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Notes for Chapter 1


Chapter 1Flows-Process-Information = Supply Chain-Material-Of FundsProblems-Too internally oriented*Upstream processes Processes relating to our dealing with suppliers (negotiating, selecting, and improving supplier performance*Downstream processes Processes delievering products and services and serving customersProduct Quality Definitions by David Garvin1) Transcedent Quality is something that is intuitively understood but nearly impossible to communicate, such as beauty or love.2) Product-Based Quality is found in the components and attributes of a product3)User-Based If the customer is satisfied, the product has good quality4)Manufacturing-based If the product conforms to design specifications, it has good quality5)Value-Based If the product is perceived as providing good value for the price, it has good quality.Product Quality Dimensions by Garvin1) Performance2) Features3) Reliability4) Conformance If in allowable range of tolerance of specification5) Durability6) Serviceability7) Aesthetics8) Perceived Quality Customer opinionPZ&B Service Quality Dimensions1) Tangibles Physical appearance of facility, equipment, personnel, communication materials2) Service Reliability Ability to perform service dependably and accurately3) Responsiveness -- Willingness to be helpful and prompt4) Assurance5) Empathy individualized attention to customersValue Chain-Inbound logistics-Core processes -Outbound logisticsSix Sigma Procedure for implementing quality improvement analysis1) Define2) Measure3) Analyze4) Improve5) Control (DMAIC)-related activities6) Design of experiments (DOE)*Strategy planning procedures used to achieve a set of long-term goals*Mission States why the organization exists*Core Values Refers to guiding operating principles that simplify decision makingThree Spheres of Quality1) Management2) Assurance3) Control*Contingency theory that there is no theory or method for operating a business that can be applied in all instances


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