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10 Media Survival Tips for Teachers. Diocese of Stockton Ministry Day April 2, 2011 Hosea Rupprecht , FSP Pauline Centre for Media Studies 3908 Sepulveda Blvd. Culver City, CA 90230 (310) 890-8226 hrupprecht@paulinemedia.com www.sisterhosea.wordpress.com. 10 Media Survival Tips. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


How to Be a Media Savvy Catechist and Youth Minister in 10 Easy Steps!

10 Media Survival Tips for TeachersDiocese of StocktonMinistry DayApril 2, 2011

Hosea Rupprecht, FSPPauline Centre for Media Studies3908 Sepulveda Blvd.Culver City, CA 90230(310) 890-8226hrupprecht@paulinemedia.com www.sisterhosea.wordpress.com

10 Media Survival Tips1. Gifts of God2. Values3. Equal before media4. Honor your students5. Know whats out there6. Listen7. Ask questions8. Move deeper9. Catholic Social Teaching10. Practice

Tip # 1: Gifts of GodThe Churchs attitude toward media:They are gifts of God, to be used for the common good of all people.

World Communications Day:Sunday between Ascension Thursday and Pentecost.

Pope Benedict XVIThe relationship of children, media, and education can be considered from two perspectives: the formation of children by the media; and the formation of children to respond appropriately to the media. A kind of reciprocity emerges which points to the responsibilities of the media as an industry and to the need for active and critical participation of readers, viewers and listeners. Within this framework, training in the proper use of the media is essential for the cultural, moral and spiritual development of children.

World Communications Day Message, 2007

Tip # 2: ValuesValues are ideas/ideals weCherishHold in high esteemWork to maintainOften give direction to our life

(As defined by Gretchen Hailer in BELIEVING IN A MEDIA CULTURE, St. Marys Press, 1995)What are your values?Identify three guiding values for you andyour family and why.1)2)3)

These values can form the criteria for talking about television and movies

Tip # 3: Equal Before Media

Tip # 4 Honor your studentsHonor your students so that you can create a safe place to communicate the God who is in you and they can communicate the God who is in them to you

Honor your students tastes in media

Tip # 5 Know what media is out thereName five primetime television showsWatch even what you dont like but what your students are watching Glee American Idol The Office CSI 90210Watch with your own children & family first of all & TALK!Next slide is the Smallville Clip with Clark talking Maddie down. Usually I would put the Glee wheelchair clip here but Ive already used it in the previous talk. 10Tip # 5 Contd. Know what media is out thereGo to the movies OR Get the DVD, NetflixKnow about whats newENTERTAINMENT WEEKLYLA TimesOnline reviewsTip # 5 Contd. Know what media is out thereGamingX box 360PS 3WiiRock BandGuitar HeroHaloGrand Theft Auto 4Mortal KombatGod of WarMario Brothers

Tip # 6 ListenListen to the talk and conversation going on around youListen to your students: Did they see anything about the class on television this weekListen with eyes, ears & heart to the news: question it/pray with itListen with eyes & ears to advertising

Tip # 7 Ask QuestionsWho created this message?What techniques are used to get my attention?How might different people understand this message differently from me?What lifestyles, values, and points of view are represented or omitted from this entertainment or information message?Why was this message sent? Who profited?

Tip # 8 Move DeeperMedia Mindfulness

Tip # 9 Catholic Social TeachingHuman beings are created in the image of GodArtistic expression, like creative imagination, is a gift given by GodThe pursuit of the common good is the fundamental principle for the good of societiesThe power of the gift and act of the creative imagination and expression is rooted in human freedomThe value of the human person is independent of material possessions or social statusThe whole world and all that is in it, is the arena for Gods activity -Rev. J. Silbert, PMM

Tip # 10 PracticeMake every media experience an opportunity to practice media mindfulness

ResourcesOur Media World:Teaching Kids K-8about Faith and MediaBy Hailer and Pacatte

Pauline Books & Mediawww.pauline.org$ 19.95Resources

St. Marys Presswww.smp.org$ 27.25Media Mindfulness:Educating Teens about Faith and MediaBy Hailer & PacatteComing SoonJune 2011How to Watch Movies with Kids: A Values-Based StrategyHosea M. Rupprecht, FSPPauline Books & Media, Bostonwww.pauline.orgFor those raising kids, how to recognize and discern values in movies, teaching kids to do likewise, and developing a family strategy .


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