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ATE OF OREGONDEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY PJID MINERAL INDUSTRIES,329 3. W. Oak Street Portland, OregonLIST OF MINES IN OREGONThe attached is a list of the mines and. mining proper-ties in the State of Oregon. Those properties which areknown to be active are so indicated. The type of the proper-ty - whether gold, placer, quicksilver, chromite, etc. isindicated, but no description of the property is given otherthan the name and address of the operator and the county anddistrict. The list 'ts alphabetical by counties and by miningdistricts within the counties. The total number ofpropertieslisted, is 1,621.. Of these, more than 200 are shown as beingproducing mines or active operations.Because of the tremendous number of properties locatedover the State, it has been quite a task to assemble the listnow available. It is reasonably accurate, but changes will bemade and the list will be brought up to date from time to time.E?BL K. NIXON, DirectorMarch 1939Price, 25 centsMarch 199Mines known to have been active during the past yeariU t cirName of Mine Location*Elk Creek Placers (gold) SeeEng1and Hilliard (placer)Nelson placersBaker & Harriman Prospect (gold)Brewer, GlennDale, William (gold)Gold Bug (gold)IHagelsonProspectHamm Gold Mining Co.Harriman ProspectHunter, John (coal)Kent Mine (old information)Marble Creek Mining Co. (gold)(see Tom Paine)Old Soldier (gold) (see Tom Paine)Paine, Tom,(gold)Parker, Norman*Record (gold)Salisbury Ranch (pldcer)Schroedor,Mrs.Maude (clay)SorbeckSt ices GulchStub MineSutton Creek Mining CorporationYellow Boy (gold)YoLlow Stone Mining Co0Young America (gold)AmazonAnalulu Mine (gold,ailver)Appotomax (see Columbia)*gaut (go].d)Bald MountainBelle of Baker (gold) (Local name: Mammoth mine)Big Pine Group (gold) Frank Davenport Baker, Ore.Bourne Group (gold) Bourne Gold Mining Co0Buckeye (gold) James B. Sipe Mining Co0(old information) 516 Federal St., Pittsburgh, Pa.Bunker Hill (gold)*Climax (gold) Grayson HinckleyColumbia at al (gold) Cracker Creek Gold Mining Co,Cracker Creek Gold Mining Co. (gold) Paul C. Murphy, Pres., Portland, Ore.Iaased to Campbell-Oregon Gold Mining Corp.; 84 'flhliam St., New York, N.Y.IL Porter Campbell, Pres.Cracker-Oregon Mine (gold)nma, eureka & Excelsior (gold)Excelsior*Golconda Consolidated (gold)(under lease)Grand Trunk (gold)Hanover Claims (gold)Hemler, Geo. E., Claims (gold)Homestake Claim (gold)Ibex Gold. Mining Co. (gold)Mammoth (gold)Mountain View (gold)North Pole (gold)Price Anderson GroupSTTEOF OREGON - LIST OF MrNESare indicated thus (*)AddressNorman Parker, Baker districtEngland & iIil1ard Prairie City Ore.Albert L.Geiser Baker, Ore.Eric Landes Baker, Ore.Geo.& Chester Grdenor, Baker, Ore.(James Cavin Baker, Ore.(Mrs. F. L. Robinson Walla Walla, Wash.G. LilJey, lessee Baker, Ore,Record Gold Min.Co.. C. Fellows Mgr. Baker, Ore.Mrs .'taude Schroeder ,Baker, Ore.Yellow Boy MiningN. A. MueggeMose FuchsBert PiperII. C. WilinotCo.Baker, Ore,Baker, Ore.Baker, Ore.Sumpter, Ore.Cracker Creek Gold Mining Co.Jackson Estate Portland Ore.Cracker Creek Gold Mining Co.Cracker Creek Gold Mining Co,Ibex Gold Mining Co. ,310 Rogers Bldg.,Vancouver, B.C., P.B.McTavish, Pres.R.P,Anderson Baker, Ore.Cracker Creek Gold Mining Co.iLP.Anderson Baker, Ore.DistrictAuburnifBakerI,ifeqifftCracker CreekIf'II!I,IfI''ISampson Claims (gold)Silver King (gold)Sipe, James B., Mining CSouth Pole (gold)Summit Mine (gold)Taber Fraction (gold)Buttercup Mines Inc. (gold, asbestos)(placer and lode)Dry Horseshoe (gold) placer'Elliott & Gold Nugget Claims*oregon Mining Co (gold placer)OrionCalifornia Gold Mine (gold,silvor)Crown. Point Mine (gold, silver)Dean (gold, silver)Eagle MineFree CoinageGalloway (gold ,silver)Granite Group (gold silver)Grizzly ClaimsImperial Eagle Mine (gold ,silver)Last Chance (gold,silver) (may be seineMountain View (gold, silver)*Og Chief (gold,silver)Red Chief (gold,silver)Rob RoyWinchesterBay Horse (silver,copper)Connor Creek (gold,silver)Cnnor Creek Mining & Milling Co.Gallagher Group (gold)Kidwell Silver Mining Co. (Idaho)Kromite Mining Co. (chromite)Lambert & Flick (chromite)Liddy, r.J. (gold,silver)McCorkle & Sheiie (gold)Mullin Prospect (gold)Oregon Plaster Co.ThinnerSchist Mine (gold)Snake RIver Mines Co.Soda Creek Mine (gold)*Submarine Gold Mining Co. (gold)(placer)Amalgamated Mine (gold)Apex Claim (see Summit)Balm Creek Gold MIn.Co.(copper,gold)Basin Mine (gold)Blue Bell Group (gold,00pper)Buckeye (copper)Burkeniont (copper,gold ,silver)Clover Creek DiatoniiteSTA'E OF OREGON - LIST OF MINOperator AddressBiXR COUNTY (continued)gold) (see Buckeye Mine)R. P. AndersonCracker Creek Gold Mining Co.C F Glaspell,Pres ,Bridgeport,Ore BridgeportJack ConnersL. B. JacksonW B PattisonP. R. HarrisonOtto SimonMolly N. HarpharnJess BakerU.S.Metals Co.G. O.Jefferson(Connor Crepk Mine)Baker, Ore,Bridgeport ,Ore.Hereford, Ore.1926 2d Ave.Seattle, Wash, -Bl1 RunCable CoveNSuinptor, Ore.Baker, Ore.Baker, Ore.Portland, Ore.Portland, Ore.Frank McCorkle Bridgeport, Ore.J. M. MullinsGus D. Darland Grangeville, IdahoJohn Mu.11insGus D. DarlandW. IL Bullock Grangeville., IdahoSubmarine Gold Mining Co.GeoNeider, Pree. Boise,. IdahoAm lgamated Mines Co.W.Burnlmam, Box 1928, Spokane, Wash.Balm Creek Gold Mining Co.John Arthur Mgr., Oregon City, OregonC. L. PalmerW. S. Sturgill Baker, Ore.D.C.W.NeIsofl et al Baker, Ore.Frank DeKlotz Filer, IdahoMarch l9DistrictCracker CreekNU'II,H'IConflor Creek -HU$4,I,4'I'IH'4ftHI,Eagle Creek. *ftBert Piper Baker, Ore.George Ingerson Baker, Ore.Imperial Mining & Granite Group in part)Geqrge Tu.rnbow Baker, OrM. F. HoweOtto Simon Baker, Ore.2Nenv MineSanger (gold)Sheep flock (gold)Snowstorm3oereign Consolidated Copper Co.SturgillSummit Mine (gold)Farwest Milling it Mining Co. (gold)(placer)*Forest Queen Mine (gold)rackly Claims (gold)Jay Gould MineJim Fisk Vein (gold,silver)BPXER COUNTY (continued)Claude McIntyre(Forster & Thomas)Summit Mining Co. ,W.M.Strayer,Sec0Baker, Ore,Baker, Ore.Glaude McIntyre Baker, Ore.,gold) (see Balm Creek Gold Mining Co.)Mrs. A. Thitaker Baker, Ore.Creek Gold Mining Co.)Claude McIntyre2029 Cherry St. Baker, Ore.being sampled (an.l938) by W C.Fellows and Associates).4'I.4'41414Cold Spring Mining Co.,Henry Meihorn Pros.Halfway Ore. 'IU- March 19 STATE OF OREGON LIST OF MThES 3Clover Creek Copper Co. (copper,gold) (owned by Balm Cr.Gold Min.Co.)Copper Butte (copper,gold).(Copper Center (copper, gold) J .A.Gyilenberg Baker, Ore.Copper Queen (copper,goia)Cox, C.C., ClaimCrystal ?alace (gold) S. A. 7ork Boise, IdahoDaddy Lode Copper Co. (copper)Dixon & Gravens Claims (gold)Dolly Varden (gold)agle Creek Placers (gold)Zast eagle Mining & Milling Co. (gold)EvelandPorster it Thomas Copper Claims (copper,gold) Sovereign Consolidated Copper Co.Uaybolt PropertyHiggins, Bill, & Eveland, Chas. (gold,silver)Hiflsboro Gold Mining Co. (placer) gold,*uulltop Keating Claim (copper) Gust Schermer Keating, Ore.eat1ng (copper)Lilly WhiteMcGee's ClaimsMcIntyre Group (copper,gola)11idwayMiller it LaneMiles, DunhamNew HopeOld Man Group (copper)Oregon Copper Mining Property (copperPaddy Creek (gold)Poorman Group (copper,gold) (see BalmRoy & Sturgill Mines (gold)dhlte ClaimWoodrow (see Summit)Woodward GroupZenith Claim (see umm1t mine)*chorage xplora.tion Co0 (gold)placer Anchorage Exploration Co.LH.Lilliard Mgr., Carson, Ore.Ai,irous Mining Co,(drift plac'er gold) Aurous Mining Co., '.B.Drew, Pres.Halfway, Ore.Baker Mines Co.Boulder Creek Placer*Cold Spring Mining Co.(gold) placerConundrum Group (gold)*Cornucopia Gold Mines Co. (go].d,silver)*Cornucopia Gold Mines Zac., Iaverett Davis, Vico-pres.& Gen.Mgr.Cornucopia, Ore.S Farest Milling & Mining Co.W.Malanphy, Pres, Halfway, Ore.Ernest R.Gray Missoula,MontanaCornucopia Gold Mines Inc.Loverett Davis, V.pres.-Gen.Mgr.Cornucopia Ore.Name of Mine Location Operator Address DistrictCornucopia.4'4U4 ST&TE OF OREGON LIST QY MINES March i39Whitney Placer See Timns Gold Dredging Co.Wintervill I Parkerville DiggingsBallard Claims (copper)brooklyn & Olympia (copper,gold,silver)Cap Miller group (copper)Cole Claims (copper)Copper King (copper)Crown Copper Co (copper)Elliott (gold,silver,copper)Farrell Group (copper)Golden WestHarvest queenHill Claims (copper)Iron Dyke (copper, gold)Koger Group (copper)LeonardacDougall Group (copper)O,erator AddressB.ZR COUNTY (continued)Cornucopia Gold Mines IncLeverett Davis, V-pres.-Gen.Mgr.Cornuoopia, Ore.Red Warrior Mining Co.,W1lard R. Davis, Mgr. -Cornucopia Gold. Mines Inc.Mrs. Fred Stein; L. 3. Usher.Oregon Cor., B. H. Moore Pree.760 Yeon Bldg., Portland, Ore,.Cornucopia Gold Mines Inc.Almon Motley& AssociatesCornucopia Gold Mines Inc.Cornucopia Gold Mines Inc.Cornucopl.a Gold Mines Inc.Cornucopia Gold Mines Inc.Cornucopia Gold Mines IncGolden Gate Mining Co., MJ.Douce 58.1451 S.Main St., Marion, O1ioW.J.Noon, Mgr. Whitney Ore.M. Knudson Whitney Ore.Hubert S Smith,Trustee, Bay City, IfichC. H. Timme Mgr.See MagDougall GroupJess Elliot Baker, Ore.Iron Dyke Copper Co. ,Cooley Butler,745 Rwan Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif.Crown Copper Co., howard S. Newell,Toledo, OhioDitr.ct-Cornuoopiaaa'IaaaGreenhornNI,HomesteadI,'5-SNane of Mine LocationLast Chance Mine (gold,silver)Lindgreen ClaimsLost Horse group (gold)Mayflower GroupMiles, J.D.Motley, AlmonMountain ChiefNorway Mine (gold)*pine Creek Placers (gold)queen of the West (gold)*Red Boy (gold)Red Jacket (gold)Red Mountain Prospect (gold)Robert Emmett (gold)Simmofl8 Prospect (gold)(oldSlim Jim PlacerSmith, Geo.W. Claims (gold)Steen & Lindgreen ClaimsStone BoatUnderwood PlacersUnion Companion MinesValley View ProspectVictor Mining Co.White Elephant (gold)Wild Irishman (gold)Belmont Mine (gold)Big Elk (gold)Bonanza Mine (gold)Cantwell, J. (gold)Golden Gate (gold) (old information)Ironwine, RexKreiger, JohnPioneer Gold Dredging Co.Premium Gold, InoPyx (gold)*Schont, Henry, placer (gold)Snow Creek (gold)*jj Gold Dredging Co. (gld) placerCornucopia Gold Mines Inc.information)A.J ,Simmons, W.L.Meyers & Associates(old information)March 1939 STATE OF OREGON LIST OF MThTESName of Mine location Operatcr Address DistrictBlack Hawk Mining CO.Easy Money ClaimFairview Claim (gold)Giraffe Mining & Mill Co. (gold)Gold Coin Placer (gold)Golden GateGorinan GroupGreen DiscoveryHice Mine (gold)Indiana Mine (gold)Interinountain Mine (silver)Monarch Gold Dredging Co (gold)Monumental (gold)Morton (gold)New England & Oregon Mining CoOra Marmo (gold)Oregon Dredging Co. (gold) placerOvershot Group (gold)*Quicksilver Claim (q.uicksilver)Rainbow (gold)Randall (gold)Regal (see Randall)Regan (gold)Rising SunRye Valley Placers*5ujjt Mine (gold)Sunday 11111 (gold)Washington7lyant, John, placersZenith Gold Mining Co (see Regan)Afterthought (gold, lead, Zinc)*Baisley lkhorn (gold)Black Bear (see Cub)Bull of the Woods Mine (gold)Chloride Consolidated (silver ,gold)Copperdown Mine (gold,silver)Cub (gold)Dolcoatto Mine (gold,sIlver)Elkhom Cons Mm Co (placer)Galena Claimshighland-Maxwell (silver ,gold)Johnson, F F , claimsKelley, D4L, ClaimsKelly (gold,silver,lead,copperjLaClead (copper,gold)Magpie (gold, barite)BPX COUNTY (continued)McCarthy Claims (copper)Nuggett (gold) placer (old Information) Nugget Corporation of Oregonsidney C Love Pre , Baker, OreRiver QueenRogers Group (copper)Big Lode Mine (gold)(old inforinat Ion) Hannibal Mining a. !iill CoM.N.Thompson Sec., Baker, Ore.Roy Chadwell & Rollie ChadwellDurkee Ore.Giraffe Mm. & 11111. Co.A.O.Vleatherman Pres., Bric1geport, Ore.Mormon Basin MinesMorton Bros.Inc., LJ.Noon Sec.Baker, Ore.Vale Ore.Mrs. D. D. Smith; J. W. Bowden,Win.& Donald Kernpfer, Unity, Ore.W. J. Noon Baker, Ore.Ed. Graves, Chas.McNariara et al,Durkee, Ore.John Joseph, T.R. and Vernon Jeffords,Ed. GeorgeMormon Basin MinesMrs. J.V,Randall Baker, Ore.Zenith Gold Mining Co., Roy Chadwell Agt.Durkee Ore.Claire D.Schlemmer Baker, Ore.Mrs.Mary 0. Kelly Baker, Ore.T. G. Montgomery Baker, Ore.Chas.Dunn et al I3aker, Ore.Carl Matthes et al,RFD Huntington Ore.Wm.Phalen et al, RFD huntington Ore.Geo.Irvin et al Haines, Ore.John Schmidt ,Poliman Est. ,Baker,Ore.Home stexdft'IItLower BurntRiverMormon &tinftI,ftftH'I'pft'IftIIftRock CreekftItIs'IThiter Coles & John Long, Haines Ore.F.A.Holt, lessee Haines Ore.John Deaman 1st., Manley Strayer, Mm,,Baker, Ore.Irvin Brothers Baker, Ore.Mose Fuchs Baker, Ore.J.CBowen Mgr.Otto Zimmerman et al, Baker, Ore.Wes Bowden et al, Durkee, Ore. HftftftftftMaxwell Mine (see Highland-Maxwell)McCulloch Group (gold,silver)Molybdenum (Molybdenum, gold)Pearl (gold)Robbin's ElkhornSouth Pole - North PoleStibuite (antimony)Western Union (gold,silver,lead)Wright & Van Mead claims (gold,silverArkansas BelleBuffaloCurl Claims (gold)Del MonteDixon & Gravens (gold)Free Thinker*Gem of Sparta (gold) H.C.Kloppenstein, 935 Broadway,Tacoma, Wash.Gold Ridge Co.Iron Mask Copper Co.Little PittsburghMacy (gold)MagpieNew Deal (gold)New GemUnion Tunnel Co.WindsorAtlas Gold*Buck Gulch Placers (gold).Consuelo Oregon Mines (gold) placer*England & Hhlliard (gold) placerPlying Cloud (gold)Gardner (chroxnite)Golden 0hariot Mining & Milling Co.(old information)Harris, L. H0Hoffman, Max (see Consuelo Oregon Mines)*Ljttle Harris & oinger (gold) placerLoys Mine (gold)Minnie McDowell Mine (gold,silver)MacDonald, W. K.Muller, FredNutting, IC R , Dred4g Co.(gold) placerPenrod, A. D.*Powder River Gold Dredging Co.(gold) placerSilver ICing Mine (gold) W. D. Gordon*sumpter Valley Dredging Co.(gold.) placer, 91'7 PublicWeaver !UneWhite, Geo. H.Buckhorn Claim (gold)Bull Run (gold)Buster Placer (gold,asbestos)*High Bar Placer (gold)Hxnphries Gold Corp.Log Cabin (gold,silver,nickel)Nancy Joe (gold)Nobody's Dream (gold)Oregon AsbestosO.O.Baisley, Frank MoCufloch,Baker, Ore.Seth Irvin, Frank Landreth, Baker Ore.Isador Fuch8 Baker, Ore.Harold Parker North Powder, Ore.John Long & associates, Haines Ore.H.E.Wright,2730 6th St.,Baker, Oro.Chas. W. Curl Baker, Ore.J Dixon, Gravens,22l1 13th StBaker, Ore.Robert Donald, lessee, Baker, Ore.Hi-Grade Mining Co. ,Cornucopia, Ore.E. W. DavidhizerMax HoffmanH.F.England & Co.Mosier, Ore.Sumpter, Ore.Prairie City, Ore.Golden Chariot Min.& Miil.Co.Oliver H Connor Jr ,see ,Sumpter, OreSuzaiter, Ore.Edward Bates Baker, Ore.Frank McCofloch0. 0. Baisley Unity, Ore.Bob Cameron Baker, Ore.John Wyant & Assoclates,Hereford,Ore.B.A.Pattison,lease, Hereford, Ore.R. J. Cart lie Unity, Ore.Mike Hoff, S..BLarsen, Baker, Ore.Mike Hoff, S.B.Larsen,Baker , Ore.SumpterisHUpper Burnt River.SPATZ OF OREGON - LIST OF Mfl March 1939Name of Mine Location perator Address DistrictBAKER COUNTY (continued)Sumpter, Ore.917 Public Serv.Bldg.Portland Ore.Baker, Ore.Service Bldg. ,Port land Ore. 'IiiRock CreekI,I,aaa$'I1$SpartaaftIMarch 1939Name of Mine LocationPine Creek AsbestosPurple Sage (gold) placerUnity Oil WellWall Street Group (gold)Whited Mining Co.yant Placer (gold)*yeilow Minerals (gold) placer(also called Yellow Nugget) (See ElliBates-Edwards Claims (gold, silver)Bengal & Provider (gold,tungsten)Brazos (gold)Carroll B. Mine (gold)Chicago-Virtue (gold)Cliff Mine (gold, tungsten)CollateralColumbia-Friday (gold)ColumbIaCyclone (gold)Dandy Jim Ext. (gold)Emma (gold)Star (gold)Friday Mine Inc. (gold)*Hidden Treasure (gold)Ideal Quarry (tuff)Independent No. 1 (goldIndependent No. 2 (goldKeystoneKohier Mine (antimony)Last Chance Claim (gold)MableNit zlander Ranch (gold ,manganese ,copperNorwood (gold)Oregon Lava Stone CoOregon Trail Mine (gold)Pat (gold)Pleasant ValleyRachel Consolidated (gold)RuckerSt. JohnSusan D MineUncle DanUnionVirginia MineVirtue Mines Development Co (gold)Whitp Swan (gold)Black Joe ClaimBlack NiggerBlack PrinceBonanzaBonnie Claim (tungsten)Burnt River Dredging Co.Corander ManganeseConquest Gold Min:ing CoDifford & JohnsonDurkee Development Co (gold)Durkee Gold Ridge Mining CoEasy, 3. H..OperatorBEIR COUNTY (continued)Norma Huntington5, G. LarsenAddress DistrictJohn Wyant Hereford, Ore.Ralph Russell Baker, Ore0ott & Gold Nugget Placers, Bridgeport Dist.)Alma Williams Baker, Ore. VirtueMile Wuton,Aiine WIlliams, Baker, Ore.Ray Johnson, lessee, Baker, Ore.3. J. Niblack4,4$II4,'4UUI,U4,4$4,'I4UU'441II'444'IU*4'III4*'4'4UUII'4Milo Newton Baker, Ore.!oily N. 1-larpharn Baker, Ore.Mabel A. Griffith Baker, Ore.Mrs. Sadie Cullen Baker, Ore.Carl Vt. Hupke, Walter G0.Brown,Baker,Ore0Rea Ore,E. C. Baker,Walter Fellows & associates,Baker,Ore.Miles Rombeau Baker, Ore.Dr. A. Kohier Baker,Ore,W. M. Payton, lessee, Box 186 Rt,2Baker, Ore.Randolph Nitzlander ,Pleasant Valley,Ore.7. E. Caldweli7. E. CaldwellBaker, Ore.Baker, Ore.Harry 1-1. Wagoner Baker, Ore.M Baswell, sec. Baker, Ore,White Swan Gold, Inc., Baker ,Ore.Deerdorf & Graves Durkee, Ore..T.E.Rogers, Pres., Durkee, Ore.'IEveningFlagstaff mine (gold) 3. L. Laydon Baker Ore,Foster, R. 5, claim (manganese) R. S. Fosterlll8 Resort St.,Baker,Ore,Foster, R. S. placer claim (diatomite)STATE OF OREGON - LIST OF MINES 7Upper Burnt RiverHereford Ore. I'UBaker, Ore0 I,'IWeatherbyU4$44A. V. Lovejoy Lime, Ore.Jack Prescott Baker, Ore.8 STATE OF OREGONName of Mine LocationGold Cliff*Gold Cluster Group (gold)Gold Hill mine (gold)Gold Point (gold)Gold Ridge Mine (gold) placerGolden Rod (gold)Gold. ThreadHallock (gold)Hannibal Mining & Milling Co0Ingerson, Geo."Little Bonanza (gold)Little Hill (gold)MeCord's Gulch Claims (gold,lodeNew Deal Mining Co.Oregon Freegold. Mining Co.*oregon Portland Cement Co.'OvershotPomeroy Dredging Co.Prescott MinePrescott, JackScheelite Property (tungsten)(old information)Sheep Mountain ManganeseSpring GulchStephens ManganeseSummit Mining Co0 (gold) placerTungsten claim (tungsten)OperatorBAKER COUNTYHauck, JacobNisbet, George Ej sec,5T6SR7 (Quicksilver)Kiggins, D.E.& Bro.(q,uicksilver) sec,5 T6S R7EMinor, C. B.Addresscontinued)M. P. Gifford & John E. JohnsonRoute 1, Huntington, Ore.C J. Reusez, Mgr , Durkee, OreV. P. Engstroin& J. W. ForsterlingDurkee, Ore.Steven Goss,2l16 Valley Ave,,Baker,Ore.N.M,.Hallock Box 124, Durkee, Ore. tlSee Big Lode Mine, Lower Burnt River Dist. "HW. W. Gibbs Sumpter Ore.Frank L. & Ida M. Bowen, Baker, Ore.& placer C.E Worthington, Huntington, Ore.(limestone) Portland or Lime, Ore.Ed Morin, Adam Koib& Geo. Morin Baker, Ore.(old inThrmation) 317 Bd,of Trade Bldg. ,PortlandJohn Demas Baker, Ore.Matt Verhaage Lime, OreTwin Sisters (gold) Mr.& Mra.,Elrner Farney, Durkee, Ore.Weatherby BonanzaWestern Lime QuarriesUtah ClaimCincinnati Mining Co UnclassifiedCold Spring Property HCo-operativa Copper & Gold Mining Co. I,*Drennen, Jim (gold) placer Jim Drennen Bridgeport Ore, I,Gold Treasure HGould, J,, placer HHammersley HOregon Idaho Divestment Co. HRuth claimCIACKAMAS COUNTYGeorge Nisbet Estacada Ore.D0E0Kiggins Zatacada Ore.WeatherbyHHHHH'I4*Essex MineFuller, A , Geo Ingerson (gold.)Gibbs Property (gold)Gleason (gold) A.V.Lovejoy & Mrs. Dora aizer,Lime, Ore. 'IHRock Creek Claims (gold) T33S 1112W*Sa]Jnon Mtn.Mine (chroniite9gold) T323 1112W LT.3.Chrore IncThompson mine (copper9gold) T323 RiG&White Rock chrome*Bluebjrd Group (gold) sec 34 T323 Rl2' Starley FitzgeraldMcCorkle Placer, Cow Creek L.E.McCorkiePacific Coast M&R Co placerCOOS C OTJ11Y*Alpine Coal Co. sec.17-18 T28S 1113WBeaver Hill Coal Co soc 17 T275 R131Chiekaiiiin Mine sec 25 T263 1114WEagle Mine sec.28 T27S 1114Wttm gold placer)GeigTTh.33 T28S 1114WHenryville mine (coal) sec ? T26. l2/Iowa mine sec 33 T28 Rl4i (oia be p qccr)Libby mine (coal) sec 4 T265 Rl3Coal Co (coal) NE sec 9 T273 11l31 Go ,hdId & S..ociatebMarshfield,Pioneer Mine sec.28 T273 111411 (gold beach plerRiverton (same as Alpine Coal Mine)*Southport Coal Co. (coal) N sec.22 T26S 1113WPlanagan Marshfield, Ore.*Thomas mine (coal) sec.9 T37S 111311 Yh Thomas Coaledo, Ore.13. 3. Mining Co.*Western Consolidated Mining Co (n.d)sec.28 T27S 111411 E.l1.McKenzie Supt. Bullards, Ore.Copper King #1 (copper,gold,silver) 333 R12 I*Independence Mine (gold) sec l3-1423-24 T333 l2'1Frank J Fish Coquille, OreIron Mtn Mine (manganese) T333 1112W Lou orex & asso intes, Coquille, OreNicoll Group (gold) sec,23 T33S 111211 Hal Baxtar & associates, Coquille, Ore.Noble Metals Extraction Co (gold) set.. 33 T273 4iJ*Roberts Mine (gold) sec,26 T333 111211 Stanley Fitzgerald & associatesCoquilie, Ore.Powers, Ore.Coquille Ore.Glendale Ore.Bandon, Ore.Ore.CROOK COUNTYAmerican Almaden (quicksilver (see Quicksilver Consolidated Mining Co.)Blue Ridge (quicksilver) (see Oregon Cinnabar, Inc )Byram & Oscar (quicksilver) Ochoco Mires Cor , 1326 Vance BldgSeattle, Wash,Central Oregon Quicksilver Mines (quicksilver)Champion (quicksilver) n. J Chamnion Prineville, OreCram (quicksilver) (see 'uicicsi1ver Consol Mm CoDunham (quicksilver)Elkins, C W , claims (quicksilver)iloniestake Mercury Mines (quicksilver)*Horse Heaven Mines (quicksilver) Ashwood, OreIndependent Quicksilver Co (quicksilver)Johnson Creek Mercury Mines (quicksilver) Paulson & SaylorLittle Giant Prospect (gold, silver)Louther Prospect (quicksilver) Chas LoutherMaury Mtn Mine (quicksilver) Frank TownerjickenmCYer BrosMother Lode (quicksilver) (see Quicksilver Consol Mm CoO'Lynn, Brian (gold, silver)Ophir Mayflower (gold, silver)Oregon Cinnabar, Inc (quicksilver) 3703 Ferdinand St , Seattle, WashPaulson & Saylor (quicksilver) (Johnson Crc&r mine)Platner (quicksilver) Frank Platner Prineville, Ore.Coos Barft11NIron Mtn.Salmon Mtn.UnclassifiedNSTATE OF OREGON LIST OF MINES 9Location Operator Athiress DistrictW. T. Alpine Riverton Ore.So. PacifiC Co. San Francisco Cal.(beach gold placerSee Westorn Consolidated Mining Co.'IRock Creek'IIiH10 STATE OREGON LIST OF MINECURRY COUNTY.gness Group (ehrcmite) T35 R121Berry Prospect (iron) SEcor P363 RllW (abandoned)Bonanza King (copper,gold,silver) sec 3 "7/3 R12'N (abandoned)Bunker lull (copper,old,silvor) sec 2i T363 R124 (abandoned)Chromite Deposit P383 R121 (see Windy Valley Group chromite)Collier Cr Copper (copper,gold) P373 R12W (abandoned)Game Lake Group (obromite) T36S 1U2WGold Bar Mine (gold) sec 19 T343 R1IWIllahe Group (chromite) T343 R12WIndigo Claims P363 Rl1WIron Hill Group (manganese,Iron) P355 R12W& r e old) T363 R12W (abandoned)Manganese Occurrence manganese sec.lO T353 R12W (unclaimed)Night Hawk Prospect (gold) T353 RuMPacific National Group (gold) sec 5 T358 RuM Pacific Minerals IncMm. F. Hayden, Grants Pass OreDistrictOchoco$NI,$NN$$AgnesaN4,itaName of Mine Location, Oerator AddressCROOK ccgjN'ry(continued)quicksilver Consolidated Mining Co. (quicksilver) R F C., Washington, D.C.Red Bird Hill (c1uicksilver) -Round Mountain Prospect W. J. Westerling Prineville, Ore.Scissor Bill (gold,silver)"Staley & Barney Mine (quicksilver) C W Cramer Prineville, OreStaley & Towner (quicksilver) (see Maury Mtn mine)Street Property (gold, silver)Williamson-Hatfield claimsaesterling-Prospect (quicksilver) 'N Westerling Prineville, OrePine Flat Mine (oopper,gold,silver) T353 R121Signal Butte Group (chromite) 8.0.31 T363 R131Stear Property (gold) T353 RuMStevenson & Stear property (same as Stear property)Windy Valley Group T3'73 R12WBacon Group (gold) See Peck Mine ChetooBacon & Miller Group (gold) See Peck and Robert E MinesNBald Face (obrontite) SW sec 36 T403 Hill .4Black BeautyaChetco Chromite (chromite) sec3 P383 R12WNChetco Copper co'. r gold) secl P 85 R1OW thLr location)NEmi y . c gold sec.7- P403 R12W Mm F.Hayden ts Pass OreaEmily Group (gold) soc 8 T403 R12W Mark Wood Harbor, Ore.4,Empire Prospect sec.14 T38S R1OWHFlorence Prospect (zinc) sec 7 T4OS Rl21ii'razier property (gold) sec,26 T383 R1OW J.M.Frazier Seima, Oregon itd Basin old see. P S Hi" o.en toGolden Dream Placer (gold see .12 T383 RiOW Ed Barloeher Grants Pass Ore.Golden Eagle (gold) sec 24 T38S RlO'N Mrs.F 0.Mcclanahan Selma, OreGolden State sec 14 T385 R1C1 Ed. Barlocher, Box 54, Grants Pass, OreHiggins Mine (gold placer) sec.14 P383 R1OW Mrs Miller Medford., Ore*Hilltop Mine (gold)see.36 P383 R1O'ILacky Warden Prospect (molybdenum) sec.17 P403 R12WPeck Mine (gold) sec,23 T38S R1OW I.F.Peok Los Angeles, Calif.Robert E Mine (gold) sec 23 T383 RiOW U.S.GoverninentSourdough (chromite) S1j sec 36 P40W lUll E.H.Messenger Takilma, Ore*Stoflefoot placer (gold) sec.24 T383 R1OM C. Alverson Selma, Ore.Tebfoot mine (gold,placer) sec.23 T38S R1OW E.Tjlhite Solma, Ore.Yello# Jacket (gold) sec23 T383 RiOl R D.11eCartney Bandon, Ore.Axtell (gold) sec 8 T333 R14WYoung mine (gold) sec,33 P383 R1OW H D Young Mill Valley, Calif.Elk RiverNCliffside lode (gold) sec 8 P333 R14'N R.W,Curl Marshfield Ore.Moss Rose Group (gold) See AxtellIMarch l93 STATE OF OREGON - LIST OF MINES 11CURRY COUNTY (continued)*coflins Mine (beach placer) sec.12 T36S IU5V! S.O.Newhouse Wedderburn, Ore. Gold Beachzoo cean ::ac. no see. T343 214WTacers(gId,I1Tiuj) sec.18-19-30 T373 21371Carl Smedberg Gold Beach, Ore.Smedberg Beach Placer sec.l T37S R15W Carl Sxnedberg Gold Beach, Ore.3tar Group (gold) sec.31 T3S 213WButte Bar Placer (gold))Battle Bar Placer ) 300.17 T335 29WCardwell*Lucky Boy (gold) sec.3 T333 210W R. C. Martin Grants Pass, Ore.Mule Mtn. Group (gold) sec.17 T33S 210WParadise (gold) sec.34 T323 210WRed River Gold Mm. & Mill. Co. (gold) T33S 210WRogue River Mines (gold) sec.4 T338 210WWinkle Bar placer (gold) see. 18 T33S R9'tSee In1 JarrBlue Bell Placer T343 212W Se Ink & BarrBonanza Placer (gold) sec.4-3 T34S id2W MrTom Wallace Agness, Ore.Boulder Creek Mining co. See Ink & BarrGrizzly BearInk & Barr T343 212WIron Mtn. (gold) placer See Ink & Barracer go i.23-24 T34S 1113W Carl Smedberg Gold Beach, Ore.Nugget Bar See Ink & BarrOld Diggmns (gold) See Star MineStar Mine (gold) sec.25 T343 R13WBear Cat (gold) see.22 T32S R13W Ed Divilbiss Bandon, Ore.*Blanco or Madden (gold) placer (11.0 .Landreth,l02 N.Parrott ,Roseburg,Ore.seo.4 T32S 215W (Gates Coquille, Ore.*Butcber Hill quartz (gold) sec.20? T323 R13'il Thad Green Port Orford, Ore.Byers & Hollenbeck (gold) placer T32S 213W*Cpe Blanco Beach Placer (gold, platinum) T323 fli6WPacific Coast Mining & Refining Co.504 Rowan Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif.Clapshaw Manganese Prospect (manganese) Pearl S.Clapshaw 2.2 Box lO9300.35 T313 215W Oregon City, Ore.Corbin Property (gold) sec.8 T32S 21471Crawford & Fry (gold) T32S R13WDlvilbiss Property (see Sixes Miningco.)Fry (gold) See Crawford & FryGuerin (gold) placer seo.21 T328 1113WH. B. ClaimHarrison Claim (gold) sec.23 T323 213WHoflenbeck (see Byers & Hollenbeck)Hydro Sixes Mines Co.(gold) sec.12 T323 21471 C.E.Gable Port Orford, Ore.Little Otter Placer (gold) sec.7 T325 R1371 Ernest Divilbiss, Baridon, Ore.Madden (gold) placer See Blancoobinson C1aIiiT1d) placer See Smith & RobinsonRusty Gulch (gold) T32S R13W sec.23 Fred S. Mirishall Philomath, Ore.Siskiyou Gold MinesSixes Beach P2,acer (gold sec.27&34 T3l5 213WSixes Mining Co. (goId) T325 214WSmith' & Robinson (gold) placer sec.27 T323 212WSunrise Gold Mining Co.Wagner claim (gold) sec.20 T323 R13WWallace & Hadley Claims (gold placer) sec.22 T32S R13W Mr.Brow, Sixes P0, Ore.Way Claims sec.2l T323 213WWell Claims (gold) sec.2l T32S 213WMcCormick PlacerMeeks MineHI.I,Mule CreekII.HHHI.Ophir Mtn.HHHft'aa,HftSixet RiverHa,HH'aHHI.HHIIftHHIf1$Unclassified'IName of Mine Location Operator Address DistrictP.A.NicholsLouis ThomasonFrank NivinsonWard IngramHoward Pezinell241 J.H.JantzerFrank HaberlachMrs .M .A.Brown, BoxIL WagonerArthur Waggner.7&18 P313 R6WArt MarshMrs ePaul RoehiJim EvansH. L. ShauverC. P. EngelundFred 2. LubbeCoquille Ore.Drew, Ore.Tiller, Ore.Tiller, Ore.Tiller, Ore.Orient, Wash.Drew, Ore.Days Creek, Ore.Glendale, Ore.Tiller, Ord.Azalea, Ore.Clackamas, Ore.213, Gresham, Ore.Grants Pass, Ore.Grants Pass, Ore.Modford, Ore.Grants Pass, Ore.Brookway, OreRiddle, Ore.Dothan, Ore.Azalea, Ore.Nonpareil-BonanzaI,HHHNameot Mine Location Operator Address DistrictDE3CUT COUNTYOromite Corporation (diatoniite) Terrebonne, Ore.DOUGLP.S COUNTY*Bonanza Mine (quicksilver) eec 16 P253 24W HC Wilmot Sutherlin, OreCasteelElkhead Mine (quicksilver) sec 22 T23S 24WElkhead Mine (quicksilver) NE* sec 21 T233 24W A.G.Hovey,722 Lincoln St ,EugeneNonpareil (quicksilver) see 3&1O P255 24WOakhead MineOregon quicksilver Co.Banfield Mine (copper,gold,silver) sec 34 T313 R2'JSouth Umpqua Mining CoChieftain Mine (gold) sec.20 P295 231 Ernest E Ward, Gold Lode Mine,Talladego, AlaContinental Mine sec.20 P293 231 1Copper Butte Claim (copper) sec.9 T323 R2W Ed 14. ReniroDays Creek Chromite (chromite) see,22 T3OS 24WDrew Mine (quicksilver) see 13 P313 221 R I ThomasonFarmer & Pennell (eopper,gold,silver)sec 27 T3OS 22W Howard Pennell(see Pennell & larmer)Gold Cut (gold) sec.27 P303 R2?J Guy PennellGopher (quicksilver)sec.12 P293 211 Guy Pennellaud 3.Mine (quicksilver)sec.34 T29S 221*Mother Lode Mine (quicksilver)sec.21 T323 221ivinson Prospect (quicksilver)sec.1 P325 R21Oregon Mining & Power Co. (gold)sec.28 T323 R'7WPennell & Farmer (copper,gold,silver)sec 27 P303 221Pilanz Prospect (quicksilver)sec 35 P293 22W J L Polianz Tiller, OreRed Cloud (quicksilver) sec 16 T32S R2W R I Thomason Drew, Ore.Rowley Group (eopper,gold) See Umpqua Copper Co.sec 4&9 T323 22W Edith L Miller,114 3 Grape,Medtord,Oretlmpqua Copper Co. See Rowley GroupUnion Leader Mining Co , sec 36 T323 R5WUmpqua Zinc Mining CoZinc Mine (zinc,lead,gold,silver) sec.23 T293 211Green Mtn (Gold) sec 27 P343 R4W Prank Jantzer Azalea, OreHogum Hydraulic Mine (gold)sec 21,28&33,T32SHydraulic Mines Deve].Co. (gold)sec.21 P323 241Mildred Mine (gold) sec.33 P323 R41Puzzler Mine (gold) sec.33 T32S 4WSt arveoutWhite Star Mine (gold) sec.19 T33S 241Beaver Springs (gold, silver, copper) secDouglas Mine (gold) sec.27 T32S R7W*Evans & Long Placer claims (gold)see 26&27 T293 27W'Huckleberry mine (gold) sec07 P315 251Humming Bird Placer W sec.19 P323 R'71Lubbe Placer sec.20 P323 24WMeutze]. placer (gold) sec,20-.21-28-29 T293 271 Otto Meutzel, Brockway, Ore.$HI,NaNNNI,Green Mtn.aHHHNHRiddleHHaHAaHDrewI,'ISilver Peak (copper,gold,sj].ver)seo.26 T313 R6W J.E .ReevesMr RLiley,173OSee Silver PeakSilver Peak Mining Co.Umpqua Consolidated Mining Co0 sec,23 T313 RGWVictory Placer Mine see.33 T323 R'7W Walker Purvine,BoxWare Placer (gold) sec.28-29,T293 R'7W Mrs.J. LI. ?lareWest Fork (gold) sec. 1 T328 R8W So. Pacific R.R.Willis (gold) sec.9 T33S R6W Adeline Willis,1984Fisher placer (gold) SW sec.22 T295 R7 1i FisherHigh Bar placer (gold) S sec 27 T29S R7W 0 A OhisenKerninLast Chance Sulphur (sulphur)sec.lO T29S R3EMorrison Mining Co. Glendale,OreUmpqua Coal Co0DOUGLAS COUNTY (continued)Nickel Mtn (nickel) (also known as Oregon Nickel liinejsec 17 T303 R6W Ceo S lzereditn,ox4l7, Oakland,A Mars Oakland,Olalla Placer Mine (gold) sec 21,28,29,32 T293 R70JII Q Bellows,864 Military t ,RosebLrgOregon Nickel Mining Co. (see Nickel Mtn*Oro Grand Placer (gold) sec 8 T30.. R7J V C Howe Drockway, Ore*Ratcliff & Randel]. placer claims (gold)5 of sec.27 T292 R77 Dave Stewart, Brockway, Ore.m Reynolds & Bell Placer Mine (gold)sec.28 T29S Th7W C. Harding Newberg, Ore.Sanford Placer Mine Co. (gold) T315 R9WSchafer Placer (gold) NE* sec 28 T29S R71 Lou4s .3chafer Medford, Ore*Shaw & Degner Placer claims (gold) NE sac 27 T293 R'MJohn Shaw Brockway, Ore.Hilisboro, Ore.SE.Poplar ,Portland Or.143, Glendale, Ore.Brockway, Ore0NW Marshall,Portland.Brockway, Ore. UnclassifiedBrockway, Ore. I,GRANT COUNTY*Blank, Tack (gold) placer Leased to Roba Bros., Lawrence Roba, Gen.Mgr.Canyon City, Ore. Canyon*Bocktell & Hall placer (gold) C.W.Hall Pres,, '1. C. Becktell Mine Mgr.Canyon City, Ore.Canyon Creek Placer (gold) Pres.V.C,Coe;sec,.-treas, F.C.Hill,2335 NE 48th Ave.Portland Ore.Canyon Mtn Mining Co (gold) Pros Tackson Chambers, sec -treas F S Slater,both of Canyon City,Ore.Clebrat ion (chromite)Chambers (chromite)*Ferris & Marchbank Placer (gold, J.H.Ferris & J I.Marchbank, Daly City, CalifGreat Northern mine (gold Oregon Utah Mining CoHaoheney4ohnson (quicksilver), H J.Johnson & r C Ilacheney, Mt Vernon, OreHaggard & New (chromite)*Halght clai'ns (gold) Clint Haight, Sr , Canyon City, OreHannonkrat's (chroinite)Howard (chromit e)Iron King (chromite)3ohn Day Placers (see Becktell & Hall)Kingsley (chromite)Last Chance (placer) See St Marie PlacersMarks & Thompson (chromite)*Miller Mtn Mine (gold)Morgan (chromite)Norway (ehromite)Prairie Diggings (gold)Present Need (chromite)G.E..Lovell Canyon City, Ore.Cal. RiddleCal.I,ftName of Mine Location or Address DistrictMarch 1939 STATE OF OREGON - LIST OF Mfl 13tftI,fta'a,Frank Snider Hood River, Ore. ftW. H. Peters Supt. Leland, Ore. I,Hft11* Gulch Mining Co0 (placer)Ray (chromite)*St.Marje Placers (gold)*Tracy Placer (gold)1estern Dredging Co.(gold) placerWard (chromite)Mollie Gibson Gold Mining & Milling Co0Moon Anchor Mines Co0 (gold,silver)Mike Zenger, Pres.,*Roba Bros (gold)Chloride (gold)Hoppner Mining Co.(Dan Stalter) (gold)'Kreiger placerPsyche (Windsor) (gold & platinum)Vincent Cr.Gold & Copper Co.(copper &*Vincent Creek Placers (placer)Windsor (gold and platinum)Rock Bar PlacerAjax (gold)Black JackKern (placer)Kiondyke (placer)La. Belleview (gold) sec.8 T83 R36EMagnolia (gold) SW* sec 015 T83 R35EMonumental (gold)Monarch Gold Dredging Co.Mew York (gold) NE sec,27 T85 R35E*North Fork (placer)seo.10,S sec.l1Cable Covecar COtThTTY (continued)NW sec,27 T8S R35E J.TJ. O'DairLC.St.Marie & Bessie StJ.iarioCanyon City, OreTracy Canyon City, OreWestern Dredging Co0Pres Sanford Lowengart,650-5th StBan Francisco CalSec -trees C StyskelDredge Supt. G.A.Weldon, John Day Ore0Mollie Gibson Gold Mm. & Mill. Co.T V Williams Pros ,New Castle, Penna.Moon Anchor Mines Co ,324 Henry BldgPortland Ore0I,ba Bros. Box 181 Canyon City, Ore.Jas.Wllliams Pres.; C.HOSChU1Z Sec.both of Tillamook, Ore.John KreigerVan . Hallberg Baker Ore,gold) Burton Miller, Prea.; 1mer Stewart,sec.,-treas., Austin, Ore,John Reiner & Lee Cantwell,Austin,Ore.See PsycheGranite, Ore.*Biacel1 Placer Center of S sec.8 T.V.Arnreiter, 203 Title & Trust B1dg.T85 R35E Portland, Ore.Blue Bird (gold) Pat Qlenn,Henry Cavin, Granite, Ore.Blue Bucket Mining Co (gold) Leon Starmount 526 Hutton Bldg , Presec.7-8&l8 T85 R35 Spokane, Wash.*B1ue Mtn Dredging Co. (placer) Robt R Porter Pros , Helena, MontBlue Ribbon (Cold, silver) NW soc.l4 Clair Tarditf, 409 W. Alta StT8s R35E Pendleton, OrBoulder Creek (placer) Jose lliott Baker, OreB. 0. Austin Granite, OreBuffalo-Monitor (gold,silver) Gibson GoU Mm Co.SV1 sec,14 T83 R33E*Bull Run Mining Co (placer)Camp Creek Claims (gold) sec.6 T73 R33E CJ.Colcord & Albert Henderson'Dale,Ore.Cap Martin Claims (gold) Albert Gilliam Granite, Ore.Cougar-Independence Group (gold) Beverly T. lagrig Granite, Ore,3W sec.29 T85 R35EDelolfe, C. A. (placer) C A. Deo1fe*French Diggings (placer) H. E, Curreyseo.20&29 T'7S R36EGibson Mining Co. Mine & Mill R. G. )midon Granite, Ore.Golden Bug Mine Win, Doye Sumpter, Ore.*G.rlff 0th Placer secs.16-17 T9S R36E W6J.& Nancy Ryder Sumpter, Ore..Independence-Cougar Mine B. T. legrig Granite, Ore.Baker, Ore.$W. Karp & othersH. E0 Currey Baker, Ore.David Keith & J TQBamberger,Salt Lake,UtahBoyce & R.B.McGinnlsW W.Blackwell,J.B,Kissell ,Sunipter,Ore) Noon Pres. & Gen.Mgr ,Baker,Ore.Albert Anderson & F..Ajlanoock,Granite,OreM,R.Sentor,SE 9th & Main Ste ,Portland Or,N sec,14 T75 R3EChina DiggingsGraniteName of Mine Location ODerat or Address DistrictC .L.Roddick Canyon City, Ore. Canyon14 STA OF OREGON - LIST OF MINES March 1939wMarch 1939GRANT COUNTY (continued)North Pork Mine (Klopp placers) sec.32&33 T7S R351EOregon Gulch placer SW sec.15 T83 R34E Fred C. & Reba E, Peterson*Orjental Placer N & W sec.lO T'73 R333 Walter Allison tJkiah Ore.Pride of Oregon (gold) sec,lO T93 R35E Fred Smith, Pat Glenn, Granite, Ore.Quebec (gold) sec. 27 T93 R35 Roy M. Evans Granite OresRed Boy (gold) Red Boy Mining & Dev.Co,Arthur F.iinter Pres. 623 N.Bth St.Sheboygan, isc.H.D., ILL., & LReynolds, tJkiah, Ore.ft1l Curtis & A.E.IIaynes,Pendieton,Ore.fleynolds (placer) sec.9 T6S R33E,Rock Bar (placer) M sec 7 T75 R332Ruby Creek (gold) N sec,,22 T9S R35E Roy L Evans Granite OreSterling (gold) G T Lewis i 1 Stevens, Portland, Ore*TiUicum (gold) Center of NI sec.23 T9S R352 Vernon att, Tacoma, Wash.Johr luicop, operator, Sumpter, OreUncle Sam (gold) on Mt Ireland between Ibei and Monumental mineswestern Gold Corp (placer) sec 1-2 T93 23 Acison, Pre ,Box 2120 Boise Idaho "Abel mine GreenhornAlamo claim*Aurum Gold Mining Co (Rabbit mine)Banner (gold)Banzette (gold)l3elcher (gold)Ben Harrison (gold)Big Johnny (gold,silver)Bi-'etal1ic (gold-silver)Black Jack (gold)Campbell (chromite)Campbell Oregon Mining Co (Ben HarrisonSee Cracker Creek Gold Mining Co (Baker county, CrackerCarbonate Group (gold) Er & Mrs Sari NighCarsor, Kit (See Kit Carson)Combs (chromite)DiademDodo (gold)Don Juan (gold)Double Eagle (gold)Dream Chrome claim (chrOmite)Eccentric (gold)Gold Bullion (gold)Gold Coin (gold)*GoJden Eagle (gold)Golden Gate (gold)Halberg, Van E.Hidden TreasureHindinan placersHumboldt (gold)*Thtermountain (gold)Intrinsic (gold, silver)IXL (Hidden Treasure) (gold)Jay GouldJune BugIceystone -BelleKing Tut Group (gold)STATE OF OREGON - LIST OF MINES 15Bennett JamesPres.l125 Failing Bldg.Paul C.King,sec.-treas. do Portland Or.Mrs. . . Earhart Vthitney Ore,See Campbell-Oregon7. C. Fellows Baker Ore.M. C. Carson Thitney Ore.Mrs. . T. Sheady Baker Ore.Bourne Ore.Creek district)')ihitney Ore.J.3.Fjsh Pres.; T...T.Seufert Sec.;J.C.ilostetler Treas.; all The Dalles Ore.Claude Scrivener Granite Ore.Mrs.T.JSheedy,C1aronce Merritt, SueMerritt illis Walk; all Baker, Ore,J.SFish .Pres.; J.C.Hostotler,sec.-treas.;The Dallas, Ore.M.F.Douce Pres.; John F Lust Treas.;both 145k S.Hain St.,Marion,OhioSee PsycheSee IXLJohn Kernan Est,, Portland, Ore.C.V. & W.C.Gardner Whitney Ore.See Bi-metallicFred T.Kelly Pres.; N.d.Kelly, Sec.;Baker, Ore.Mr. -- Grear Whitney Ore.(W.LLRakestraw,Tohn Bradburn,F.T.Hughes( Pendleton, Ore,(Pat & Hattie Glenn Granite, Ore, ftName of Mine Location Operator Address DistrictGraniteI,'II,HHN'IHNI,ft'I'I'SV.NVIKissell (gold)Kit Carson (gold,silver)Listen LalceLittle Giant (gold)Lone Pine (gold)*Lucky Strike (gold)Morning (gold)orris (gold, silver)Mountain ConsolidatedMuscatine (gold)Nevin claimNew York placer (gold)Olive Butte (Big Elk) (gold)Olive Creek Mining Co. (placer)OrdwayOrnament (gold,silver)O'Rouick Prospect*Qwl (and Red Bird) (gold)Pioenix (gold)Pine Tree GroupPioneer (gold)Porterville Placer (gold)PotOs iPsyche (platinum, gold)Pyx (gold)*Rabbit (see Aurum Mines)*Red Bird (see Aurum Mines)Richardson ClaimsRichmondRoberts, Frank (placer)Royal White (gold)Ruby Group (silver,gold)SavageScandia TunnelSpero Claim3t AnthonyStevenson Mining Co.StraeburgVai' Anda*Vncent Creek Placer*Vinegar Creok PlacerVirginia (gold)Wet Side (gold)Windsor (see Psyche)White ElephantWilsonYellowstoneMack (manganese)Tempest (gold ,sllver)e1ocated bYoung (placers)(gold)(gold)Mrs .M.iLThornburg,Granite; A.K.Glenn,Granite, W A lilian, Granite, Ore1I.E.Shesely, Granite, LesseeFrank Roberts Whitney, Ore.I 1 Gardner,lesaee Whitney, OreJohn Reinier & Lee Cantwe1l,Aistin,Ore,John Kreiger Canyon City, Ore.See Owl MineMr.-- Baird Yamhill, Ore.IC.Mack Canyon City, Ore. Murderers CreekFlorence N. Doty Denver New EldoradoOtto SimonsH B..Murpby,pres ,302 Lumborniens BldgGeo E.Murphy, vice-pros , PortlandD 2 Gilfillan, sea .treasMarch 1939H9GIWT COUNTY (continued)W.LBlackwell,J.B,Kissell et alall of Bumpter, Ore, GreenhornVan E. Halberg Baker, Ore. I,ftJudge Norbourne Berkeley ,Pondleton, Ore.Win. W. Gardner Whitney, Ore. HJudge Norbourne Berkeley,685 Court St.,Pendleton, Ore. ftT.M.Tobin,Pres. 9332 S.Chicago Ave., Chicago;S.A.Tobin,sec.; E.M.Tobin, treas.H.H.Stephenson,Pres. ;Bertha E.Martin,see.;Sadie A Stephenson,treas ,215 N 24th AvePortland, Ore. 1James T. Mael Dale, Ore. ft. Potty Whitney, Ore. I,HE.B.Reod,pres, Edwin H.Saxe,3eo.-troas;Austin, OreA. D. Penrod Baker, Ore. IfHVan 2. Halberg Whitney, Ore, HHII16 STATE OF OREGON - LIST OF MiNESName of Mine Location Operator Address DistrictName of Mine LocationCinnabar Claim (quioksilv-er)Oregon Asbestos Mine (asbestos)Silver's Chromite (chromite)Andrew Jackson (gold)Black Prince (gold)*B1ann Mill (Haley)Boulder (gold)Buck Gulch (gold)Colorado (gold)Comini Quarries (granite)Copper Mountain (copper)Copperpolis (copper)Cougar (Minty) goldD.xie Creek (placers)Dixie Meadows (gold)Dixie ueen (gold)Dunn (gold)Equity (uartzburg Mining Co.(gold)Fitzsirnmons (gold)Forrester (gold)*Haley (gold)Howell & Haight (gold)Keystone (gold)Klondike (gold)Last Chance (gold)Ophir (gold)Paul Tote (gold)Present Need (gold)Standard (cobalt & copper*Yankee Boy (gold)Badger (gold)Belle of the Hills (gold)Blackhawk (gold)Buck Gulch (placer)Bull of the Woods (gold)Compton (gold)Chatanooga (gold)Daisy (gold)Gem (gold)Gold Bug (gold)Hoinestako (gold)Mocking Bird (gold)Nelson (gold)North Gem (gold)Ophir (gold)Poorman (gold)Princess (gold)RescueSide Issue (gold)Simeox (gold)STATE OF ORE(iON - LISTControlledMt .VernonJoseph oernd1e, pres ;E.Sturchler,sec.;Otto Berg treas.; 201 Ztock Exch.Bldg.Portland, Ore.Mark Carmichael & Ie1bert SchoenthalWilliam wailing Prairie City, Ore.Mineral Resource Co.,i'rairie City,re.L.V.Blankmn pres, gen.rsec-tres.;David IL !oherts Prairie City, Ore.Arthur E. CBrien Prairie City, Ore.See EctultyOregon Monumental Co. ,Sutheriand & BentleyPrairie City, Ore.Copper Mountain Mining Co. 1*UA. . Ward Prairie City, Ore.Ltntie L Do1psec. ,1226 3.Cedar,3pokane, 'IEngland HUJiard Prairie City Ore. 'IG.H.Kightforeman, Discon Min.Co.Prairie City, Ore, I,Charles Bartlett Canyon City, Ore.See Yankee Boy $R.C.ReeseFrank Corncll9C.S.Ross, B,H.Tureman,Luis Comini,aii of Prairie City UMrs. Durkharnnier Salem, Ore. UUtah-Oregon Gold Min,Co. % A.LardPrairie City Ore.J.E.Haley & FradfordPrairie City,Ore.;Ida & Robert Odell, Kiamath Falls Ore.;leased to L.V,Blanknian,iIarold Johnson I,Howell & Haight Prairie City, Ore,, UE.J.Powell & Ward wel1,Prairie City,Ore.A.W.Wark Prairie City, Ore.G. H. Kight Prairie City, Ore. ULeased to B,A.Hanks Prairie City, Ore. UW. Ward Prairie City, Ore.Leased to d Gjfford Uby Mercantile Commerce Natl.Bank,St,Louis,Mo.Jos.A.T.IcCarthy, TrusteeBurton Miller Prairie City, Ore0J.E,Lewic & Ernest Wjlson USusanvilie Mines Co. SusanviileNorman Johnson Susanville, OreSusanville iines Co.Susanville, OreGeorge ArmstrongSusanville Mines Co .Susanville , OreF. Hurt Susanville, Ore.B. F. Hurt Susanville, Ore.Gem Mining Cc. leased to Spokane Co.B. F. hurt In chargeLeavy & Duristan Susanville, Ore.Controlled by Susanville Mines CO.Guy Nelson Busanville, Ore.See GemRobert Dougherty Susanville, Ore,LL,Merritt,pres.treas. ;M.C.Conzelman seCharles Ray Susanville, Ore,Mrs,Gertie O'Rourke Susanville, Ore.17HAddress DistrictUQuar zburgft18 STATE OF OREGON - LIST OF MINES March 1939Name of Mine LocationSkyscraper (gold)South Gem (gold)Stockton (gold)Thompson (gold)'Tiimus Gold Dredging Co. (placer)Reynolds PlacerAshdownBullion Quartz MinePuebloReid & RiddellRosevalley Borax Co.Trout Creek Mining & Milling CNew Deal ClaimsQueenHARNEY COUNTYPueblo Mining Co., Tas.D.BurnsCondon, Ore.jACON CIJNTYDistrictHarneyNAshlandNAshland Coal mine (coal see.? T395 R2EAshland Granite Quarries Inc., sec .36 T395 R1E LL,Applegate, Ashland, Ore.*Ashland Mine (gold) sec 7 T39S ItIE P B Wickham Ashland, OreBarron Mine (gold) sec 23 T395 R2E Mrs LH,.L.ydiard,l6 Geneva St ,MedfordBoeson Coal Mine (coal) sec 16 T383 RIEBlack BearBuck Point (gold) sec 26 T395 R2E H Eerby Talen, OreBule. Mine (gold) see 28 T39S RIE Smith Brothers Ashland, OreBurdick Mine (gold) see 13 T392 R.l'kClimax Area (gold) sec 6 T385 R2EColumbine (gold) sec 14 T395 RhCrackerjack (gold) sec 14 T39S R1WCrater Coal Co (coal) W sec 36 T37S RiM W M.Awbrey,Gebauer Apte ,Medford,Ore,Forty-nine Diggings (gold) placer sec 31 T383 alEGrowler (gold) NE sec 13 T395 B1W,E S.Xeit1 Talen, OreHumdinger (gold) T399 RiMLamb (gold) See Bula mineLittle Pittsburgh (gold) sec,13 T398 RiwMattern (gold), sec.l2 T398 R1WMundy (gold) sec 17 T38S RiMOregon Montana Mining,Milhing & Manufacturing Cosec 4 T405 RiM H S Gray,1504 Public Service Bdg ,Portland "Pilgrim claim (gold)seo 14 T393 RIMQueen Mary (gold) NE sec 27 T39S RiM, F S Faines,9 Granite St ,Ashland,OreReeder Mine (gold) sec 20 P395 R1ERoxy Ann Coal Co (coal) See Barron mineRuth (gold) sec 13 T395 RiMShorty Hope Mining & Milling Co (gold) See Shorty Hope mineShorty Hope Mine (gold) sec 12 P395 R1W,P B.Wickham Ashland, OreSnapshot Claim (gold) sec 23 P393 ElIStar Gold Mining Co (gold) T3S RIMTaler Coal Co (coa)) see 16 P383 alECoal CO (coal) See Crater Coal Co.NSusanvilleSee Gem'INThompson Mining Co. ,controlled byC.A.Thompson NC H Tinmw Pres Galena, OreA.LJandhOlm,SeC.,l1Ol Terminal Sales Mg.Portland, L L Dul3ois, Treas NtJuc lass if iedOperator AddressGRANT COUNTY (continued)frName of' Mine Location Address Djst r ictMarch 1939 STATE OF Ofl' LI3T OF MINES 19JA1ON C0LT (continued)*AJ. Sarena mine (gold) see 20,21&29 T33.$ 112E I' P Dra1d,Rogue Elk,Trail,Ore Elk CreekBuzzard (see Al Sarena mine) I,bicy Jack Mining Co (coe A r'na mire) Har1 Mining Co (see Al $o.rona mine) HAlice Group (gold) Also known as Revenue Pocket or Pohtan Pocketsec.l1 T37S R3?J Gold Ray Reclty Co. ,Medford Bldg. ,MedfordFrank s, uJ3 E iain St ,Ledford,Ore GoArgonaut Mine (gold) sec 36 T345 R4W 1r. 3 Deali Rogue River OreAsh ProspectBailey Property sec 12 T373 R3W rnoj &, Gold nih OreBertha Claim (gold) SE sec 12 T3'73 R4vJBi Chief (gold) SE see 19 T365 R4Y ( Grant Pass, OreBig Buck or Hicks Claim (gold) sea 1 .37SBill Nye Mine (gold) sec.,4 T37S R3WBirdseye (gold) HBlack Channel Mine (gold) placer see T65Black Channel Placer (gold) see 12 37S 4T U I Neuor Medford Ore HBlanche or May Belle (gold) sec0 24 T365 R3Blossom (gold) sec 19 T35S R3'/I I R Van De Bogart Gold Hill, OreBonita 'IBowden Claim (gold) sec 30 T36S R2V*aden Extension (gold) SB sec.27 T365 231Jennirgs & Tayior Gold Hill, Ore HBraden Mine (gold) S sec 27 T36S R3 Gold Pal RealtI Co Medford Bldg ,Medford "Bristol Limestone Deposit (limestone) F I Brisi. Grants Pass, OreNW1 sec 6 T375 R3faJ*Bristol Silica Mine (silica) SE sec 30 TTh$ 3'JF.I.Bristoi235 MH St.Grants Pass Ore "BrittonBuena Vista Mine*Bull of the Woods (gold) J.A,Cleinent Gold 11111, Ore.NE* sec 15 T36S R3*llrrog Mine (gold) placer sec022 T363 R4W E A Lewis,Rt 4 Box 370 Medford Ore H*c.R.C.placer sec0l3 T373 R4W C.R.C.Co0lnc.710 Pittock Blk.Portland Or.Capitol Hill Mine (gold) see.,9 T36S R4WCarbonate (gold) sec,17 T353 R3W Charles Warren Grants Pass Ore.Cart inell Mine (gold) sec 9 T363 R4W HCascade View (gold) sec35 T353 R3W Ben Baker, Route 1, Grants Pass, Ore. HCattons (gold) SW sec02l TY73 R4W See Costar & Cattons HChishoim (quicksilver) sec l72O T343 R2 Jon Chisl'olm Gold Hill, Ore IfCook (gold) S see 13 T375 R4W HCopper King Mine (copper,gold,silver) sec 30 T35 PtILiarshal agEner Grants Pass, Ore*corporal G Mine (gold) sec 19 T35S R31 George Tuiare Gold 'Liii, OreCoster & Cattons (gold) SW sec 21 T37b R4WDave Force mine sec 20 T343 R21 Gao Sc'um'cher Beagle, Ore H(quicksilver)Davis ladge sec13 T373 R3W Mrs.W.H0Lydiard,16 Geneva St.,Medford,Or. HDixie Queen (gold) NW see,18 T37S R3W HDunromin (gold) SW sec 36 T369 R2V Ed Law, Route 1, Central Ibirt, OreEagle (gold) seo.25 T363 RHEnterprise Mine (gold) I sec 16 363 R4 Gold ?ar Realty Co ,Medford Bdg ?Medford'Fairview (gold) NW see 5 T37b hFirst Hope (gold) sec 24 T365 R3 See Blan'1e mine HFlying Squirrel (gold) sec 7 T333 R4J Earl N Grizzoll Grants Pass, OreGalls Creek Placer sec04 T373 R31i Viigil Leslie Box 996 OreHGold Hill placer (gold) sec,36 T363 R3WGold Hill Pocket (gold) SW oNE sec 14 T36S R3'1Gold Note (gold). sec.27 T333 R4GoJd Ridge (gold) NE eec' 3 T3'73 R37Gold Hilla,20 STATEF OREGON LIST OF MIN March 1.939Name of Mine Location Oei'ator Address DistrictZAC0N COtYTY (continued)Gray Eagle mine (gold) S2?. sec 29 P353 R31 See Lone Eagle mineHancock Claims (gold) sec,9 P373 R4W B.J.Hancook, 501 D Street, Grants Pass(see North Star)Harth & Ryan (gold) sec 33 P363 R4WHazel mine (gold) sec 27 P343 R4W Mrs Eva Hodes Gold Hill, OreRicks claim (gold) sec. 1 P378 R4W See Big BuckHighland Claim (gold) SW* sec,22 T373 R4Hogan Placer (gold) sec.28 T72S R4W LN.Hogan 214 E Main St ,Medford,OreHomostake (gold) I%W* sec,l6 P365 R4WHughes Group (limestone)seo.2? P378 R3W 3 . Lively Gold Hill, Ore0*34 ClaIm (gold) NE sec.25 P363 R4W C S Palmer Medtord, OreZohnson Placer (gold) sec.15 T343 R4W A N 3ohnson Rte 1 Rogue River OreKubli mine (gold) NW sec 5 P373 R3W K,K.Kubli,Bd of Trade Bldg ,Portland,OreLast Chance Group (formerly Mosser placer)sec.11&15 P338 R4W $,Arthur Zastburn Rogue River Ore.Last Chance (gold) soc.l7 P338 R4W Arthur Waggner Grants Pass Ore.Last Chance (gold) sec 33 T368 R3WLast Chance mine sec.2 T36S R3 George Lowd Grants Pass Ore.Liken's Prospect (gold) sec026 T36S R4WLillie Group sec 33 P368 R4W A C Bell Gold Hill, Ore.Lone Eagle (gold) SE sec.29 T35S R3W T. Breeding Rogue River, Ore*Lone Star placer (gold) seo.1O T348 R4W H,B,Soott Rogue River, Ore.Lost Cabin*c]cy Bart Group (gold) seo.29-30 P358 R3W Mrs HH.eeman 4115 3E Francis St.Portland, Ore0Luckytovell (gold) sec,28 P333 R4WMaple Gulch (gold) see.27 P348 R3W C. M. Warren Grants Pass Ore.May Belle (gold) sec.24 T36s R3W See Blanche mineMeLemore & Hampson's claims (gold) sec.7 T37S R31MoMahon's claims (gold) NW* of SW see.6 P373 R3W*McPjmmons (gold) sec.19 P335 R41 H.M.McTimmons Grants Pass Ore.Millionaire (gold) 3W sec.30 P363 R2Wineral Mines Inc sec 8 P348 R2W Operating War Eagle (quicksilver)Mosser Placer (gold) sec.lO-ll P338 R4W S.Arthur Eastburn xogue River, Ore.Mountain King (uioksilver) sec.26 P343 R3W*Mountajn View (gold) (old Copper King Mine)sec,17 P343 R4E 0 HJagberg & H LIaIpple Grants Pass Ore*Neathamer Placer (gold) sec0 20 P348 R4W M ANeathamer .toute 1 Rogue River Ore.Nellie Vtright Mine SW sec.24 P363 fl3W H B.Chessher Gazette Bldg Reno NevNorth Star (gold) 800.9 T373 R4W D J,Hancoek 501 D St Grants Pass Ore.Oregon Pulp & Paper Co.(limestone) quarry Oregon Pulp & Paper Co.R3W S of NE sec 2 T37S Oregonian Bldg. Portland Ore.*?leasant Cr Lining Co. Operating Pleasant Creek Placer*pleasant Creek Placer (gold) sec 2122-.27&28 T343 R4WPleasant Cr Mining Corp. ,Medtord Bldg0 ,Medford ,OrePerkeypile Mine (gold) 3 sec.3 P373 R3W Ben Paul Gold Hill, Ore.Poole ProspectPorcupine placer (gold) aec022 T343 .4W Ii.13.Scott Rogue River, OreRed ChiefRed Fern (gold) secl'7 P365 fl4W .7 W Moody Rogue River, Ore.Red Oak Mine (gold) P363 R3W Sardine (,reekReed Mine (gold) sec.l P353 R3W Mrs . B Dean Rogue River, Ore,Revenue Pocket (gold) sac,11 T373 R3 See Alice GroupRogers PropertyRogue River Gold Mining Co D H.Ferry Mgr Rogue River, Ore.Rose Placer (gold) W sec.13 P363 R4W 3ohn Rose Route 1 GOld Hill OreRoxane GroupRyan (gold) sec 23 T363 R4W See llarth & RyanSchaffer claim (gold) sec 24 P363 R3VSchmidt mine (gold) 1M sec 5 P373 R3W Gold Ray Realty Co Medford Bldg.MedfordSeventythree Cinnabar Group (quck3ver) so 1 P353 23I2P!2ZONCSmuggler Mine (gold) sec 2 T36S R3WEd yattU1 Hisir.siliCa) sec2 T353 R4 H,W3parkS--*Sprague placer (gold) ec 6 T373 R2. Tori Wi1l1erSSwackel Flat (gold) NE* sec 12 T3'75R4tSykes Creek Ihning Co (gold) sec 1 T353 1?.4J*Sylvanite (gold) sec.2 T365 R3W Sam KuikmaflGold 11111, Ore.*Teikamp placer (gold) SEI sec 21 T345R4J i c eLkamp,R.' l,RogUe Rjver,Ore*Tjnpan (gold) ffI see .31 '2365 R3W GJ NicholsGrants Pass OreTrustbuster (gold) sec36 T35S R3WUnited Copper Co (copper, gold)See Copper King riieUtah uiclver Coar Zagle (quicksilver) sec08 T34S R2Lneia1 Mines Inc 772 De.ter Horton BldgSeattle, Wash.ItH'IWhite Horse MiningCo.(gold) see. 3 T36S R3W defunct)Whitney mine (gold) NE of SIsec l T3 t3( E ReamsEagle Point placer (gold) sec,32 T343 R4M.hi:LtamS ioutO 1 Rogue River Ore.Alaska of Oregon see ll&l4 T38Slri C Skyrman,MedrordBldg ,Medford OreBishop Sturtevant (dredge)California Oregon Dredge COCascade Coal Co. (coal) sec.3 T373 RiDavis placer (gold) sec 6 T38S R3W(see Spaulding mine Upper ApplegateGold Standard (gold) sec 25 T373 R3!IGreen mine (gold) sec 4 T385 R3WHanson Coal CO (coal) sec,33 T3'7S R2tZack5onVille Mining & Milling Co (gold) 5sec 253acksonville Placer (gold) sec 32 T375 R2' CitizensNorling (gold) sec.26 T373 R3itp mine (gold) sec.36 T3'75 R3W_tb placer (gold) SE sec 32 T375B2#Pleasant Creek Min,CO. (dredging*3nyside Coal Mine (coal) sec 36 T3'73Town (gold) sec 25 T375 R3WYellow King (gold) Sec 26 '2375 R3QexmnellGrand Cove Area (gold) sec 32 T355 R2EHome stakeNewtrom (manganese)Nicholas GSSierra Metals CoStar "F"Tyrroll (manganese)Vestal (manganese)ftorthOUght (gold) sec 27 T38S R4TAlaska of Oregon (placer) goldAntimony Property (aurirerous stibnito)*Aurora Placer (gold) sec.13 T395 R3W(see Federal)B&II Company (gold) operating SturgisplacerBig Four (gold) (same as Carberry)SOC c,20 T403 41Brantner (gold) sec 25 T383 R4.V(Carborry (gold) See Liano do Oro sec 20Cloudy Day (gold) sec 16 T403R4WCrilUns claim (gold) sec.35 '2403 R2W-Group,SeC.lO T37S R4WMrs . Day .tSdistrict)See Davis placerL,A.0beflchaifl13. M. BushGold Hill, Ore.Rogue River, Ore.Central Point Ore.Jacksonville Ore.mineCoal Co.J. . OppJacksonville, Ore.Gold Ray RealtyCo.Medford Bidg.Medford. E. 1ostRIW See CraterLake Creek,Ore.Independence,D. J. CollinsNE sec.35 T403 R4?F.L.Smith,3ta Route 5ackSOflVill0 OreSid Brown,504 S.Holly St.Medford Ore.D,H,Mansfield 'ii11iamS, Ore.T4OS R4W Bid Brown, 504 S,Holly St.Medford, Ore,J.LTyson,Star Route JackSoflVille Ore.Albert Col1itisStar Route 'T.(hMcKenflY 514 Ishaifl St,Grants Pass Ore.B,Dra;er - Grants Pass Ore.Ed Hawkins Applegate Orecrystal priiZO T375 R410 f"o1di sec.,Draper Homesa34 '2383 R4W(gold) placer seci3ELSrnithtar Route Jacksonville Qre1t.JacksoflvilleI.I,ItI.HI.'I.5ItUpper ApplegateOre.IISIIIMarch 1939 STATE OF OREGONLIST OF MINES21T3'lS R3of Jacksonville, Ore.Address DistrictLake CreekUI.StSI'IIIItName of Mine Location 2tor AddressTACKSON COUNTY (contInued)Gammill Placer seo.30? T3'73 R4T W.P.Gamznhll'Ginson (gold) placer se.24 T395 R2W see Merrick*Gljde Foundation (gold) placer sec07 T383 R21Glide Foundation Jacksonville, Ore.Golden Star (gold) sec.4 T4OS R4VI Valores Haskin,Btar Route, "*Grand Placers Inc. (gold) Operating company on Federal placerGrubstake (gold) sec 9 T41S fl2WHawkins & Traverse (gold) NW sec06 T41S R2W (abandoned)Hope Mining Claim (gold) sec.31 T403 R3/1 Grace Buek,Star Route,JackSonVIlle,Ore.Horseshoe Mine sec 29? T383 R3W L.Childers 230 5 Central,Medford,OrO.JohnSOfl mine (gold) sec 1]. T383 R4tLast Chance (gold) sec. 6 TAOS RAW J.M.Rock,329 Jeanette St Medford,Ore.I.aytoll (gold) sec 20 T38S RAWLiano de Oro or Carberry (gold) See Big FourLone Pine (gold) see l5 T38S R31i1Lucky Friday (gold) SE sec0l7 TAOS R4P D.A.Wright,Star Route,JacksonVille,OrO.Maid of the Mist (gold) see 4T39S R4 Dck Hougbman Applegate,Ore.errick or Ginson Mine (gold) sec024 T393 R2W E.P.Merrick,120 Riverside,MedtOrdMoses & Collins claims (gold) sec 35 TAOS R2W Albert Collins,Star Rte.IacksonvilleMountain Home Placer property (gold) See Sturgia placer mineDredge has aireadymined this groundMyers & Wright claim (gold) sec,l7 T4OS R4W D A.WrightStar Rte ,JacksxvilleNellie Gray (gold) placer NW- sec,21 T403 R4W J.L.Tyson,'. NNo Name placer (gold) secl7 TAOS R4W 3.L.Tyson,Star Route,Jacksonville Ore.Nonesuch (gold) NE of SE aec0ll TAOS R4W Dick Houghman Applegate Ore.North Central Claim (gold) sec03l T403 R3W Gerald Buck,Star Rte.,Jaeksonville Or.Oregon Belle (gold) sec06 T383 R3W Mrs.Minnie Edmunsen,Goshen,Ore.Pacific States sec.5 A4lS R3W Same as Squaw Creek CopperPearce Mining Co (gold) sec.11 T385 113WPlatinum,Irldium & GoldCo., sec.2 T325 111Wqueen Anne (gold) NZ sec 3 T398 112WRed Bean (gold) placer sec06 T4OS 114W J.LRook,329 Jeanette St ,Medford,OreRed Feather (quicksilver) sec.34-35 T4OS 113W D.R.thper,Star Rte Jacksonville Ore.Rippey Ranch placer (gold) see,7,8,17 T405 113W J.F RippeyRobinson Mining Co.Rosa Placer (gold) sec0l TAOS 114E L.E.Mullen Ruoh,Ore.Schwartzfeder claim (gold) seo02O T40$ R4 D.A.Wrlght,Star Rte,Jacksonville Ore.*Spauldjng mine (gold) sec,4 T383 R3W Mrs J.Davies Jacksonville OreSterling Gold quartz Mm & Mill Co sec,28,29&32 T383 112WSquaw Creek Copper (copper,gold,silver) Dow Lewis ,Star Rte ,Jacksonville Oresec.5 T4l5 R31Steamboat (gold) see,16,17,20,21,T4OS 114V1 D.A.Wright ,Star Rte,Jacksonvllle Ore.*Sterling Placer mine (gold) 3terling Mines Incsec 27-28-33 T383 11271 D ord McCormick,21 Gene&a StJLedford Or.sec 4-8-9-17-l8,T393 112W*Stupgjs Placer (gold) sec.lO T38S 113W B&H Co , P0 Box lO9l,Medtord,OreWagner Claim (gold) see2O TAOS 114W SId Brown,504 S.Holly St. ,Medford,Ore.Wright (gold) sec.14 T385 R4WAntimony Property On Forest CreekAntimony Property 12 ml W of Pacific Highway,Siskiyou SummitLucky Star Mining Co.JEFiON COUNTYSwanson & Son MineDistrictMurphy, Ore. Upper ApplegatoIN'S'SNUnc lass if ledN22 STATE OP OREGON LIST OF MINES March 1939$NMarch 1939LocationName of MineSTATE GF OiI(K)N LIST OF MINES____JOSEPHINE COUNTYAkne; Hydraulic (gold) placer)(part 01 Old Ln-ire1 rIncisec 9-10,15.l6,T33 I3J T TTrveyAlmeda (copper,gold,silver) SE sec 13 T343 H8 oy HullsAlta Vista 3E sec 13 P343 8A Ro HillisArgo Group sec 14 T343 R8 Ed Cox, box 54,*Bnton (gold) sec 22,23&2'7 T33$ R8 Le'ns IivestmentBlack Bear (gold) sec 35 T343 R8W PobertsBlack sack mine (gold) see 34 T35o R8W Je.sein ktn.I MuneBradbury mine (gold)sec.12 P343 R8IBuffalo group (gold)sec 27 T343 R8'Bunker Hill mine (gold) sec 2 T35S R9i hi e1on Gaice, Ore(see Robertson mine)*Butte Creek placer (gold) sec02,3,lO&lI T34S R7 c:.aray,*California mine (gold) sec 30 T33 R'7 & 500 25&26 T35 R81F. R, Wheeler Grants Pass, Ore.Cal-Ore placer (gold) see 23 T383 R8 C Hudson Supt Galice, OreCanton Group (eopper)see 10 T353 R8Carnegie placer (gold) sec 3 T34... o. zieg No!f Creek, OreCold String Mine (gold) sec 4 T35. R81Copper Eagle maine (gold) see022&27 T34S ?8W Western Metal Mines Co., J.J.Seidel,Medrord., Ore.Copper Stain (gold)Courtney Hydrculic*Dean placer (gold)El Rio Oro mineElwilda (gold)Towler (gold)Gold Bug (gold)Gold Hate (gold)Gold. wedge (gold)Golden Cycle mine4Golden Eagle mineGoss mineGrubstakeHigh ChannelHoly TerrorIndependence QuartzJCL group (gold)Keystone group*Klunl placer (gold)Kramer Group*Lejpoie placerLewis placer (gold)sec,35 T33S ii8W Susan Z. La-.jrence(gold) placer (part Old Channel Mine)sec.10 T353 R8W J. 1, HarveyE see,25 P343 1 lm Deansec024 P343 R8V P. B Wickhamsec026,27,33&34 T333 R8W Secsee, 9 T353 R8 . . Fowiersec.26 T33S i8 C. F. iomlgSec. 4 P353 R3I Mrs 0Emsua Welbiarthsec.14 T343 R8sec.34 T353 Ri(gold) sec36 T343sec,24 T343 R87sec,i3 T343 R871.J,Seidel.T.LilierP. B. WickhamClement l3radburysec.24 P343 R8Y P. B. WickhamClaim sec.13 T343 R8W .T.J,Seideisec,25 T333 R8W Hober Dowsersec.34 P333 8v;see, 1 P343 R7W J. W. Aldersonsec.26-27-33-34 T32S R8W (see Renosec. 3 T353 R8W Fred Leipolesec025 T343 i8W H. L0 Lewis(see Lowell & Lewis placer)Little Meadows Placer Mining Co0Lowell & Lewis placer (gold) sec 25 r343 a8J i L Lewis*Lucky Shot mine (gold) sea 12 T343 R8 A D.ngmanMarvin (gold) sec 22 T343 R8WMattison placer (gold.) sec 24 T343 28 2 B. ickhaniMayflower Group (gold) sec 27 T34$ R8'Molly Hill (gold) sec 26 T333 R8WMt.Reuben (gold) sec.30 T333 R7W,sec25&26MtReuben Mining Co (gold) sec 36 T33S R8Nesbit Group (gold) sec 34 T343 R8IOld Channei. placer (gold.) sec 35 P34 R8J 5 i -iarveyOld Glory Gold Mm Co,(gold) sec 6 T36S R9*Qnjole (gold) aec 26 T343 RBW harry ord.yPlacer mine (gold.) sec 36 P345 R8'I 1ariy ordj*Rand placer (gold) sec 23 T54S R8W dlac obert onfleno (also known aS Elwilda or Krmwier) Jack P Brodysec,27-28,33&34 P333Oneator Address DistrictGrants Pass, Ore.Galice, Ore.Ashland, Ore.Re rioGalice, Ore.Grants Pass, Ore.Grants Pass, Ore.Medford, Ore,Galice, Ore.Ashland, Ore,Ashland, Ore.Medford, Ore,i.terlin, Ore.Grants Pass, Ore,Galice, Ore,Galice, Ore.Galice, Ore.Galice, Ore.Ashland, Ore.13. Simpson ?Ijlcox Bldg,PortlandT333 R3? (see California)Walker Grants Pass, Ore.Grants Pass, Ore.Galice, Ore.Galice, Ore.Galice, Ore0Grants Pass, Ore.23Grants Pass Ore. iceGalice, Ore. NGalice, Ore. NGrants Pass Ore.Co. ,Portland,Ore. NGalice, Ore. NCo., J.J.SoidelMedford, Ore.Box 741 ?olf Creek Or.24 STATE OF OflEGON * LIST OF MINES March 19 9lame of Mine Location Operator Address DistrictJEPHIN2 COUNTY (continued)Richmond Group (gold) sec 23 P343 R8WRobertson (gold) sec. 2 T353 R9W John Robertson Galice, Ore.Bobertson & Hull placer sec. 14 P352 R7'l Virgil Huli,502 N 4th $t.Gralits Pass*Rock Gulch Placer (gold) sec 25 T343 R8I E 13 Rapp Galice, OreScandinavian american Co sec 1 T343 R8 (defunct)Seven-thirty mine now known as Juanita (gold)sec .10-11,14-15 ,T34 R8L Western Metal Mines Co. ,J..T.SeidelMedford., OreGeo.W.Ilowland Merlin, Ore.J.W.Alcjerson*Sllver Creek mine (gold) sec.24 P353 R9WSordy claim (gold) sec,26 T343 n8wSpokane Group (gold) sec.27 T345 R8W*SteWnbeer (gold) placer sec 6 T343 R6WStovepipe placers (hydraulic) GSugar Pine mine (gold) sec.3-4 T353R8W WGrants Pass, GOff, Mgr. Leland, Ore.estern Metal Mines Co., J.J..Seidel,Medford, Ore.Texas-Oregon Power & Placer Co. sec.7 T353 R'7W*Threo L's (also known as Yokum place.) sec 3 P343 R'iW L L & J L Yokum1'olf Creek OreThree Lode (gold) sec,34 T34S R81.1Tibbetts Springs (gold) sec 1 T353 R6W lzna S SanteeTreasury Group (gold) sec,22 T343 fl8J1Tyee Bar Placer (gold) sec.33 T333 R8WVictor (gold) sec.32 T34S R8W Mrs.J.J.Seidel San Francisco,Cal.Vindicaior (gold) placer sec 34 T333 R'7W 1 B Barton,Pjttock Portland,OreYokum (gold) placer sec 3 T343 R7 L I Yokum Wolf Creek, Ore*Baby (gold) SE sec.8 T353 R5W Ben Baker Route 1 Grants Pass Ore.(see Lambtongue)*Beaver Portland Cement (limestone) sec 19 T37S R6J Gold Hill, OreBig Four Placer (gold) W sec 26 T35S It'7W .1 E l3artleo Rte 2 Box 288 Grants PassBilly 13ue (gold) sec 1 T37S R5NBrass Nail placer (gold) sec 13 T34S R5W Floyd Burrough Grants Pass OreCarison & Sandburg (dredging)Columbia mine sec 26 P353 R5 F L Smith Route 1 Box 801 Grants Pass OrContact Group sec 28 T353 i?.'7W Edward T Carnegie Rt 2 Box 293*County Line Placer (gold) sec 36 T34.S R5 F Harrison Grants Pass OreCramer Prospect (gold) soc 18 T35 S R511Daisy (gold) ec 14 T343 R5N C Campbell Eugene, OreDick mine (gold) NE. sec 8 P353 R5J Earl Knox 304 Vi "K" St Grants Pass OreDry Diggins (gold) placer sec 16 T363 R5VIEagle S'1 sec 6 T35S R5J I'orman Ilooper Grants Pass, OreEdward !ining Co (now Ida Consolidated Gold Mines Inc ) See Ida mineFlanagan mine sec 35 T353 R7W Viola Flanagan(gold,copper)*Forest ueen (gold) sea 21,22,27&28 T353 R5W (see Security placer)Freckles placer (gold) S sea 32 T363 R7W Ed L Davis Wonder, OreGold Bond Placers, Inc 0 Thomas,gen mgr ,Grants Pass, OreGold Chief (gold) sec 3 T35 R5VJ R C Stanton Grants Pass, OreGold Drift (gold) sec 3 T35S R5 (see Oro Fino)Gold 'tar mine sec 27 T353 R5d Frank Iiorsfall 4705 2d Av Seattle VimGopher mine (gold) SE; sec 8 T353 R5i Earl Knox Grants Pass, Ore.Hamniersley (see Daisy) (gold) sec 14 T343 R5N C Campbell Eugene, OreHavens Placer claim (gold) sec 10 T36 R7 J C Havens,Route 2 Grants Pass OreHidden Treasure (gold) sec 27 T36 R5W Josephine County Court,Grants Pass OreHugo Silica mine (silica) sec 5 T35 R6W Charlos Snider Grants Pass, OreIda (gold,eopper) sec 26 T35S R.51 Arcner Grants Pass, OreIda & Little Mac mines,sec 25&26 P353 R5V1 Ida Consolidatei Gold Mines IncRoute 1 Box 800 Grants Pass, Ore.sec.27-28,33-34, 1'36S R5W Herman Schmidt,Grants iass,Ore.sec.22 T353 R5W Ed Ayers Route 1 Grants Pass, Ore,SE soc 8 T353 5W Ben Baker, Route 1, Grants Pass, OreJewett (gold)Kiond Ike mine*jnbtongueGaliceNNitftftft'IGrants Pass11ftI,I,Uftft'4$1iiName of Mine LocationSTATE o: QH; r7 cOperatorSilent Friend mine (gold) sec.15 T333*speaker Placer (gold) sec 9 T333 115WStar Mine SE sec 7 T34S 115W(part of GreenbackAddress trict1.:::ry Speaker Wolf Creek Ore.Dr,B,BrandonSell1ng Bldg. ,Portland,Ore.Consolidated holdings)'a'I'aNas4*ftCougar mine (gold) sec,22 T33S R.5W M.L,IlickersonDorothea tgold) sec 22 T33S 115W Mrs 3 ileddyEgger placer (gold) see 9-lO T335 115W Nrs FgerEpperly (chromite) NV1sec.6 P340 115W*Forsythe placer (gold) (see Payne's mine) d Dois Wolf Creek, Ore*Gilliam placer (gold) secQ7 T333 115W Fied &illiani '1olf Creek, OreGold Coin (gold) sec 22 T33S R5Gold Note mine sec 25 T333 115W E 1? 2 0 Crouch,Rt 1 Grants Pass OreGraves Creek Chromite (chronnte) NW se 6 34 5M*Greenback (gold) S sec 33 T335 115W i.Perl Z Kluriipp Graves Creek Ore*Greenback Consolidated (gold) sec.458-9 T343 15WDr,R.13.Brandon,Selling Bldg. ,Portland Or.*Hayden mine (gold) sec 13 T34S 116W Doris Hayden 251 sI "I" St ,Grants Pass Or*Hole in the Ground (gold) See Speaker p'acer rienr 3peker Wolf Creek Oresec,9 T33S 115WHorseshoe claim see 28 T333 R5/ ()o ii & neS illOrJason placer (gold) sec 19 T335 115W Hwh Ohellc.y Wolf Creek, OreJim Blame (see Greenback Consolidated) Dr 11 Brindon,Selling Bldg ,Portland Oresoc,5 T34S 115W*Jir Hall Group (gold) see .LB T345 115W Rth l3o3ker,Northein Hotol,Seattle,WashJosephine,Oregon & G&.A Claims, sec 22 253 d5Lcuis ( HurtingtonEmporiuin,Penfla 'aLaymen placer(gold) sec 9-1O T333 R5YX 1 ggr Wolf Creek Ore(see Egger)*L1v1stone (gold) sec.22 T33S 115W .F C Lir i-igstone Noif Creek OreMartha (gold) SW sec 28 T335 11571 OII1CL JenzelMinnohaha Gold Hydraulic (gold) placer t Drodpe o (0-cia Hydraulic & Dredge CoMorrison Mining Co (operated Stovepipe placer 934-35-36=-)*New Eldorado Placer (gold) sec i7 T34 R 1r Preston Graves Creek,OroOregon Manganese Co,*Payne?s Mine (gold) placer sec 19 T33 " ri Davis '1olf Creek OrePorphyry Group (gold) sec 28 T333 F' Dr Rcx Ross Graves Creek OreRogue River Gold Co (gold placer) actie o Dec. 1 1938sec.9-.lO T34S 116W D.JbFerry Rogue River, Ore.Terpt (gold) sec,27 T36S 115W .idden TreasureGraves Creek (chromite) NW- sec 6 T34' o Cockrn'n Provolt OreMossor PlacerPreston, Vim (quicksilver) J P'rc.s ouiCarson & Sandberg (gold) sec 23 T333 R6'I 937 operited Gene Aman Ranch PlacerGeno Arnan Wolf Creek Ore. Greenback*Co1b1a placer (gold) sec 8 T345 115W Di 11 B,Brandon,el1ing Bldg ,PortlandCopper Queen (go1dsi1vor,copper) sec 15 r343 R611 .) 3 Blanchard,Tuff s BldgGrants Pass, Ore.Grants Pass, Ore.Medford, Ore.Wolf Creek, Ore.'4ft$43-OSEPHINE COUNTY (continued)icky Q,ueen (gold) sec.31 T34S 115W Jim Iloute 1, Grants Pass, Ore. Grants PassMay queen (gold) sec 26&27 T36S 115W e oung Grants Pass, OreMountain Treasure Iining Co (gold) sec 34&35 1545Mount Pitt mine (gold) sec 36 T343 115W 3ee Countg Line IineOaks mine (copper,gold,silver) SVt oc 4 f33 11571 0- A Baker Rte Grants Pass Or "*Oregon Gold Mines Co (copper,gold) sec J 35S II5 Se Grarite HillOre Fino (gold) SE sec 3 T25 R5 T r5u (rarts Pass, OreRed Jacket (gold) sec 34 T333 115N (t' of 'r.jnite Hill)*CD Saxton mine (gold) placer sec 24 14- 11 G KebelLeckI,Sexton Mountain (Qhromlte) sec 23 T343 i!1 ho Woods Higo reSwastika Miring Co (gold) placer sec 4Swastika placer (gold) sec 32 T34S 11511 . SOfl Bend, Ore.Surety Placer sec 21,22,27&23 T35 11 J Mary Peak,512 Cambridge Apts.,Seattle, Wash. 'I'aGraves Creek'aft.25&36 P383 R9W,Phil Suetter,Grants Passfl9W Mrs.C.Bidache Kerby, Ore,) sec.14 T36S R9WHarry Sordy Galic, Ore.IL F. Byram Grants Pass Ore.Mountain Lion (gold) sec.25 T373 R5W1ungers Creek (chro'nite) W- sec 25 T3BS R6W Geo Cockman, Provolt, OrePassGreenbackaaaOre.Illinois RiveraaaI.ifaaaUa4aaaaaaaaIIaIsIIaName of Mine Location Opert or Address DistrictJOSEWINE COUNTY (continued)Stovepipe Placer (gold) NW* sec 17 T34S R6WRobert Burns,flt.1 Box 263,Grants PassPlarner Prospect (gold) sec 4 T33S R4W H B Warner Azalla, Ore*Wolf Creek Mining & Development Co,,sec.9lO T333 R5WYak Mining Co (gold) placer) See Payne's mine se 19 T335 R5W*Yellow Horn (gold) sec 5 T343 R5W (see Greenback Consolidated)DrR B Brandon,Selling Bldg ,PortlandAlta T393 R9WAnderson placer (gold) sec 18 T383 R871 E B Lamb, Box 671 Selnia OreAnderson Prospect (gold) placer sec 32 T37S R9B&BBecca & Morning group (gold) T38S R9W R E McCalob Selma OreBlack Bear claim sec 3 T383 R91/1Blaek Rock (chroiuite) SW sec 9 T3'1S R8W C E Osborne Grants Pass OreBowden Prospect (gold) sec 8 T393 R9WCalumet mine (gold) see 5&8 T38S R9W C'irrie E G Elder,817 E "1)" St GrantsCanyon Creek Consolidated Mining Co sec 6 T393 R9WCasey Prospect (gold) sec.,7 T3BS R9W Casey Daley (see Beoca & Morning group)Chattey (gold) sec 26 T383 R9WCobalt group (cobalt,gold,silver) sec 19 T363 R1OWDaley creek (chrome) El sec 36 T37S R1OWElkhorn Creek (chromite) sec 13-14-23-24 T363 R9W E E.Young,Grants Pass,Ore.Eureka (gold) sec 22 T37S R9W John C. Shade Selma Ore*Freohold Mining Syndicate (gold) placer sec.4&5 T373 R9W (see Gold Bond placer)A. 0. Thomas Grants Pass, Ore.*Q.] Bond Placer (gold) ec,4-5 T373 R9W H.P.Spalding 805 N 8th St., W*Golden Princess (gold) placer aec.30 T38S RBW A.C.Reade Se].ma Ore.Grants Pass Chrome Co.Griffin Chromite (chromite) sec 18 T385 R8 Frank Griffin Selma OreHorse Mountain (chromite) NW sec.3 T375 R9W R.F.Byram Grants Pass,Illinois River (chromite) NI sec.21 T3'7S R9W Jack Casey Selma, Ore.Jack Shade (chromite) sec 21 P373 R9W John Shade Selma, Ore'Placer Mines Co (gold) sec 5 T36S R9W Miles M Shier Grants Pass,Mood sec.34 T383 R9WNeil (gold) sec.34 T38S R9WNorton Placer Mine (Suetter placer) secRed Dog Gold PlacerSilver Nugget Placer (gold) sec.12 T393Sordy's Brigga Creek Chromite (chromiteSquaw Creek (chromite) sec.4 T38S R8WUnited Copper Gold Mining Co sec 4 T38S R9WWinters & McPherson Prospects see.8 T393 R9WArrowhead Mine sec 24 P388 R6V Lower ApplegateBishop & Sturtevant sec0l4 T3'7S R5W Operated Oscar placer 1927D 0 Hays Grants Pass, Ore.Blue Jay (gold) WI sec03l T383 R5W B. I. Jackson Williams, Ore.Blue Mule (gold) sec02O T38S R5W T E Hudson Grants Pass Ore,Bone of Contention (gold) sec.,24-25 P385 R5WBuckeye (gold Slate Creek NE part P373 R7W*Excbequer (gold) sec 35 T37b R5W H F Byram Grants Pass Ore.Golconda (gold) sec0 17 T4OS R7W See ChollardHorse Head placer (gold) sec 21&28 T385 R5W Ben Watts Murphy Ore*Humdinger (gold) sec0l6&21 T383 R5W Geo.11.Shand Williams, Ore.Ingram claims (gold) sec,l4 T373 R5W See Oscar Placer mineJewel & Moore group (gold) placer secJ4,l5,21&22 T373 R5WJones Quarry (limestone) sec 31 T38S R5W F I.Bristol Grants Pass OreMichigan Mine (gold) soc0l6 T375 R5W Win C isner,5019 Franklin Ave ,Los AngelesCalif.26 STATE OF OREGON - LIST OF MINES March 1939Ore,Ore.I,UI.*4a0UMarch 1939 STATE OF OR3OM - LIST OF MflES 27.,Gd.n C.Hunter Pres-treas.Grants Pass, Ore.Fred LDarge1 Portland Ore.h, Grover Grants Pass Ore. waldoU3 i6 .JSkinner, Grants PassA.L.Baiiey,122 E 13th St.MedfordEoswell Grants Pass Ore.Join T.Maioney Graves Creek, Ore.Fred Galeno O'Brien, Ore.Takilma, Ore.Location perac. Address DistrictJOSEPHLfl COL1NTY (continued)Murphy Placer sec,25 T375 R5?1 I, G Murphy Murphy, Ore Lower Applegate*Oregon Bonanza Mine (gold) SE sec 16 T38 15J ( anford, Iilliams,Ore*Oregon Lime Products (lime) see l5,2O&2 T38S 5 Oregon Lime Pro1ucts,6th & F Sts,Grants Pass Or.Oregon Strong Iadge Mining Co. (see MichIgan Mine)Oscar Placer mine (gold) soc 14. T3'7S 25 D Hays Grants Pass OreOscar Creek Consolidated Mining Co (s& & Moore Group)Queen Mine (gold, copper) NE sec 3 T3Ramsey (gold) Slate Creek,N L part 0 IRising Star (gold) sec 21 T383 R5I*Turvey Lin.e stone Quarry (limestone) Ccc ?roduWild Rose Group sec19-2O P383 R5WAibright (gold) 3E. sec.16 T413 R*Jatouse mine (gold) placer sec 11,7& '*Balley group (gold) placer ec 28&33mine (gola) sec 36 T393 R'77Brooklyn (gold) sec 19&30 P403 2(see &tate claim)Cameron Mine (gold) placer sec.34 T4OS RBWCamp Bird claim sec.7 T413 116WChollard (chromite) see 17 T403 117W Gu LincauContinental Mine (copper) SE sec 35 T4 23'Copper King Mine or Mable (copper) se I Ti13 2811Cowboy (copper) NE sec 11 T413 R8I Jarry Mesen'er Takilma, OreDeep Gravel Mining Co ,SE; Sec 20 T4O 28 E Reame5,Llberty Bldg ,Ivedford,OreDucomon SE sec 18 P403Elephant (or Ducomon) (copper) 3E secI8 T403 RTNEmpire Mine (quicksilver) sec.3 T360 27W*Esterly Mine (goldj see 22&27 P403 118W Stout 3'Brien, OreFour Star placer (gold) sec 13 T4OS R7J 2ay E Goldtng,21150 Malibu Road,Pacific Palisade, Cal.Free & Easy (gold) sec07 T39S R8WFrog Pond mine (gold) sec0l5 T41S 117W L LicNaughton Rte 1 Box 800 Grants Pass*Fry Gulch (gold) placer see 2O-2829 T4CS t18 C H Stout,O'Brien,OreGates claims (copper) See Tomiinon crates & ThomasGem Quartz mine (gold) S sec 36 P393 fl7'1 John ClarK holland, Ore*nigh Gravel mine (gold) placer sec 4O3 2817 Fred Galeno, O'Brien OreHydroplass Mining Co sec 27-28 T4OS 11817 Fred Galeno O'Brien, Ore*Johnson Placer (gold) sec.9 T413 2817 Fred Galeno O'Brien, Ore.January First mine (gold) sec 12 T403 R7i N Finch,1516 uc1id Av Berkeley CalJosephine Mining Co sec 27 T403 118W Fre1 Gateio O'Brien, OreKorby Queen (copper) SE-I sec i7 T403 2717*onard Placer (gold) sec 4 T4OS 117W Ranhael Leonard Holland, OreLilly*Llano do Ore (gold) placer sec 22&27 T403 C H Stout O'Brien, Ore(see Estorly mine)Logan Simmons & Cameron (gold) sec 22 T403 R8 See ster1y*Lo1 Star placer (gold) sec 28&33 T403 %717 George Maiden Holland, OreLucky Dog (gold) placerbicky Seven Mining Co P413 117WLucky Strike (gold) sec 1 T41S R'717 Jonn A Fetterl.>r, R F B , Kerbj, Ore1,ytle (copper) SW sec 1 T418 2817Mable (copper) sec 11 T41S 118WMammoth (gold) SE sec 16 P413 119W G H Gxrer Grants Pass, Ore(see Aibright)*May Queen (gold) placer sec 27-28,33&34 T403 2717 John AppleJI011and,OreFred Merrill Mine (gold) placer sec 27 T)3 118W Fred Merr.1l, Takilxna, OreOwens mine (chromite) NW-I see 11 T413 118N Ohms Owens O'Brien, OreCharles Owen (chromite) N- sec 11 P415 R5E Cnas Owens Taki1ma OreOregon Placer CoI,I,NI,NNJOSEPHINE COUNTY (continued)Osgood placer (gold) See High Gravel Mine WaldoPanthor Creek Mining Co.Philip or Vanguard property (gold) see 22or25 T383 fl91*plataurica (gold) placer sec.28,33&34 T405 R8f Fred Geleno, O'Brien, OrePortland group (gold) sec 3 T4OS R'7WQueen of Bronze (copper) NW see 36 T403 H8W John Hampshire Grants Pass, OreRainbow (gold) NW sec 12 T405 R7T H W Finch,1516 Euclid Ave Berkeley Calif(see Siskron)Reynolds (nickel) SW part T4OS R9WRoseburg & Fidelity Group (gold) sec 7 T393 R8viSailor Gulch placer SE- sec027 T4OS R8W J T Logan Happy Camp, CalifSarah-Belle Mining Co (dissolved 1917)Siskron (eold) sec 12 T405 R'7W Ii W Finch,1516 Euclid Ave Berkeley Calif(see Rainbow)Sowell mine (copper) SE* sec 17 T403 R7W See ICerby QueenSpence (gold) sec 19 T403 R'7WState claim (gold) sec.l9&30 T403 R6W John T. Maloney Graves Creek, Ore.Summit Group (gold) soc020 T383 R9W R E McCalob Solma, Ore*Suetter Placer (gold) sec 18-19 T38S R8W Phil Suetter Grants Pass,Surprise Mining Co (gold) placer T403 R7Takilma 5ne1ting Co sec 25,35&36 T405 RBWTannen placer (gold) Sucker Creek T415 R6 Mrs Maude MastersTomlinson Gates & Thomas (copper)Tomlinson claims (copper) T4OS R7WThomas claims (copper) See Toirilinson Gates & ThomasTn Metal Mining Co0Turner mine (gold) sec. 15 T413 R9W R. A. LeRoy Grants Pass, One.Vanguard sec022or25 P385 R9W See Philip or VanguardValen Prospect (ehroniite) Sec 31 T4OS R7WWaldo Corporation (flow Waldo Copper Co ) coppersee 36 T4OS R8W 1I E Hughes Takilma, Ore4Waldo Copper (copper) SW sec 36 P405 R81 LI E Hughes Takilma, Ore4Waldo Srielting & Mining Co (copper) See Waldo mineWaldo placer (gold) sec 28 T4OS R8W Jane Sommers Grants Pass OreBniggs Creek Consolidated Mine Inc.Buckhorn Mining Co0California Bar Mining CorporationElkhorn Placer Mines Inc.tUtchel1 Property (gold) W sec024 T4OS R5WOld Rogue Channel Mining Co0Oregon Washington Mining Co0LANE COUNTYCinderella (gold)Durango Group (gold)2vening Group (gold)Great Eastern (gold)Great Northern (gold) L B.Bartlett, Portland, ip 1916Great Western In 1916,Great Western Mm & Mill Co ,L B.Bartlett,PortlandHigginsLucky Boy mine (gold,silver4ead)Merger Gold Mining Co (gold)Poorman Group (gold) In 1916 Calapoola & Blue River Mill Mm., CoRed BuckRjalto Group (formerly Blue Bird) (gold)Rowena group (go1dsilver,o ,pper,zinc)Sockwich propertyTate property (gold,copper4oad)Treasure property (gold,silver)Uncle Sam propertyUnion propertyOre.aaS.a0a'Ia'55,'SUnclassifiedBlue River#1'S'SaS.aaaI.aHaisaa.4.28 STATE OF OREGON - LIST OF MINES March 1939Name of Mine Location Operator Address Di strictMarch l39Name of Mine LocationTAT OF OBohemia Gold Mines Inc*Cmp1on group (goid,silver,copper2lCombination Lode (gold,silver)Cosmos Group (gold,silver)Cripple Creek Group (gold,silver)Crystal (gold,silver)El Capitan, President, or Church HillFour Monte (gold, silver)Gem, Rico and Slide (gold,silver)Glenwood gold, silver)Gold Cross (gold)Golden Slipper (gold)Gray Eagle & Alice claims (gold)Grizzly Group (gold, silver)helena Group (goid2silvor copper.Ingham Group (gold, silver)Leroy Group (goid,silver)LPJiC COUTYLreci ama Cottage Grove, Ore.Ceorge Mueon Cottage Grove, Ore.oen Cottage Grove, Ore.Cottage Grove, llrvice Inc,69 VJ.Broadway,Eugene,Oregonh Ingham Portland,,Ellphant Mtn.Mining & Milling Co..9 T3rodway, Eugene, OreLIST O' M IMESAddresscontinued)29Districtuartzvi1leItMayflower Group (gold2silver)Musick Lode (gold,silver2copper,lead2zinc) L. M Cappo Blackroot, IdahoNoonday Lode (.gold,silver,copper4oad,,inc)AW halliwell & Lcwood Cottage Grove, Ore0North Fairvie.w Group (gold,silvor) GeoMcuoen Cottage Grove, Ore.Ophir (goid,sflver) Fred. iiiams Cottage Grove, Ore,Oregon-Colorado Group (gold , silver coppe 5Vesuvius Mines Co 410 St Clairc,San oe,Ca M ranco5 L Hart PreOrofine Claims (gold, silver)Peekaboo Group (gold2 silver) I.Sdwards % Mines Service Inc 0EugeneRattlesnake or Rattler vein (gold,,silver) Fred Williams Cottage Grove Ore.Reed & Fletcher Group William T,Jwnes, ioute 2, Eugene, Ore.Riverside group ( Mines Co ,Uss Frances L art I>rc 2 St Cl tire St ,San Jose,CalUnder option to Mines Service Inc uEe Crcshotgun Vein (gold, silver conpor load .ire r Ddy Dibston, OresStar Group (gold., silver)Stonewall Group (gold,silver,copper Jead irv} ITh1lcr Lros Dlsston, Ore.Sunset Groups (gold,silver,copper2zinc) E.E. I Dale yatt Gold Hill, Ore.Syndicate Group (gold, silver)Sweepstakes Claims (gold,silver) Cottage Grove Ore.Tail Timoer claims (gold2silvor7antinion;1Utopian Group (gold2 silver2 co)per eac zin&J Ray Nelson,Cottage Grove Ore.Vesuvius Lode (gold ,silver)War Eagle (goid2silver)Yellow Jacket (gold, silver)Blanket ClaimChristy ProspectFletcher ClaimIrons ide PropertyJujabo' PropertyOUNTYAdvance Mining & Milling Co0Albany property (gold, silver) LCneney & Hamer te 1 Turner OreBob & Betty (gold,silver lea&4zinc) former r Smit1'i & McClarRiley idbanv, OreHastings (Hammell group) gold, silverHighland Chief (go)d,silver; formerly Mule dllm. Red Keefover, Foster,Ore.JCiIIr Djsston, Ore. Bohemiaeadzinc) Fred Bartelis,Cottage Grove,Oro 'IDavid von Noeva Cottage Grove Ore. 'IIliller Bros. Dlsston, Ore. 'Irhant Mr .Mining & Milling Co.9 hLaoadwayEugene, Ore.Sill. 2at ton, Cu ip Creek, Ore.MALHEtJR COUNTYBent Landrethgold) Theodore S. GlennEd GravesLINN COUNTY (continued)Lawler Mine (gold, silver) G C.Howard, 107 Old Broad St , London, England uartzvi11e*Lucjllo claim (gold, silver) C F McAllister Poster, OreMarion claim (gold, silver) Harry Dunlap Gates, OrePaymaster (gold,silver,copper,lead,zinc) Dave Maelkey Poster, Ore*Red heifer Claim (gold,silver) (formerly Silver Signal)Eugene Wheeler Foster, Ore.*fleijef Property (gold,silver) Aho Brothers Foster, Ore*Riverside Group (gold, silver) George Oakley Foster, OreSavage (or Vand.alia) (gold,silver) N S rlisley Albany, OreSkookum Claim (formerly Maznmoth)(goldsi1ver) Ircy Calkins Foster, Ore*Snowstorm 8 Bell claims (formerly Edson group)(gold) Graves & Bush,Gates,Ore*Tjljlcum & Gutillie Claims (formerly Golden Fleece & free Gold)Frank Bevier Foster, OreWakefield-Fries Group (gold,silver) Wakefield Fries & Woodward,Portland,Oree "Whale Claim (pold, silver) Edward Austin Foster, OreWorld'S Fair Claim (?lire Gold Claim) (,od,si1ver)Lance Stewart Gates Ore *1Crown Mining & Milflng Co0, R E.Psrry Mgr $cio, Ore UnclassifiedBaker & Maiheur Oil Co0Black EagleBlue Mud (gold) R L.Gorman,James Kidwell,John Kernan EstateBorden Claim (gold,silver) Jess W. Baker Baker, Ore.Cleveland DevelopmentCo.(gold)*Colt placer (gold) Mormon Basin Partners'ip, Route 1, Huntington, OreGreat Western Oil CoGreenhorn Chrome ClaimsHutchinson 011 & Gas Co0Lucky Strike (gold)Mammoth Group, Black Eagle mineBaker, Ore.Baker, Ore.Durkee, Ore.B1metallic & Gold (gold,zinc)lck Eagle (gold,copper)Blende Oro (gold,copper,s1lverlead,zinc)Capital Claim (gold zinc)Crown (gold.,silver,copper) Crown Mining & Milling Coo?Elkhorr Creek propertyGold Creek Mining & Milling Co (gold1,copper lead,zinc) Gold Cr Miii & Mill.Co0inral Harbor Group (copper,lead,zinc)Ogle Mountain property (gold,copper)Riverside claim*iTussell.Rjtter mine (gold) Russell & Ritter Detroit, OrbgonRuth Group]3attie Axe Creek (see mcol Miii & Milling Co )Santiarn Group (si1ver,copper)Silver King property (silver lead,zinc)Silvei Star & Helvetia Claims (silver zinc,copper}Wol. Property (silverzinc,copper)Mormon BasinElH'IHHHHSnake RiverOra MarnioI Do Clean PumiciteIsis Oil & Gas Co.Owyee Products Co (diatomite) E N,Bennett Box 741, OntarIo, Ore HPacific Coast Silica Corp (diatomite) Edward 1 Garrick,1725 Smith Towor,Seattle,Wn 1arperPacific Diatom Corporation HarperRainbow MineUWillow Creek placerMARION COUNTYMinirg & Mill Co (lead,silver,zinc) Columbia Mines Devel Co317 Postal Bldg , Portland, Ore No Santiam30 STATE OF OREGON - LIST OF MINES Larch 1939Name of Mine Location Address Di at netAdiaha placer (gold)Aurelia (gold)Boar CreekBlue BucketBlue Channel placers (gold)Buckeye ClaimCamp Carson Hining & Power CoCamp Carson Placers (see Carson*Carson Hill Placers (gold)*Grande Rondo Mines Inc.Indiana MineMORROW COUNTYUNION COUNTYHarold Parker North wdor,Ore. Camp CarsonCrande Ronde Mines Co.I,Carson Hill PlacersHill Placers)Harry T. Howell,lessee, Baker, Ore.C.H.D.Douglas, ?res., Yakima, Wash.Comnodore Mining Co., Ray Wallace,704 Catherine 3t. ,Waila Walla ,Wash.STA OF OREGON LIST OF MWES 31Pay BoyRainbow Mine (placer) CCCiernent & Associates,La Grande,Ore.RoyalStandardDod8on, Jim, claim (molybdenum) Eagle Cr.Veatch claim (molybdenum) R . S . Ve ate h Portland, Ore.Grull (gold) Andy Grull Medical Springs,Or. Medical SpringsPuzzle 'ITwin Baby Vindicator Gold Mines Inc., W.M.Mayers, Sec.2404 SE Ladd Ave., Portland, Ore. H'1ying Cloud Powder RiverCarson Channel Gold Syndicate (see Carsor hill Placers) Unclas fiedClimax HForsey & Coppenole I.French, Joe HGallagher I.)tthrieIndian Creek DjatoniiteJenkins ProspectKeystoneLittle BabyNorth American Copper Co.Northwestern Petroleum Co0Northwestern Graphite Co.Pittsburgh UWALLOA COUNTYAndy Heaverne Claims (copper) Wallowa RangeArmstrong Ca.oup placer claims (gold,silvor) Edwara Mifler Wiqdoin,MontanaContact mine (or Peacock proporty)(molybdenuin) Anna May Sciaeffer,Lostine,OreCopper Gem group (Mountain Gem Mine) (copper,molybdenum)E.T,Green & Associates,Joseph,Ore.Donnelly Group (gold,silver,lead)Electrolytic MineEureka mineFrasier property (molybdenum, tungsten, copper)Great iorthorn Mine (gold,silver)Gyllenberg claims (Hecla Consol Mining Co )(lead,zinc,gold,silver)Imnaha Mine (W'i-ichester Mine) (gold)LeGore Prospect (gold, silver, copper,molybderuni)Joe LeGore & Stanley LeGoro, Joseph,OreManuel Lopez claims (copper)Metzger Property (molybdenum,tungsten) E.1.Metzgor Joseph, Ore.Nprthwest Lime Co (formerly Black Marble & Limo Co )(iime,marblo)James Cole, 8o1 Councli Bldg, &crtland, Ore.Operator Address DistrictHftHHHHH44H'II,Name of Mine Location OperatorWALLcWIACOtJNTY (continued)Porcupine Group placer claims (gold) H.T.Green & Associates, Joseph, Ore, laflowaRoyal Purple Mine (copper)Scholl's (Louis) Prospect (gold,copper)Tenderfoot PropertyWalla Walla Group (Seeber Mine)(copper,molybdenum) Charles Seeber,Joseph,Ore,Waflowa County Mining & Development Co (gold,copper) (williams mine)White Eagle Mine (molybdenum,tungsten) Dr.Scott claimsW C.Sturgill La Grande, Ore 4,Wilmot Property (molybdenum) fl T.Green Joseph, Ore.Yeliowbird Group (gold) E J.McManus Inmaha, Ore.WASCO COUNTYBeavis May Oil Co0Seufert, WJ., Smelter The Dalles,Ore.WHEELER COUNTYBear Group (quicksilver)Wiltale Property (quicksilver)Birch Creek Mining (goldsilver)Sand Gulch Mining Co (gold,silver)Waterman PropertyClarno Oil Co0Dry Creek CoalDry Hollow CoalJohn Day Basin Development Co0Northwest Petroleum Co.Two Jacks Mining CO.Address D1t1io32 STATE OF OREGON - LIST OF MINE March i9


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