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A highlight of the Conference, the Awards Luncheon brings us together for a full buffet luncheon in an elegant setting as we announce the recipients of the Associations major honors and awards.


  • 1. Awards LuncheonThursday April 19, 2012
  • 2. Nancy DeLaurier Award
  • 3. NANCY DELAURIER AWARD 2012 Sheila M. Hannah
  • 4. SHEILA M. HANNAH B.A. & M.A. Art History, M.L.S.University of New Mexico, 19772005 as Library Technical Assistant, Library Information Specialist, Director of the Visual ResourcesLibrary, and Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Art & Art History
  • 5. SERVICE & AWARDS VRA Data Standards Committee, 19942002 UNM Committees: Technology Advancement,Interdisciplinary Media, Strategic Planning, Policy, Slide Library Kress Foundation Fellowship recipient $48,000 grant from Educational Foundation of America
  • 6. DISTINCTION Visual resources internship program Visual resources automation VISION Project VISIC (Visual Information Checklist)VIRCONA (Visual Resources Catalog of Native American Artists)
  • 7. THE BUZZ extremely high degree of professionalism a true pioneerstraightforward, methodical, and knowledgeable wonderfully generous with her knowledge demonstrated exemplary service inspiring yet practical
  • 8. NANCY DELAURIER AWARD 2012 Empress Patti McRae Baley
  • 9. THE BUZZ..Each year Patti would excitedly email me after the conference to tell me the grand total from ticket sales, and we would both be thrilled about the number of travel awards that would be available for the following years conference. Each year at the conference Business Meeting the string of award recipients seemed to stretch fartheracross the room, and this was in large part due to Pattis energy and efforts with VRAffle fundraising. Jackie SpaffordHer creation, the VRAffle, was the perfect cocktail. It was so much fun that we hardly realized we were giving money. Eliza Lanzi I first met Patti when I attended my first Visual Resources Associationconference in Kansas City. My co-worker was scheduled to help set upthe VRAffle and she invited me to come with her and meet someonefun! Well, I did and within moments of meeting Patti I was laughing and engaged and felt WELCOMED. Greta Bahneman
  • 10. The high point for me was the 25th anniversary event in Kansas City.Opening with a choral number updating the old song, Everythings Up to Date in Kansas City from the Rogers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma, Pattis Raffle Rousers, some attired as computers, described the marvels of the digital revolution. Renate Wiedenhoeft, chief executive of Saskia Images, even stormed onstage from theaudience at one point in the guise of an intellectual property lawyer to present a cease and desist order for copyright violation. Karen Kessel Patti brought her love, passion and full blown enthusiasm for a goodtime and it overflowed and became catching for us all. The result: moreinterest in the VRaffle and hence more $ for the Nancy DeLaurier award to help others in the profession. Scott Gilchrist I know we will stand and cheer, with a unanimous Figure 8, Touch Pearls! Jenni Rodda
  • 11. We have all benefited from the fun and camaraderie of the VRA Raffle
  • 12. The Visual Resources AssociationsDistinguished Service Award
  • 13. VRA Distinguished Service Award, 2012 Kathe Hicks Albrecht
  • 15. KATHE HICKS ALBRECHTKathe Albrecht has served as President-Elect, President, and Past-President; co-chair of the 2002- 2003 Strategic Plan; twice Chair of the VRA Mid-Atlantic Chapter;Membership Committee Chair; Intellectual Property Rights Committee Chair; Representative to the Digital Future Coalition; and as VRA Bulletin Column Editor.For the VRA Foundation she has served as a Director since its inception in 2008 - as Secretary and as Co-Chair of its Summer Educational Institute. - Jeanne Keefe & Ann Thomas
  • 16. When I first sat down to write this letter, I had to ask myself What hasnt Kathe done for the Visual Resources Association? With contributions of such breadth and depth, it is extremely difficult to adequately encapsulate and express what Kathes fine work means to both the past and future of the VRA. - Betha WhitlowSupporting the nomination of Kathe Hicks Albrecht is a no-brainer. I like many other long time VRA members can attestto the length, breath and variety of her contributions to ourorganization. - Chris Hilker
  • 17. If ever a candidates qualifications for the DSA were all inclusive, itwould be those of Kathe Hicks Albrecht. Her service runs the gamutfrom leadership on both the VRA Executive Board and the VRAFoundation Board to education, research and mentoring that havegreatly benefited our organization. -Margo BallantyneShe is a leader in our profession-- someone who has spent hercareer providing service to the members and prospective membersof our profession. She is a person that I know will always accomplishwhat she has said she will do. In addition, her generosity is anexample for all of us. -Trudy Jacoby
  • 18. Since she entered the profession 20 years ago, she has chairedcommittees, written articles and served as VRA President, possibly the ultimate sacrifice...Her interests ranged from the basic nuts & bolts practices to intellectual propertyrights. VRA has thrived as a result of herorganizational and leadership skills at the local, regional and international levels. - Chris Hilker
  • 19. Kathe also had a visionary impact on the VRA in her role asco-chair with Margaret Webster of the first VRA StrategicPlan Task Force, on which I served as a member during myfirst collaboration with Kathe. The recommendations in thisStrategic Plan laid the groundwork for the VRA to trulyprofessionalize and thrive. -Betha Whitlow
  • 20. Many of the advancements that now define VRA grew out of her tenure on the two Executive and the 1998 Strategic Plan Task ForceThese include: online registration forconferences, Memberclicks, SEI, and theVRA Foundation. Kathes attributescombined with her intense work ethic havedistinguished VRA and have helped growthe organization strongly through the firstdecade of the twenty-first century. - Margo Ballantyne
  • 21. One of the most active members of theTask Force and VRAFs Board of Directors,Kathe regularly volunteered her time andenergy, and her wise counsel greatlybenefitted both entities.Her comments and contributions on theissues we faced, the documents and writtenmaterials produced, on communicationswith VRA and its members, and theorganizational agreements with VRA andARLIS were always thoughtful, incisive, andvaluable. - Loy Zimmerman
  • 22. Following her time on the VRA Board, Kathe turned her efforts toward establishing the VRA Foundation. Despite the fact that the VRAF was established during the worst economic downturn since the Depression, it has developed against all odds as a vital advocacy and fundraising force for the value of images in a teaching and learning environment. -Betha WhitlowKathes visionary work on the VRAF Board will have alasting impact on the visual resources profession. -Tina Updike
  • 23. Kathe devoted endless amounts oftime and energy to the planning andimplementation of SEI. Kathe helpedre-shape SEI