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  • Calendar 2020

  • 2 UTS Calendar 2020

    UTS organisational structure 3

    UTS committee structure 4

    Governance and management 5

    University of Technology Sydney Act 1989 32

    University of Technology Sydney By-law 2005 54

    UTS Rules 61

    Changes to UTS Rules 61

    Student Rules 63

    General Rules 134

    Responsibilities of Responsible Academic Officers 153

    Standing orders for UTS Council 157

    Standing orders for Academic Board 160

    Standing orders for Faculty Boards 165

    Principal dates for 2020 170


    This publication contains information current at December 2019. UTS takes all due care to ensure that the information contained here is accurate, but reserves the right to vary any information described in this publication without notice. Readers are responsible for verifying information that pertains to them by contacting the university.

    Editorial and production

    Corporate Information Governance Support Unit Division of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Corporate Services)

    Copyright statement

    © All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form by any process, electronic or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the University of Technology Sydney, except as permitted by the Copyright Act 1968 (Cwlth).

  • UTS organisational structure

    Chancellor and Council Vice-Chancellor and President

    Provost and Senior Vice-President


    Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion

    Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research

    Planning and Quality Unit

    UTS Internal Audit

    Chief Data Officer

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (International)

    UTS International

    UTS IELTS Centre

    UTS Shenzhen Research and Innovation Centre

    Australia–China Relations Institute

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Innovation and Enterprise)

    Corporate Relations Centre

    Enterprise Learning

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit


    Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research)

    Research Office

    Graduate Research School

    Institute for Public Policy and Governance

    Institute for Sustainable Futures

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education and Students)

    Connected Intelligence Centre

    Institute for Interactive Media and Learning

    Postgraduate Futures

    Student Ombud

    Student Services Unit

    University Library

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Corporate Services)

    Governance Support Unit

    Human Resources Unit

    Information Technology Division

    Marketing and Communication Unit

    Student Administration Unit

    UTS Legal Services

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Resources)

    Facilities Management Office

    Financial Services Unit

    Program Management Office

    Director of Risk

    Executive Manager (Operations)

    Executive Manager (Strategy and Communications)

    Director, Government Relations

    University Secretary

    Controlled entities

    accessUTS Pty Limited

    Insearch Limited

    UTS Global Pty Ltd

    Major related entities


    Sydney Educational Broadcasting Ltd

    UTS Child Care Inc

    Vice-President, Advancement

    3 UTS Calendar 2020

  • 4 UTS Calendar 2020

    UTS committee structure


    Council committees and groups

    Audit and Risk

    Commercial Activities



    Honorary Awards


    Physical Infrastructure


    Student/Council Liaison Group

    Boards associated with UTS

    accessUTS Board of Directors

    ActivateUTS Board of Directors

    INSEARCH Limited

    Sydney Educational Broadcasting Ltd Board of Directors

    UTS Beijing Ltd

    UTS Child Care Inc

    UTS Global Pty Ltd

    Academic Board

    Academic Board committees


    Appeals: Admissions (Non-disclosure) Graduate Research Students’ Professional Experience

    Courses Accreditation

    Graduate Research School Board


    Teaching and Learning

    Boards of studies

    Connected Intelligence Centre

    Institute for Sustainable Futures

    Faculty boards

    Arts and Social Sciences


    Design, Architecture and Building

    Engineering and Information Technology




    Transdisciplinary Innovation

    Senior management committees

    Vice-Chancellor and President

    Indigenous Advisory

    Indigenous Strategies

    Senior Leaders Group

    University Leadership Team

    Provost and Senior Vice-President


    Fee Policy and Management

    Load Planning Advisory

    Vice-Chancellor’s Social Justice and Inclusion

    Wingara Indigenous Employment

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (International)

    Australia–China Relations Institute Management


    UTS Beijing

    UTS Global

    UTS Shenzhen

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Innovation and Enterprise)

    Enterprise and Engagement Advisory Group

    Enterprise Learning

    Sydney Educational Broadcasting Ltd

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research)

    Animal Care and Ethics

    Human Research Ethics

    Indigenous Research

    Research Operations and Strategy

    UTS Biosafety

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education and Students)

    Connected Intelligence Centre

    Courses Planning

    Management of Learning Spaces

    Student Residences — Housing

    UTS Learning and Teaching Awards

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Corporate Services)

    Health and Safety

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Resources)

    Capital Development Program


  • 5 UTS Calendar 2020

    Governance and management

    UTS profile UTS is the top-ranked young university in Australia (Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2019).

    With an innovative and creative outlook, we provide our students with a career-focused education. Our teaching and learning model is both practice-oriented and research-inspired, and integrates the best of online and face-to-face experiences.

    Students gain real-world experience through UTS’s strong links to industry.

    UTS research spans a range of disciplines, including data sciences, engineering, health, sustainability, social futures, applied economics, robotics, microbiology and quantum computation. UTS researchers provide practical and relevant solutions to issues of national and international importance.

    The social and cultural diversity of the UTS community creates a vibrant and rich place to learn and work. We are based in the heart of Sydney’s creative precinct and close to the city centre.

    UTS strategy The UTS 2027 strategy sets our direction for the next nine years. Our vision — where we want to be by 2027 — is a leading public university of technology recognised for our global impact.

    Our strategy embraces the concept of a ‘lifetime of learning’. We must view the whole workforce, and beyond, as our prospective learner community.

    To do this, we will focus on five major elements:

    • personal learning experiences

    • working in partnership

    • leading innovation and entrepreneurship

    • delivering excellent research with impact

    • a sustainable future.

    Underpinning everything that we do will be our commitment to:

    • social justice and accessibility

    • responsible leadership of technology

    • excellence in Indigenous higher education and research.

    UTS governance UTS’s object and functions are outlined in section 6 of the University of Technology Sydney Act 1989 (NSW) (UTS Act).

    Governance at UTS operates within the framework prescribed by the UTS Act and the University of Technology Sydney By-law 2005 (NSW), and the university’s rules, policies and directives.

    UTS Council The university is governed by a 20-member Council, including elected and appointed members who have the expertise and background relevant to UTS’s governance needs. The Council’s powers are set out in the UTS Act, the UTS By-law and UTS Rules.

    Academic Board Council has delegated to Academic Board a range of powers for academic matters. Academic Board advises Council on the university’s core business of teaching, learning and research.

  • 6 UTS Calendar 2020

    UTS Council UTS Council is the university’s governing body. Council’s powers and functions include the control and management of the university’s affairs and concerns. Council may act in all matters in a manner that best promotes UTS’s objectives and interests.

    As constituted in accordance with the provisions of the University of Technology Sydney Act 1989 (NSW), and other university governance instruments, the UTS Council consists of the following members.


    Catherine Livingstone, AO, BA (Accounting) (Hons) (Macq), HonDBus (Macq), HonDSc (Murdoch), HonDBus (UTS), HonDLitt (Sydney), HonDSc (UOW), FCAANZ, FAATSE, FAICD, FAAS Term: 1 December 2016 to 30 November 2020

    Vice-Chancellor and Pre