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<ul><li> 1. VISUALISING SOLIDSHAPES!!! by saleema 8-A</li></ul> <p> 2. CONTENTS1. Plane shapes a and solid shapes.2. 2~dimensional figure.3. 3~dimensional figure.4. Net..5. Platonic solid ~ tetrahedron cube octahedron icosahedrons dodecahedron6. The Eulers formula 3. Plane shapes a and solid shapes. Plane shapes have two measurements likelength &amp; breadth, Therefore it is also called2-D figuresEg~ square &amp; circle Solid shapes have 3 measurement length,breadth and height/depth.Eg~ Cylinder &amp; cuboid 4. 2~dimensional figure. Figures having length and breadth are known astwo dimensional figures or 2-D figures.Eg. A Polygon &amp; A Circle 5. 3~dimensional figure. Figures having length, breadth &amp; height/Depthis called 3-dimensional figures or 3-D figures.Eg~ Sphere &amp; Cone 6. Net.. A net for a 3-D shape is a sort of Skelton-outline in 2-dimension which, when folded, results in three dimensionalshapes.Eg~ net of a cuboid&amp;triangular prism 7. Platonic solidA Platonic solid is a polyhedron. Any polyhedron at least three polygons must meet at a vertex to form a solid angle. The sum of all plane angels forming the solid angel at a vertex must be less than 360*. There are five polyhedron. They are~*tetrahedron, cube, octahedron. An icosahedrons &amp; dodecahedron 8. A TETRAHEDRONFace ~ 4 triangular facesVertices ~ 4 vertices Edges ~ 6 edgesEulers formula= F+V-E=24+4-6=2 9. CUBEFace ~ 6 square facesVertices ~8 verticesEdges ~ 12 edgesEulers formula=F+V-E=2 6+8-12=2 10. OCTAHEDRONFaces ~ 8 triangular facesVertices ~ 6 verticesEdge ~ 12 edgesEulers formula= F+V-E=28+6-12=2 11. AN ICOSAHEDRONFaces ~20 triangular facesVertices ~ 12 verticesEdges ~ 30 edgesEulers formula= F+V-E=220+12-30=2 12. DODECAHEDRONFaces ~12 pentagonal facesVertices ~ 20 verticesEdge ~ 30 edgesEulers formula= F=V-E=212+20-30=2 13. Eulers FormulaThe number of faces (F), The number of vertices(V) and the number of edges (E) of a simple convex polyhedron are connected by the Eulers formula.The Eulers formula can be done by 2 ways F+V=E+2 (eg- 6+8=12+2) (14=14) F+V-E=2 (eg- 6+8-12=2)</p>


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