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  • 1924: Southern Appalachian National park Committee & Shenandoah National Park Association

    1926: Congress passes bill creating the National Park

  • 1935: In December the Park officially opens

    1936: President Roosevelt dedicates the Park in July

    1939: Skyline Drive is completed

  • The Shenandoah National Park Oral History Collection, SdArch SNP, 1964-1999, consists of 135 interviews of people who were living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia prior to the creation of the Shenandoah National Park. The interviews conducted primarily by Dorothy Noble Smith (now deceased) were part of her research for Recollections: The People of the Blue Ridge Remember . Additionally, members of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, park collaborators Eugene and Diane Zior Wilhelm, Darwin Lambert, and others participated in conducting interviews.

    Of the original 135 interviews donated to James Madison University's Special Collections by the United States Department of the Interior: National Park Service 90, or 67%, were accompanied with the proper release forms. This leaves only 45 interviews, or 33%, without.

    Because 67% of the materials donated were accompanied with the proper documentation we feel it is within reason and good faith to assume that at some point all of the proper documentation was taken and did accompanied the oral interviews. And that through time and the nomadic nature of the collection the documentation was severed and lost from the present compilation of documentation currently housed in James Madison University's Special Collections.

    Further more we recognize the historic value of these interviews, not only to the research needs of James Madison University affiliates, but also to the surrounding community, and the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Therefore we propose placing in good faith all 135 oral interviews in their entirety, with accompanying transcripts and images, online in a forum that is unrestricted to public consumption.

  • 8.01-40. Unauthorized use of name or picture of any person; exemplary damages; statute of limitations.

    A. Any person whose name, portrait, or picture is used without having first obtained the written consent of such person, or if dead, of the surviving consort and if none, of the next of kin, or if a minor, the written consent of his or her parent or guardian, for advertising purposes or for the purposes of trade, such persons may maintain a suit in equity against the person, firm, or corporation so using such person's name, portrait, or picture to prevent and restrain the use thereof; and may also sue and recover damages for any injuries sustained by reason of such use. And if the defendant shall have knowingly used such person's name, portrait or picture in such manner as is forbidden or declared to be unlawful by this chapter, the jury, in its discretion, may award exemplary damages.

    B. No action shall be commenced under this section more than twenty years after the death of such person.

    18.2-216.1. Unauthorized use of name or picture of any person; punishment.

    A person, firm, or corporation that knowingly uses for advertising purposes, or for the purpose of trade, the name, portrait, or picture of any person resident in the Commonwealth, without having first obtained the written consent of such person, or if dead, of his surviving consort, or if none, his next of kin, or, if a minor, of his or her parent or guardian, as well as that of such minor, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and be fined not less than $50 nor more than $1,000.

  • SdArch SNP-23 Elza Cave March 30, 2009

    Mr. Cave identifies his paternal grandfather as Henry Cave and his parents as Eliza Colvin Cave

    and James Ashby Cave.

    An online marriage record matches this information, confirms his birth year as 1907, his given

    name as Elza, and his wife as Lula Breeden Cave.






    DOM: 1926 JULY 29 BOOK 2 PG 70


    The marriage record indicates that Mrs. Cave was born around 1905, and the 1910 US Census

    records a Lula Breeden, daughter of Thomas and Ethel, who was about 6 at the time.

    The SSDI records several Lula Caves in Virginia, but none who were born around 1905 or who

    were still living at the time of the 1978 interview. It does list a Lulu Cave, however, who

    would match the available data on several different points.