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If you are an online teacher, then there are a number of opportunities for you as compared to a full-time traditional teacher. This document will help you in understanding the ways you can earn through teaching online while delivering quality.


  • 1. Make More Money as an Online Teacher!
  • 2. Lets accept this fact: while teaching is considered to be one of the noblest professions, its not very well-paid. Its quite difficult for a lot of conventional teachers to make decent money out of teaching, so many of them end up working a part-time job on the side. I, being a teacher myself, would often find it extremely hard to make some really good money despite spending countless hours and energy teaching young kidsand what I would get in return was pittance! Not anymore because, like others, I too have hopped onto the bandwagon of the online brigade and have seen a sharp rise in my monthly income.
  • 3. The advent of the World Wide Web has proved to be a windfall for a number of companies and individuals who have used the Internet to their own advantage. Take, for example, online learning which has changed the whole paradigm of education worldwide. Flexibility, convenience and affordability became the bywords and education became accessible to all, irrespective of their financial or geographical backgrounds. Then there are freelancers who are making raking it in by working from their homes, avoiding the hassle of traveling and spending money on transportation fares. You can shop online, study online and even teach online! And if you are not happy with your current salary as a conventional teacher, you may increase your income manifold by teaching online. Heres how you can do that.
  • 4. Online Tutoring Ive been an IELTS tutor for more than ten years now, and I find online teaching as an easy and effective way to make extra money. Although Ive spent most of my time teaching face-to-face, of late the trend of online teaching has gained traction, where teachers are working online with students via video collaboration and other tools. Tutoring is an easy way for you to earn additional money while sharing your expertise. You can find in-person jobs by applying to your local tutoring organizations, or work on your own time online. A number of teachers have taken to online teaching and are making a sizable amount of money. Sylvan Learning and are two great resources for tutoring.
  • 5. Instructing Online Classes Are you an expert in your field? If yes, then nobody on earth can stop you from earning extra money. The popularity of online classes is soaring and you dont need to have a teaching certificate or degree to get started. Deep knowledge in your specific field will help you draw a number of students, enabling you to enhance your earning potential as an online instructor. I would recommend you two sites that specialize in online learning: Ed2go and Brain Mass.
  • 6. Creating an App Long gone are the days when creating an app was confined to just programmers and developers; today its easier for everyone to create a successful app and no extensive training is required for this purpose. Granted that its a challenging task and will definitely take some time, but you can surely do that if you have a good idea. is one of the sites which are referred to by some actual teachers quite often. Thanks to Amazon apps and Android apps, the market is wide open for products created by real educators.
  • 7. Test Preparation As an online teacher, you need to help prepare students to take such exams as ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT. While sometimes you need to have an education background to teach these subjects, its compulsory other times to take the test at some point. Kaplan and Princeton Review are the national companies where you can find more information.
  • 8. Selling Lesson Plans Even for the most professional teachers, its not easy to continually create fun, engage lesson plans that challenge your students while keeping them deeply engrossed in the learning process. You can help your fellow teachers out by selling them online through some amazing websites like Fiverr or Teachers Pay Teachers.
  • 9. Conclusion You may improve your earning potential by teaching online if you follow these simple yet effective tips. And if you have any more ideas you can try and see if they will help you make more money online. For after all, the field is open for anyone who comes up with some truly great ideas to improve their earning potential in the otherwise not so money-oriented field of teaching. Teachers worldwide opt for Teacher Accreditation to improve their job prospects and increase their standing among students and academic fraternity.