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Viljandi Folk Music Festival. Andres Anissimov C. R. Jakobson Gymnasium Supervisor Tiia Pukk Viljandi 2010. Ando Kiviberg Photo: Lauri Alver (“Sakala”). Folk Music Festival. 18 years ago The creator-Ando Kiviberg The idea s to introduce Estonian traditional music - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Viljandi Folk Music Festival Andres AnissimovC. R. Jakobson GymnasiumSupervisor Tiia Pukk

    Viljandi 2010

  • Folk Music Festival18 years agoThe creator-Ando KivibergThe ideasto introduce Estonian traditional music to get acquainted with the music of different countries

  • The First FestivalMay 15, 19937 performers, all localsLasted one dayDecided to do it againThe Noorte moosekantide selts was created

  • 1994 -1996A special fair for buying and repairing instrumentsSince 1996 the festival has lasted 4 daysMedia interestMusic workshops

  • 5th festivalAcoustic concerts indoorsZither, violin, bagpipe and concertina music50 concertsPhoto: http://civilization.caPhoto: http://kultuur.infoPhoto:

  • 6th festivalThe audience 18,000 people The first Internet concerts Concerts were heard all over the world Concerts were given in the county

  • 7th festivalAugust Pulsts 110th birthday:a keeper of Estonian musical heritageIngliska-festival danceOriginates from Great Britain

  • A tribute to the Estonian composer Veljo TormisChoir musicLabajalg - the festival dance

    8th festival

  • 2001-2003Concerts given in autumnZither-the theme of the 10th festival The next theme-singing and voiceRunic songs and folk songsMetsatllPhoto

  • 12th festivalThe theme-pipes and whistlesEstonian folk instruments:fifehornshepherds pipe bagpipe

  • 13th festivalBowed instruments Instruments played in Estonia:violinbowed harp bladder instrument violacellodouble bass

  • 14th festivalAll accordion-type instrumentsAugust Teppo:the most famous Estonian concertina maker made 120-200 instruments30 in existence right now

  • 2007-2008Main theme-runic song Tributed to stringed instrumentsGuitar-currently the most popular stringed instrument in Estonia

  • Primusmuusika AitOpened in March 2008The centre of folk music and folk music festival

  • 17th festivalThe theme-soloA tribute to the mastery of musicians playing certain instruments.

  • 2010The next festival-July 22-25 Theme-"Dance Breaks out from Within!" XVIII festival

  • ConclusionThe Folk Music Festival has a long tradition Has introduced the music of different countriesIt has made Viljandi popular all over the world Is a very important cultural event

  • Used Materialshttp://www.folk.ee

  • Thank you for listening!