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UK ATLAS SCT Module Quality Assurance. Joe Foster, Manchester University 04 Jan 2005 All results compiled in time for Christmas. Last year I . Was responsible for quality assurance on all UK SCT endcap modules. Helped refine module acceptance criteria. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • UK ATLAS SCT Module Quality AssuranceJoe Foster, Manchester University04 Jan 2005All results compiled in time for Christmas

  • Last year I Was responsible for quality assurance on all UK SCT endcap modules.Helped refine module acceptance criteria.Ran web pages of current UK module statistics.Examined and evaluated detailed test histories of 364 modules. Chased missing test result, hidden problems, database funnies, unexplained failures, etc.Was an officially sanctioned grumpy old man.

  • Next Year IllCarry on with UK endcap module QA.Examine another 250 or so module test histories in detail.Further refine acceptance criteria to ensure we have enough modules of the right sort.Maybe move to integration of SCT in ATLAS.Do some e-Science.Increase my rating to grouch?

  • Aims of Module QAMonitor each step of module production.Continuous health check on each module.Monitor overall production rates, yields, etc.Provide complete history of each module.Select the best modules for assembly in SCT.Pass module parameters on to reconstruction and simulation.

  • Module QA ToolsProduction Database:Current location and status of every SCT component.Complete test history of of each component.Shipping history of each component.Complete assembly family tree.Accessible world wide.Module traveler and visual inspection sheets.Locally archived test results.Scanned images of assembled modules.Personal notes from meetings, emails, etc.

  • UK Module Production Rates

  • UK Modules Started

  • Yield of Good + Pass UK Modules

  • Leakage Current, All UK Modules

  • RC Defects, All UK Modules

  • Noise Occupancy, All UK Modules

  • Midyf, All UK Modules

  • Midyf vs Midxf, All UK Modules

  • Msy vs. Mhy

  • Zmax, Zmin Front, All UK Modules

  • Zmax, Zmin Back, All UK Modules

  • Zminf vs. Zminb, All UK Modules

  • Time to Complete UK Module Testing

  • Failure Modes

  • UK XY/Z Survey Parameters out of Spec.

  • Recoverable ModulesCould recover ~5 modules by extending Pass spec.Up to 7 could be recovered by chip replacement.

  • Module SummaryFour inners fail pass cuts due to jig teething problems.

  • ConclusionsGood module QA information.Good QA information on production processes.UK should meet commitments on number and quality of modules.

    Good+Pass modules are according to time of evaluation, which has been in step with testing since about Sept 04.

    Add up - not subsets.Yields are cumulative, ie, (G+P)/(no. evaluated) for whole production at any time.Yields are vs. entry date of modules in DB. Mar->Jun 03 left out because of low statistics.Binomial errors because numerator is a subset of denominator.Glasgow yield is for all outers. Liverpool is outers + middles. Glasgow are reworking several outers; their yield should reach 85% for all outers.I havent analysed how many failures are due to Manchester errors + inherent hybrid or fanin problems.The 3 overflows represent accidental damage to sensors.The spec is 20 microA.The spec. is 1 way.Some RC defects + some HV bias problems are due to problems inherent in individual components.The Trim failure also failed RC + 3 pt gain.All of broken bits +some of RC defects and IV failures + two Z failures are due to accidents on completed modules. Accidents include the most important failure modes.Evaluated: outers= 229, middles = 122, inners = 6.One of the sepb fails also failed the IV. 3 modules had both zminf+zminb in the Pass band.It is hard for me to be sure about reworkability. Glasgow + Liverpool have a much better feel for it.Redefine Pass means allow both zminf + zminb in Pass band, and create pass bands for msx,sepf + sepb, which have minimal impact on physics.


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