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<ul><li> 1. Dr .Premasiri Gamage 94777906776 </li></ul> <p> 2. Trainer Skills Technical Skills * Extent of knowledge in the subject matter * Ability to perform * Work experience * Work knowledge( Understanding of the organization , its goals, values, process ) 3. Trainer Skills * Commitment to learning * Teaching ability 4. Trainer Skills Professional Skills * Lesson Planning * Facilitating of learning * Instructional Evaluations 5. Trainer Skills Personal Skills * Interpersonal Skills To establish rapport at all levels, questioning, listening and summarizing are crucial 6. Trainer Skills * Analytical and evaluative skills For interpreting behavior and information, including financial and other numerical data 7. Trainer Skills * Communication skills To convey new challenging ideas clearly and logically. 8. Trainer Skills * Creative skills To design imaginative approaches to communication and training 9. Trainer Skills * Commercial awareness To ensure training is planned, recorded and monitored effectively. 10. Trainer Skills * Integrity To safeguard the confidentiality of information's, trainers are increasingly involved in sensitive personal and business issues. 11. Trainer Skills * Respect to authority To help establish the norms of organization, you need to be accepted as part of its management team. 12. Trainer Skills * Administrative skills * Personal credibility * Wide knowledge and understanding of the organization, its goals, values and processes * Integrity 13. Trainer Skills * Respect for authority * Tolerance of ambiguity * Reflect the Organizational culture in actions and words * Excellent Communication Skills * Flexibility 14. Trainer Skills * Show respect for others * Lead by example * Know your subject * Be patient * Be enthusiastic * Get to know your learners 15. Trainer Skills * Self Confidence * Awareness of environment * Organizational Skills * Desire to learn * Ability to listen 16. Trainer Skills * Sense of humor * Nurturing * Team player * Committed * Exhibits professionalism 17. Trainer Skills * Has positive personality traits * Serves as a role model * Demonstrate mature behavior * Exhibits confidence * Behavior 18. Trainer Skills * Intellectual ability * Voice modulation * Ability to relate * Results focused * Respect for experience </p>


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