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2. TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT MEANING It is the management philosophy to set standards tomeasure quality, process, product, supply chain, vendorsso as to delight your customer. Is an enhancement to the traditional way of doingbusiness. It is a proven technique to guarantee survival in world. 3. DIAGRAMTOTALQUALITYMANAGEMENTCOMPLETE VARIOUS DEFINITIONSART OF MANAGING, GIVING DIRECTION, GETTING THINGS DONE. 4. ORIGIN Total quality management owes its origin to twoamericans: w.Edwards deming & j.M.Juran who launchedit first in Japan, which was on the process of rebuilding itseconomy devastated by world war- 2nd. 5. EVOLUTION OF TQM 6. INTRODUCTION Total quality management is for the most part commonsense. Analyzing the three words, we have : Total - made up ofwhole, Quality Degree of excellence a product or serviceprovides, Management - Act, art or manner of handling,controlling, directing etc.Is an application of quantitative methods and human resources to improve all the processes within anorganization. 7. It integratesfundamental managementtechniques, existing improvements efforts and technicaltools under a disciplined approach.The purpose of TQM is to provide a quality productand/or service to customers, which will in turn increaseproductivity.With ahigher quality product and lowerprice, competitive position in the market place will beenhanced. 8. OBSTACLES Lack of management commitment. Inability to change. Improper planning. Lack of training. Improper organization. Ineffectiveness measurement technique. Lack of resources and data. Inadequate attention to internal and external customer. 9. Inadequate use of employee empowerment andmotivation.Lack of will for continuous improvement. 10. PRINCIPLESQuality is primarily responsibility of top management. Butit is every employee concern.The system should be customer focus.The production process and work method design to helpin achieving conformance.Do it right for the first time.Continuous quality check. Striving for continuousimprovement. 11. ADVANTAGES Helps to face competition Reduction in Customer complaints Highly Motivated Personnel Expansion and Diversification 12. DISADVANTAGES Conservative Attitude of Indian Management Master and Servant Relationship Attitudes of Indian Society