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Tips for teachers - Disability awareness training. Round table introductions . Nicola Pegum Facilitator, Program Manager, Equity, Sydney Institute Peter Tong Guest student presenter Tina Binepal Teacher Consultant, Disabilities - Intellectual - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Tips for teachers -Disability awareness training

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    Round table introductions Nicola Pegum Facilitator, Program Manager, Equity, Sydney Institute Peter Tong Guest student presenterTina Binepal Teacher Consultant, Disabilities - IntellectualMaree Marsh Teacher Consultant, Disabilities PhysicalChris Slade Teacher Consultant, Disabilities - Deaf and Hearing ImpairmentRhonda Debney Teacher Consultant, Disabilities Psychiatric

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    Today's sessionDisability Legislation, Policy, enrolments & Privacy issuesWhat is Reasonable Adjustment?Role of Teacher Consultants & Individual Disability unitsWhat does Deaf/Hearing Impaired mean?Issues and Tips for Deaf/Hearing Impaired?Students with intellectual disability & tipsStudents with a physical disability & tipsA students perspective Students with a psychiatric disability & tipsUseful Links, Wikis, Have your say! - Q&A

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    All about Disability legislation & policyDisability Discrimination Act (1992) Standards for Education (2005) Disability Services Act (1993) Privacy Laws with Disabilities Policy - TAFE NSW

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    Disability enrolments at Sydney InstituteTable 1Table 2Did you know / In 2009, we had 6,248 students enrolled with disability/ Almost 1 in 10 students enrolled at SI have a disability/ Think about for your own classroom/training /room

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    Privacy and disclosure of disabilityChoosing Your Path - Disclosure: its a personal decision & pathways people with disabilities use in disclosing their disability in post secondary education & employment articulates role and responsibilities of employers & educators in relation to disclosure.

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    providing students with disabilities with appropriate assistance so they can participate on the same basis as students who do not have a disability.

    The legislation requires all TAFE NSW Institutes provide RA What is Reasonable Adjustment?

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    Examples of Reasonable adjustmentRA is negotiated and individualised to meet the specific needs of the student.

    For example;Extra breaks/ time/scribe/ during an assessmentProviding a student with an adjustable desk /chair in class

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    Vision ImpairmentDeaf/Hearing ImpairedIntellectualPsychiatricPhysicalNeurological

    Individual Disability units

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    Assesses for: reasonable adjustment assessmentsupport services: E.g. Note takers, interpreters, support teachers1:on:1 tutorial supportseparate rooms & extra time for examsliaise with classroom teachersRole of Teacher Consultants

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    Pre-lingual deafness: Deafness acquired before language acquired mild moderate severe profoundThe Deaf communityDistinct, culture, identity social groupHearing Impaired:Due to Illness, accident, ageing.

    What does Deaf/Hearing Impaired mean?

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    Obvious issues student may experience:not be able to hear the teacher/trainer AT ALLmay miss a lot of what the teacher saysmisses bits and pieces of what the teacher sayscant communicate with the teachercant communicate with fellow studentsmisses explanations, instructions, late changes, anecdotes, corrections homework info.

    Issues for Deaf/Hearing Impaired?

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    communicate directly as possible. (i.e. F2f and slow down)modify your language: become familiar with the appropriate language level for the studentcheck for understanding regularly, encourage & reinforceuse whiteboard frequently to record verbal teaching content be inclusive (i.e. direct questions to the student. Ask them how their weekend was?)use plenty of white spaceTips for teacher/trainers

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    Students with an ID are diverse in their abilitiesMay experience difficulties with:Grasping abstract conceptsUnderstanding complex termsProblem solvingRecalling informationReading and writingTransferring skills from one situation to anotherCommunication

    Students with an intellectual disability

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    breaking a task down into smaller chunkspractical hands on experiencefrequent repetition and reviewspecific and immediate feedbackconsistency and routineGuided practiceShorter periods of learning interspersed with breaksUse of visuals/colour/pictures

    Inclusive teaching for students with ID

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    Students with a physical disabilityDisability can be obvious or not so obviousStudent may also have other disabilitiesReasonable adjustment is negotiated and informed by Medical ReportReasonable adjustments examples include: tutorial support, a note taker, reduced program, adaptive technology.

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    LEARNCAST A range of Disability Brochures

    HELP! Responding to students with Mental Health and Learning Difficulties is a video resource produced by the Centre for learning Innovation

    Responding to Students with Aspergers :

    Useful Links

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    Sydney Institute Disability Wiki linksRANDWICK:





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    THE PANEL Tina Binepal, Chris Slade, Maree Marsh, Rhonda Debney and Peter Tong (Student Representative)

    Have your say! - Q&A