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  • Registration required for workshops (form found on page 8 or on our website). Where else can you learn all this stuff for $30 in a weekend? (Pre-registration rate postmarked by April 21st). Visit www.columbusfolkmusicsociety.org for a listing of the many other festival events.Various workshops on: guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, dobro and song writing, in addition to some how-to workshops on: home recording and music production, using social media for musicians, how to get and keep gigs, how to conduct house concerts and more.We are proud to say that most of our workshop presenters also teach music in real life in addition to performing.

    KEY: Beg = for beginners; Adv Beg = advanced beginners; Int = intermediate level; Adv = Advanced players; All = all levels. Workshops last 50 minutes.

    11:00 AM SATURDAY

    Sea Shanty Workshop Andy Beyer This is an introduction to singing Sea Shanties. With the instructor as the Shanty Man, and a lead sheet of choruses, the workshop will cover seven familiar shanties (and maybe more if time permits). Andy is a member of the Sea Shanty Crew, the HardTackers. All are invited! All

    Drama of Drop D Tuning for Guitar Wolf (AKA Marie Smith) Learn to put some dark elegance into your guitar playing with simple DropD tuning! DropD gives a haunting, bluesy sound to a popular key for many singers. Included will be a handy chord chart hand-out. Some songs to practice together may include: Orphan Girl (Gillian Welch), The Cuckoo (Traditional), Reuben (banjo pickers classic tune) as well as others. Along with your guitar, please bring a capo! Adv Beg

    Playing the Spoons Sylvia MillerIn this workshop, youll learn spoon etiquette, correct holding of spoons and some variations of rhythms. All

    Examining Sweet Bye & Bye Songs Joanne LaessigExamine the rich history and some of the songs referring to and contemplating the afterlife in the American tradition of group singing. Love, grief, and spirituals from early spirituals to old time and bluegrass the songs help us express and share our grief and love. All

    Central Ohio Folk Festival May 2 & 3, 2015

    Battelle-Darby Creek Metro Park (Indian Ridge area)

    Workshop Listings

  • www.columbusfolkmusicsociety.org2


    Union, Civil Rights and Anti-War Songs of the 50s- 70s Jim Foerch (from festival performing band, Blue Water Ramblers)Music expressed the hope and anger of a generation trying to make the world better. Sad to say, the same songs still need to be sung today. Explore the rich tradition of fighting injustice with music. All

    Intermediate/Advanced Bluegrass Mandolin Caleb Powers (from festival performing band, The Relentless Mules)This workshop will explain, demonstrate and offer hands on opportunities for learning skills and techniques to build your proficiency on bluegrass mandolin. Int/Adv

    The Amazing Fretboard on Mountain Dulcimer (I, IV, V & VIM) Laura ElderWe will explore chord structures and accompaniment in different keys (without a capo) to tunes ranging from Boil Them Cabbage to Amazing Grace. Adv Beg/Int

    Death, Disorder & Banjos: Ballads! (Examining ballads & tips on writing your own) Wolf (AKA Marie Smith)From outlaws to broken hearts to bloody murder, ballads tell tales of people behaving badly. Well examine ballads ranging from an ancient shapeshifters tale to a modern ballad from Fairfield Countys Hocking River. Well cover what makes a ballad intriguing, old and new ballads, patterns to listen for and identify, and tips on writing your own. All

    1:00 PM SATURDAY

    Write Together Songwriters Support Dave Hawkins (festival performer)This workshops popularity comes from the hands-on nature of the class. Attendees bring song ideas and partial lyrics to add to a stew where all participants help move the song towards completion by contributing ideas. Beg through Int

    Basic Rhythms Bill SchillingParticipants will play accompaniment possibilities with rhythm instruments for folk-style music with emphasis on listening to and feeling what is appropriate for the song. Participants will also learn rhythmic and playing techniques to provide variety as well as some jam etiquette. Various rhythmic instruments will be provided. All

    Beginning Mountain Dulcimer Joni & Gary Sines (from festival performing band AbNormal Sines)Come and learn a brief history of the mountain dulcimer and then get to experience what the dulcimer is all about. Sing, play rhythm instruments and have a good time. If you have a mountain dulcimer, bring it along! Beg

    Intermediate/Advanced Old-Time Banjo Caleb Powers (from festival performing band, Donkey Nation)This workshop will explain, demonstrate and offer hands on opportunities for learning skills and techniques to build your proficiency on old-time banjo. Int/Adv

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    2:00 PM SATURDAY

    Beginning Old-Time Fiddle Mark PalmsLearn to play old-time fiddle tunes. Learn expressive bowing styles and techniques used in a variety of regions across the country. Learn by ear and understand the different regional styles found in Kentucky, Mississippi and North Carolina. Adv Beg/Int

    Intermediate/Advanced Bluegrass Fiddle Caleb Powers (from festival performing band, The Relentless Mules)This workshop will explain, demonstrate and offer hands on opportunities for learning skills and techniques to build your proficiency on bluegrass fiddle. Int/Adv

    Classical Music Themes on Mountain Dulcimer Shelley StevensLearn how to play Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and more on the mountain dulcimer. Tuned DAD, 6 1/2 fret needed and capo may be necessary. Tab provided. Int

    Working up a Song from Scratch Grassahol (Headliner American Roots / Bluegrass band)You will learn how a band works up a song. We will take a song that we have not learned and demonstrate getting down the melody, the harmonies, the chord progressions and key, and the beginning and ending. All

    3:00 PM SATURDAY

    Guitar for Beginners Paul BrownParticipants will learn about scales, chords, hand posture, strumming, picking, and finger picking. Some loaner guitars will be available in the workshop tent, but if you have a guitar, bring your own! Beg

    Advanced Old-time Fiddle Henry Barnes (from festival performing band, Donkey Nation)This workshop will discuss two distinct melodic rhythms and bowing patterns that are pervasive throughout the Upper South and Midwest regions of the U.S., using whole tunes as examples. The workshop will be taught by ear in the oral tradition, but recordings and notation will be provided for further study. Adv

    Tis the Last Rose of Summer (by Sir Thomas Moore) on Mountain Dulcimer Laura ElderWe will learn to accompany the song with triplet picking patterns as well as learn the chord structures and melody line utilizing DGD tuning. Int

    Celtic Tunes for Mandolin Rick & Hillary Wagner (from festival performing duo, Jims Red Pants)Participants will learn two Irish dance tunes on the mandolin. We will focus on basic pick technique, basic scale pattern, and playing the melody with ornaments in each tunes specific key. Handouts will be provided. Adv Beg

    4:00 PM SATURDAY

    Intermediate Guitar Paul BrownParticipants will learn chord theory, scales and arpeggios and about solo guitar

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    playing. Adv Beg/Int

    Cajun Fiddle Mark PalmsLearn the popular styles of fiddling found in Southwest Louisiana. So closely related to old-time fiddling, this style incorporates slides, blues notes and a driving Cajun rhythm. Also learn about jamming and seconding or playing chords on the fiddle in the Cajun and Creole style. Youll soon be jamming in this workshop! Int

    Duets for the Mountain Dulcimer Joni Sines (from festival performing duo, AbNormal Sines)This workshop is for the intermediate player. Participants will divide into two groups and learn to play one part of 2 or 3 duets. Hopefully, well be able to put them together so that they can be played as duets before the workshop is over! Int

    Understanding Modes (Related Scales) for all Instruments Jim R. MillerWhats in a mode? Mountain dulcimer players tune Ionian or Mixolydian. Old-time fiddlers in a jam call a modal tune; banjo players (and sometimes fiddlers) discuss the best way to retune for that mode. Were going to work through some tunes in modes commonly used in folk, Irish, and Old-time to give you an understanding of the modes and how to play tunes using them. Well play tunes in Ionian, Aeolian, Dorian and Mixolydian modes. Sheet music will be provided (standard notation) with simple mountain dulcimer tab. Adv Beg and above

    10:00 AM SUNDAY

    Celtic Mountain Dulcimer John WhitacreThis workshop explores Celtic tunes on the mountain dulcimer in DAD & DGD tunings and teaches participants how to play in several keys. Participants will learn pick direction, ornamentation, and the use of drones and double-stops to create a Celtic sound. Capo required. Int

    French Dances & Licks on Mountain Dulcimer Linda SigismondiThis is a repertoire building workshop for novice to intermediate mountain dulcimer players. Participants will be taught three French tunes: a Bouree from France, Branle du Village from Brittany and Mes Parents from Cajun country. Participants will also be shown some licks to add interest to the tunes (DAD tuning). Adv Beg/Int

    Fretted Instruments & Keyboards: Why G, C, & D? Jim Foerch (from festival performing band, Blue Water Ramblers)There are 96,308 possible chords on fretted instruments and keyboards. Why do so many traditional songs just use 3 of them? Find out the whys and wherefores from Banjo Jim and the Blue Water Ramblers. Do bring your favorite 3-chord song and well take a look under the