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  • Dhaka Tribune Wednesday, December 11, 2013Volume 1, Issue 34

    Tales From The CiTyTales From The CiTyEpisodEs 31 : capturEEpisodEs 31 : capturE


    1Jonaki's Headquarters

    A weekly production ofDhakaTribune

    EditorZafar Sobhan

    Magazine EditorSabrina Fatma Ahmad

    Treehouse TeamSabiha Mahmud SumiRubab Nayeem KhanMunira FidaiNatasha RahmanSaudia AfrinTahsin MominBaizid Haque Joarder

    ContributorSama E DeenSyed Azraf ZamanRad Sharar Bin KamalKhatidja Hussein

    CartoonistSyed Rashad Imam TanmoyRio Shuvo

    GraphicsSabiha Mahmud Sumi Mohammed Mahbub Alam

    Colour SpecialistShekhar Mondal

    ProductionMasum Billah

    AdvertisingShahidan Khurshed

    CirculationWahid Murad


    Just five days to December 16. Do you know what day that is? It is our Victory Day, the day we officially won a terrible war and became Bangladesh!

    Its a day that we are proud of. This week, we meet a friend who sells little flags in December. Make sure you get

    one for yourself, and wear our red and green colours with pride.

    Write to us and let us know how you celebrated Victory Day this year! Send your drawings, poems, and stories to


    Hey friends,

    Solution: If the photos had been true the lighted windows in the background would not have been

    totally identical after a time span of 50 minutes. Also the moon would have changed position.


    2 discobangs padTeacher of the weekJoy Nicholas FrancisSupervillain of the weekCyborg SupermanSports starSebastian VettelWord on the street The boy with the flag

    3 taLEs from tHE cityCapture

    4 bHootums cLassroomAmazing facts; JokesLearn English kids Paint it

    5 spEEdys ZonEBook Station Movie Veggie tales: Merry Larry and the light of ChristmasTV The Puppy and the RingVideogame TearawayMusic Roar

    6 dr mEows LabMy pet story Bunny loveDIY Marker mugsFun science Quicksand Animal facts Pelicans


    Alter ego Henry Hank HenshawTeam affiliation NASASinestro CorpsManhuntersWarworldAlpha Lanterns

    Abilities TechnopathyKryptonian powers similar to SupermanQwardian power rings

    First appearance As Hank Henshaw Adventures of Superman #466 May 1990

    Hank Henshaw is an enemy of the Superman and the Green Lantern. Suffering from a cosmic accident that left Hank cursed with immortality, and made his wife go crazy. The Cyborg is a sad figure who brings out sympathies of the people for him and then they realise just how evil he truly is. tahsin momin

    This little kid in yellow stands for all the hope and pride we so desperately need to feel in our country. Surrounded by our national flags in all sizes possible, the child stares cross legged and wide eyed, making us feel that there is still much to be happy about. A carefree spirit, free to roam the streets and sell little pieces of national pride to people, what better way to earn a living than that?

    While it is easy to see that this angel does not have too many worldly perks, the innocence that shines on his face and the values he displays, of love, hope, patriotism and pride, is a wealth so priceless, we could all use some of it! mUniRa FiDai

    discobang's pad

    SPorTS STAr

    sEbastian vEttELBorn July 3, 1987Nationality GermanTeams BMW F1 Sauber (2006-2007)Scuderia Toro Rosso (2008)Red Bull Racing (2009-Present)

    Races 120 (120 starts)Championships 4Wins 39Podiums 62Career points 1451Pole position 45

    First race United States Grand Prix (2007) First win Italian Grand Prix (2008)Last race Brazilian Grand Prix (2013)Last win Brazilian Grand Prix (2013)

    tahsin momin


    cyborg supErman

    Joy Nicholas Francis is a joy to all his students. A teacher of Computer Science, Francis teaches classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 at SFX Green Herald School. Well-known for his remarkable personality and teaching skills, Francis always makes his students his friends and guides them throughout the academic year to success, and to achieve nothing but the best. Creating unique and

    different tasks, Francis makes sure that none of his students fail to understand their lessons and he always prepares lessons and advises his pupils with such kindness that there is only place for success and confidence in his class. With a guide like him, no student can ever fail to reach their goals. sama E DEEn

    tHE art of tEacHing

    TEAChEr of ThE WEEk

    Source: Jaago Foundation ww

    tahmeed shadab

    Word oN ThE STrEET

    pridE on His sHouLdErs



    The Human boy has been chasing after Jonaki for weeks! Will he catch her in the end? Or will the Firefly escape?

    ThE STory So fAr



    EpisodE 31 : capturE

    Created by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Story by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad

    Illustration by Syed Rashad Imam TanmoyColour by Rio Shuvo

    taLEs from tHE city


    4bhootum's classroom

    rofL Q What do you call a sleeping bull?A A bull-dozer.

    Q How do you fit more pigs on your farm?

    A Build a sty-scraper.

    Q What did the farmer call the cow that had no milk?

    A An udder failure.

    Q Why do gorillas have big nostrils?A Because they have big fingers.

    Q What do you get from a pampered cow?

    A Spoilt milk.

    Q Why are teddy bears never hungry?

    A They are always stuffed.

    Q When her son left, what did the buffalo say?

    A Bye-son!

    Q What do clouds wear inside? A Thunder pants.

    Q What guns do bees use? A BeeBee guns.

    Q What do calendars like to eat? A Dates.

    Q Why was the cookie sad? A Because his mother was a wafer

    so long.

    Q What do you call a pig who knows kung-fu?

    A A pork chop!

    Q Why was the skeleton alone at the party?

    A Because he had no body with him.

    You can see this activity and more online at:

    paint it!

    Colour the train green.

    Colour the bike blue.

    Colour the boat orange.

    Colour the car purple.

    Colour the bus red.

    Colour the plane yellow.

    Here are six ways to travel. Colour tHem in.



    speedy's Zone

    Buckle up readers because youre in for a ride. The PS VITA of the play station network has brought gaming to a new level with the release of Tearaway. A paper craft adventure where a fear-less messenger braves all obstacles to deliver a message to you- the player. You can select either a male (Iota) or a female (Atoi) to be the messenger.

    In this game you are a god-like figure residing in the sky, using god-like powers to assist the messenger in his/her journey. What truly makes this game special is its interactivity. You are

    able to lift an object by touching the backside of the console. You can also touch the screen to open presents or doors. You can record voices and take picture to progress. Awesome as it al-ready is, the game will capture your face with the help of the front camera and show it in objects like the Sun.

    Wow! This game is the bomb! So hur-ry up and grab your copy of this game and be amazed. This PS VITA exclusive game is available in particular game con-sole CD stores in Dhanmondi, Uttara, and Banani. syED azRaF zaman

    fLoat LikE a buttErfLyAfter a long hard day of school and studies, sometimes all you need, to pick yourself up, is a power song. In this case, classical girl power. Katy Perrys latest release in the series of power-ful singles, Roar is a fun,bubbly pop-track. Like most of her earlier songs, this one is also catchy with an easy chorus to sing along to. Perry sings about her inner strength and how she has been pushed around by others, but

    no more! The chorus says, Cause I am a champion and youre gonna hear me roar! This song makes you stand right up and face your fears. The video is in-teresting as well, as it shows Katy Perry and her friends texting the lyrics, as the day goes by.

    The single is available in the music stores in Dhaka, so go ahead. Listen to it, get that energy pumping and roar! RaD shaRaR




    While you complain about what you dont have, have you ever wondered about all that you do? Because, if you havent, this book will force you to think about all that. Among the many books written by Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Station is not just another Bangla book.

    This one of a kind book helps you compare your life with the lives of homeless and unfortunate children. Jalal with his several other friends, faces complicated difficulties in his daily life. Set in a railway station, this

    book portrays the way these childrens lives spin around the many problems thrown at them by the world. The children are forced to deal with situations, which we would pass on to our parents or guardians, or even if we didnt, we would at least know they have our backs. However, factors like poverty and domestic problems lets these children out into a world of cruelty. If you are looking for something different, this book is perfect! KhatiDja hUssEin

    5MuST rEAd bookstation by muHammad Zafar iqbaL

    pLaying god

    HoLiday advEnturEsWith the holiday season knocking on your door, the time has come to open your minds and explore the true mean-ing of the holidays. Veggie Tales: Merry Larry & the True Light of Christmas cap-tures the glimpse of Christmas where Veggie Philip and Veggie Reggie, aided by the malls Christmas elf,are given the opportunity to