit)Woodward GroupZenith Claim (see umm1t mine)*chorage xplora.tion Co0 (gold)placer Anchorage Exploration Co.</p><p>LH.Lilliard Mgr., Carson, Ore.Ai,irous Mining Co,(drift plac'er gold) Aurous Mining Co., '.B.Drew, Pres.</p><p>Halfway, Ore.Baker Mines Co.Boulder Creek Placer*Cold Spring Mining Co.(gold) placer</p><p>Conundrum Group (gold)*Cornucopia Gold Mines Co. (go].d,silver)</p><p>*Cornucopia Gold Mines Zac., Iaverett Davis, Vico-pres.&amp; Gen.Mgr.Cornucopia, Ore.</p><p>S Farest Milling &amp; Mining Co.W.Malanphy, Pres, Halfway, Ore.Ernest R.Gray Missoula,Montana</p><p>Cornucopia Gold Mines Inc.Loverett Davis, V.pres.-Gen.Mgr.</p><p>Cornucopia Ore.</p><p>Name of Mine Location Operator Address District</p><p>Cornucopia</p><p>.4</p><p>'4</p><p>U</p></li><li><p>4 ST&amp;TE OF OREGON LIST QY MINES March i39</p><p>Whitney Placer See Timns Gold Dredging Co.Wintervill I Parkerville DiggingsBallard Claims (copper)brooklyn &amp; Olympia (copper,gold,silver)Cap Miller group (copper)Cole Claims (copper)Copper King (copper)Crown Copper Co (copper)Elliott (gold,silver,copper)Farrell Group (copper)Golden WestHarvest queenHill Claims (copper)Iron Dyke (copper, gold)</p><p>Koger Group (copper)Leonard</p><p>acDougall Group (copper)</p><p>O,erator Address</p><p>B.ZR COUNTY (continued)</p><p>Cornucopia Gold Mines IncLeverett Davis, V-pres.-Gen.Mgr.</p><p>Cornuoopia, Ore.</p><p>Red Warrior Mining Co.,W1lard R. Davis, Mgr. -Cornucopia Gold. Mines Inc.</p><p>Mrs. Fred Stein; L. 3. Usher.Oregon Cor., B. H. Moore Pree.760 Yeon Bldg., Portland, Ore,.Cornucopia Gold Mines Inc.Almon Motley&amp; AssociatesCornucopia Gold Mines Inc.</p><p>Cornucopia Gold Mines Inc.Cornucopl.a Gold Mines Inc.</p><p>Cornucopia Gold Mines Inc.Cornucopia Gold Mines Inc</p><p>Golden Gate Mining Co., MJ.Douce 58.1451 S.Main St., Marion, O1io</p><p>W.J.Noon, Mgr. Whitney Ore.</p><p>M. Knudson Whitney Ore.Hubert S Smith,Trustee, Bay City, IfichC. H. Timme Mgr.</p><p>See MagDougall GroupJess Elliot Baker, Ore.</p><p>Iron Dyke Copper Co. ,Cooley Butler,745 Rwan Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif.</p><p>Crown Copper Co., howard S. Newell,Toledo, Ohio</p><p>Ditr.ct</p><p>-Cornuoopiaa</p><p>a</p><p>'Iaaa</p><p>GreenhornN</p><p>I,</p><p>HomesteadI,</p><p>'5</p><p>-S</p><p>Nane of Mine Location</p><p>Last Chance Mine (gold,silver)</p><p>Lindgreen ClaimsLost Horse group (gold)</p><p>Mayflower GroupMiles, J.D.Motley, AlmonMountain ChiefNorway Mine (gold)*pine Creek Placers (gold)</p><p>queen of the West (gold)*Red Boy (gold)Red Jacket (gold)Red Mountain Prospect (gold)Robert Emmett (gold)Simmofl8 Prospect (gold)(oldSlim Jim PlacerSmith, Geo.W. Claims (gold)Steen &amp; Lindgreen ClaimsStone Boat</p><p>Underwood PlacersUnion Companion MinesValley View ProspectVictor Mining Co.White Elephant (gold)Wild Irishman (gold)Belmont Mine (gold)Big Elk (gold)Bonanza Mine (gold)Cantwell, J. (gold)Golden Gate (gold) (old information)</p><p>Ironwine, RexKreiger, JohnPioneer Gold Dredging Co.Premium Gold, InoPyx (gold)*Schont, Henry, placer (gold)Snow Creek (gold)*jj Gold Dredging Co. (gld) placer</p><p>Cornucopia Gold Mines Inc.information)A.J ,Simmons, W.L.Meyers &amp; Associates</p><p>(old information)</p></li><li><p>March 1939 STATE OF OREGON LIST OF MThTES</p><p>Name of Mine location Operatcr Address District</p><p>Black Hawk Mining CO.Easy Money ClaimFairview Claim (gold)</p><p>Giraffe Mining &amp; Mill Co. (gold)</p><p>Gold Coin Placer (gold)Golden GateGorinan GroupGreen DiscoveryHice Mine (gold)Indiana Mine (gold)Interinountain Mine (silver)Monarch Gold Dredging Co (gold)Monumental (gold)</p><p>Morton (gold)New England &amp; Oregon Mining CoOra Marmo (gold)</p><p>Oregon Dredging Co. (gold) placerOvershot Group (gold)*</p><p>Quicksilver Claim (q.uicksilver)</p><p>Rainbow (gold)Randall (gold)Regal (see Randall)Regan (gold)</p><p>Rising SunRye Valley Placers*5ujjt Mine (gold)Sunday 11111 (gold)</p><p>Washington7lyant, John, placersZenith Gold Mining Co (see Regan)Afterthought (gold, lead, Zinc)*Baisley lkhorn (gold)Black Bear (see Cub)Bull of the Woods Mine (gold)Chloride Consolidated (silver ,gold)Copperdown Mine (gold,silver)</p><p>Cub (gold)Dolcoatto Mine (gold,sIlver)Elkhom Cons Mm Co (placer)Galena Claimshighland-Maxwell (silver ,gold)Johnson, F F , claimsKelley, D4L, ClaimsKelly (gold,silver,lead,copperjLaClead (copper,gold)</p><p>Magpie (gold, barite)</p><p>BPX COUNTY (continued)</p><p>McCarthy Claims (copper)Nuggett (gold) placer (old Information) Nugget Corporation of Oregon</p><p>sidney C Love Pre , Baker, OreRiver QueenRogers Group (copper)Big Lode Mine (gold)(old inforinat Ion) Hannibal Mining a. !iill Co</p><p>M.N.Thompson Sec., Baker, Ore.</p><p>Roy Chadwell &amp; Rollie ChadwellDurkee Ore.</p><p>Giraffe Mm. &amp; 11111. Co.A.O.Vleatherman Pres., Bric1geport, Ore.</p><p>Mormon Basin Mines</p><p>Morton Bros.</p><p>Inc., LJ.Noon Sec.Baker, Ore.Vale Ore.</p><p>Mrs. D. D. Smith; J. W. Bowden,Win.&amp; Donald Kernpfer, Unity, Ore.W. J. Noon Baker, Ore.Ed. Graves, Chas.McNariara et al,</p><p>Durkee, Ore.John Joseph, T.R. and Vernon Jeffords,Ed. GeorgeMormon Basin MinesMrs. J.V,Randall Baker, Ore.</p><p>Zenith Gold Mining Co., Roy Chadwell Agt.Durkee Ore.</p><p>Claire D.Schlemmer Baker, Ore.</p><p>Mrs.Mary 0. Kelly Baker, Ore.T. G. Montgomery Baker, Ore.</p><p>Chas.Dunn et al I3aker, Ore.</p><p>Carl Matthes et al,RFD Huntington Ore.Wm.Phalen et al, RFD huntington Ore.</p><p>Geo.Irvin et al Haines, Ore.John Schmidt ,Poliman Est. ,Baker,Ore.</p><p>Home stexd</p><p>ft</p><p>'I</p><p>It</p><p>Lower Burnt</p><p>RiverMormon &amp;tin</p><p>ft</p><p>I,</p><p>ft</p><p>ft</p><p>H</p><p>'I'p</p><p>ft</p><p>'IftII</p><p>ft</p><p>Rock Creekft</p><p>It</p><p>Is</p><p>'IThiter Coles &amp; John Long, Haines Ore.F.A.Holt, lessee Haines Ore.John Deaman 1st., Manley Strayer, Mm,,</p><p>Baker, Ore.Irvin Brothers Baker, Ore.Mose Fuchs Baker, Ore.J.CBowen Mgr.</p><p>Otto Zimmerman et al, Baker, Ore.Wes Bowden et al, Durkee, Ore. H</p><p>ft</p><p>ft</p><p>ft</p><p>ft</p><p>ft</p></li><li><p>Maxwell Mine (see Highland-Maxwell)McCulloch Group (gold,silver)</p><p>Molybdenum (Molybdenum, gold)Pearl (gold)Robbin's ElkhornSouth Pole - North PoleStibuite (antimony)Western Union (gold,silver,lead)Wright &amp; Van Mead claims (gold,silverArkansas BelleBuffaloCurl Claims (gold)Del MonteDixon &amp; Gravens (gold)</p><p>Free Thinker*Gem of Sparta (gold) H.C.Kloppenstein, 935 Broadway,</p><p>Tacoma, Wash.Gold Ridge Co.Iron Mask Copper Co.Little PittsburghMacy (gold)</p><p>MagpieNew Deal (gold)New GemUnion Tunnel Co.WindsorAtlas Gold*Buck Gulch Placers (gold).Consuelo Oregon Mines (gold) placer*England &amp; Hhlliard (gold) placerPlying Cloud (gold)Gardner (chroxnite)</p><p>Golden 0hariot Mining &amp; Milling Co.(old information)</p><p>Harris, L. H0Hoffman, Max (see Consuelo Oregon Mines)*Ljttle Harris &amp; oinger (gold) placerLoys Mine (gold)Minnie McDowell Mine (gold,silver)MacDonald, W. K.Muller, FredNutting, IC R , Dred4g Co.(gold) placerPenrod, A. D.*Powder River Gold Dredging Co.(gold) placer</p><p>Silver ICing Mine (gold) W. D. Gordon*sumpter Valley Dredging Co.(gold.) placer, 91'7 PublicWeaver !UneWhite, Geo. H.Buckhorn Claim (gold)Bull Run (gold)</p><p>Buster Placer (gold,asbestos)*High Bar Placer (gold)Hxnphries Gold Corp.Log Cabin (gold,silver,nickel)Nancy Joe (gold)Nobody's Dream (gold)</p><p>Oregon Asbestos</p><p>O.O.Baisley, Frank MoCufloch,Baker, Ore.</p><p>Seth Irvin, Frank Landreth, Baker Ore.Isador Fuch8 Baker, Ore.</p><p>Harold Parker North Powder, Ore.John Long &amp; associates, Haines Ore.H.E.Wright,2730 6th St.,Baker, Oro.</p><p>Chas. W. Curl Baker, Ore.</p><p>J Dixon, Gravens,22l1 13th StBaker, Ore.</p><p>Robert Donald, lessee, Baker, Ore.</p><p>Hi-Grade Mining Co. ,Cornucopia, Ore.</p><p>E. W. DavidhizerMax HoffmanH.F.England &amp; Co.</p><p>Mosier, Ore.Sumpter, Ore.Prairie City, Ore.</p><p>Golden Chariot Min.&amp; Miil.Co.Oliver H Connor Jr ,see ,Sumpter, Ore</p><p>Suzaiter, Ore.</p><p>Edward Bates Baker, Ore.Frank McCofloch0. 0. Baisley Unity, Ore.Bob Cameron Baker, Ore.John Wyant &amp; Assoclates,Hereford,Ore.B.A.Pattison,lease, Hereford, Ore.R. J. Cart lie Unity, Ore.Mike Hoff, S..BLarsen, Baker, Ore.Mike Hoff, S.B.Larsen,Baker , Ore.</p><p>Sumpteris</p><p>H</p><p>Upper Burnt River.</p><p>SPATZ OF OREGON - LIST OF Mfl March 1939</p><p>Name of Mine Location perator Address District</p><p>BAKER COUNTY (continued)</p><p>Sumpter, Ore.</p><p>917 Public Serv.Bldg.Portland Ore.Baker, Ore.</p><p>Service Bldg. ,Port land Ore. 'Iii</p><p>Rock Creek</p><p>I,I,</p><p>a</p><p>aa</p><p>$'I1$</p><p>Spartaa</p><p>ft</p></li><li><p>I</p><p>March 1939</p><p>Name of Mine Location</p><p>Pine Cree...</p></li></ul>


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