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The University of Ballarat projectthat federates groundwater data from disparate sources to assist groundwater researchers and help water managers make the correct choices for the sustainable use of a precious resource is making significant progress. This presentation to Central Highlands Agribusiness Forum highliest


  • 1. Visualising Victorias Groundwater Peter Dahlhaus Andrew MacLeod Helen Thompson

2. About the projectAn interoperable web-GIS that federates groundwater data fromdisparate sources to assist water managers make the correct choicesfor the sustainable use of a precious resource Use high-speed broadband to: Distribute groundwater bore data Visualise groundwater data Model groundwater systems on-the-fly 3. Partners 4. About the project Design Methodology Data resides with the data managers Intuitive to use (e.g. Google Earth) Allow data downloads (subject to data managers consent) Link spatial data to original documents and images Link spatial data to real time data (data loggers, webcams) Capable of generating models on the fly Allow users to add, edit or update data (subject to QA/QC) Spatial data and models should be credible to the user 5. 6. Bore data from 1884to present day 7. Warning on dataaccuracy andcompleteness(disclaimer) 8. Bores from 4differentdatabases 9. Adjust layerGeology layer via WMS transparency 10. Predictions of aquifertop, bottom and thicknessLayerreordering 11. Predictions of watertableelevation, depth towatertable, bore yield andgroundwater salinity 12. Links tobore data 13. Bore location & constructionAquifer parametersWaterlevel monitoringGroundwater chemistryBore lithologyStratigraphyLinks to: Photos Documents Maps & sections 14. Groundwater chemistryWaterlevel monitoring 15. Whats nextFuture developments Groundwater bore graphics Chemistry plots Watertable animations Cross sections of aquifers Three-dimensional modelsof groundwater systems Link to video