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1. The Travel StoreEvery journey begins here0 20 photography tips every travellers must know0 Tips for betterjumping photos (Jumpology)o Apps for Photography -TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY TALKMEDate:17/1/2015 11me:3pmVenue:The Travel Store,KLCCLIMITED SEAT AVAILABLE.Please call or email for reservatlonl 013-731 0120 /03-5275 3677E [email protected]| store. com. myIdeal for leisure travelers who are enthusi- astic In photography as well.It's good to start with the basics to have a strong ground In photography.The workshop Introduces the concept of photography and a basic understanding of DSLR camera and how it helps to capture stunning and beautltul portrait and landscape photo. (a simple introductions on few photography apps for both iPhone and Android)- I'iEi&$3l~il6l5l9i|15l-0 Journey with LOJEL 8. Event Update- 2. 2|] FHIITIIERIIPHY TIPS EVERY TRAVELLER MUST Kill]No matter where you're headed to,doing some research on the location will give you a better idea of what to expect.Leam as much as you can by reading up on guidebooks,travel sites and even online forums to nd out what are the best places or time of the year to visit. In order to prevent shoulder aches from lugging around a heavy camera,leave your bulky DSLR at home.However,it it is a must,a compact one will do.Today's digital cameras are ideal as they come equipped with high resolutions and are mucheasier to handle too. Give your flash (1 rest and rise early to catch the moming light (psst. won't have people getting in your shots tool).The magic hour happens approxi- mately an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset.when the sun is nearer to the horizon.This reduces the intensity of direct light which explains its softer andwarmer glow. E/ EBesides researching the location,it's good to leom how to operate your devices (whether it's a camera,lens.flash or tripod) prior to your vacation.Understandinghow it works will save you valuable time once youre already there. Never underestimate hotels and villas that offer a great view.Though they may cost slightly higher,they absolutely make up for it with amazing photo opportunities.Plus,you'll also save traveling time to scenic locations since you can just shoot from your window how convehientlIf you have time on your hands,skip flying.Slow down instead to document your journey before arriving at your destination take a break at the local food joint and try the local cuisine you'll be surprised by how much more you're able to see and explore. . f*1~i/ lblllwg ShawWhat's a gnnd holiday without takinghome some sweet snapshnts as memen-tos?If you've ever felt frustrated for nutcapturing your glnrinus travels at their best,take note at these phntngraphy tips before ynu jet nff tn ynur next ilestinatinn. 3. TALK TO THE LOCALSif you're in a foreign country,try befriending and getting acquainted with the locals.Not only will you get a better feel of their culture,you can even get insights on the best,most iconic and lesserknown places to visit in town! SHOOT CITIES AT NIGHTBest way to capture the beautiful skyline of a city?When the sun goes down!Night time is when cities come alive in all its illuminated glory.Bright lights and colours add interesting details to buildings and architectures that look rather ordinary during the day. CREATE BETTER COMPOSITIONSDo you place your subject smack in the middle of the frame?Avoid this common mistake and apply the Rules of Thirds instead.imagine your frame being divided into nine equal parts.separated by two horizontal and vertical grids.Then place the subject along any of these intersecting points or lines. FREEZE MOTIONAchieve a faster shutter speed by increasing the ISO to freeze any form of action or quick movement.This is especially helpful for tip #12! However,you should always stick to a low ISO whenever possible or when there's good lighting to retain the quality and detail of your pictures (switching to a higher1 ISO will result in grainy shots). CHANGE YOUR ANGLEInstead of shooting all your photos at eye-level.keep things fresh by getting shots from a higher or lower viewpoint.It's also interesting to have a bird's eye view of a location so look for places overlooking the entire city to nail this shot. MTAKE PORTRAITS (or LOCALS) / Add human interest to your " photos by taking shots of the 4 locals mix it up by photograph- ing people of all ages and gender to get a good variety of faces that represent a country.But remember to greet them and ask for permission rstlGET CANDIDYou don't have to get your subject to pose all the time.Shake things up by sneaking shots when they're unaware of the camera.Spontaneous photos tend to bring out natural expressions and emotions that are often not translated when the subject is posing. LOOK FOR INTERESTING DETAILS Each place that you visit has its own quirks and character try snapping photos of both living and non| iving subjects that reflect the location.This includes people,animals.nature.or even colours,patterns and textures. 4. ZII PHIIIIJERAPHY TIPS EVERY TRAVELLER MUST KNIIWI5IRAINY DAY SUBJECTSDon't worry if it pours:make the most out of the weather by taking photos of nature think waterfalls,gardens and forests.The raindrops will make the foliage glisten and they look good under overcast light too as it brings out every detail. SHOOT IN RAWPick this setting on your camera as opposed to JPEG this original image le contains much more data that is minimally processed.thus allowing you to convert it again and again to different formats in the future. FINDING THE RIGHT (WHITE) BALANCEDepending on the light source.your photos can either appear warm or cool.This is where white balance steps in it adjusts and corrects the colour temperature of your pictures under any lighting situation by rendering elements that are supposed to be white.Hence,under cool lights you can warm things up and vice versa. DOUBLE BACK UPAlways carry two hard drives to store your images and remem- ber to keep them in separate places in case you lose one.For memory cards,keep them in the card slots in your wallet so they don't fall out easily. BACKLIT SUBJECTSif it's especially sunny outside,use a ll-ash it helps lighten the foreground by filling in shadows and bringing out colours when the background is slightly brighter than the subject itself. TRUSTY TRIPODGot shaky hands?Avoid the disappointment of coming home with blurry shots by investing in a lightweight but sturdy tripod for your travels! 5. THE TIIP IU PHUTUERAPHY APPSEvarynna can Ira a smartphone photographer than days.Thanks tn our mnI1iIa'a image quality that rivals digital camaraa,and the plethora of photo editing tools that coma with it to anhanca our pictures.Vlnndar irrhat are com of tho Ilalt app:to download into your arsenal?Hara's a list (in no particular order) for Iinth i[IS and Android that allow:you to snap.tweak,share and store yourall favourite phntns. VSCO CamThis is where your post-processing magic comes to life.Despite its mediocre camera,the app features a versatile package of tools,filminspired presets and special filters.It saves your images in its internal camera roll,allowing you to edit image saturation,temperature.shadows,highlights and more with the adjustable strength sliders. AfterlightPolish up your snapshots with this excellent editing tool that will leave any mobile photographer spoilt for choice.It offers precise control through an array of premium presets and tools ranging from basic to more advanced edits besides applying textures and light leaks,there's also a special clarify tool to equalize exposure. SnapseedThis powerful editing app's unique interface makes it quite the crowd favourite.its Auto Correct feature allows for simple yet effective finetuning,the Tune image tool offers advanced tweaking for the overall atmosphere.while the Selective Adjust mode allows users to tweak specific parts of an image. Plclab HDIf you're a fan of Tumblriike photos and artsy typography,this | ayerbased editing app is for you!Customise your own inspiring image with its numerous overlays and retro lters,then add motivational aphorism captions in trendy and quirky fonts.It also boasts design elements and art effects that you can layer on top of each other! FacetuneNeed to cover up a pimple?Or whiten stained teeth?Hide all your imperfections with this impressive app that will beautify all your portraits and selfiesl Use Smooth to remove unwanted blemishes,freckles or dark circles.'Reshape to fix your nose bridge or jowline contour.and Tone to subtly even out your skin colour.It'sjust like cosmetic surgery,minus the hefty price tag! Price:Free Price:$0.99Price:Free Price:$1.99Price:$3.99 Adobe Photoshop TouchAdobe brings its renowned desktop software to the smartphone setting.Unlike its entrylevel express version,this advanced and more technical (albeit pricier) variant carries more compelling features comprising layers,adjustments,fonts,selection tools and filters that support the editing of high-resolution photos so you don't have to worry about down-scaling it or losing details in your edits. InstagramWith its enonnous following,this popular photo-sharing app allows lnstagrammers to jazz up their cell phone snaps (or 15 seconds videos) with an abundant of fashionable filters that ooze a modern vintage appeal.It also features additional editing tools for image cropping,sharpening,framing and more prior to sharing it on various social networks.This app definitely deserves a double tap! Pixlr-o-matlcHere's another nifty photo editing cum social networking app that's worth downloading at the cost of nothing.If retro is your middle name,you'll be delighted with its massive collection of overlays,borders and effects that exude an artistic,old school vibe.Like Instagram,you can also share your images online with the Pixlr community. PicFrameSnapped a series of photos but want to share them all at once?Organize and compile your favourite moments in a single cottage with this framing tool it has more than 70 adjustable layouts that supports up to nine photos and videos per frame!That's not all:Users can add in individual photo effects,text labels and music too! DropboxIf you're one of those with a million photos stored in your mobile,this smart- phone software is your holy grail.While it isn't exactly a camera app,it allows you to store all your images (and videos) in one central location with easy access for editing and sharing on the go!Price:$4.99 Price:free Price:$0.99 Price:$3.99 6. JUMP FOR JOY! Move over,peace signs and settles.If there's one mandatory shot that has been trending recently (especially during vacations),it's got to be the jump shot!Whether you're getting sun-kissed skin by the beach,strolling in a park orat a wedding reception,there's almost always a time and place for jumping photos.Think it's difficult to capture them?Just follow these simple rules andyoull be on your way to master the art of 'jumpology'. GET DOWN LOWHere's a trick to make the jump look higher:always shoot from a lower angle!Sit.squat or even lie on the ground if you have to this will create more space between the subject and the ground,thus giving the illusion that your subject jumped higher.You can also opt to crop the ground off in the final photo! TAKE IT EASYJumpers tend to tense up their faces subconsciously as they might be focused on the jumping act itself or they might try to control the way their faces contort midair.Hence always remind them to relax those facial muscles or try making them laugh fora natural,candid shot. BE CREATIVEDon't just jump straight up and down.Think of other ways to create interesting silhouettes in the air legs up,hands by the side.legs folded or even air-kicks.Try experimenting with props too just combine your poses with balloons.umbrellas or brooms for a floating or flying effect. SHOOT CONTINUOUSLYAlways missing the perfect moment when your subject's feet are off the ground?Capture the entire jump,from takeoff to landing by selecting the burst mode on your camera.This allows you to take multiple shots per second for as long as you hold the shutter button down. LET THEM COUNTIn three,two,one. .. jump!Your subject might not be fully ready when you count for them.Let them count instead they'll also feel more relaxed and prepared when they're in control of the timing. SAY FREEZEQuick movement can result in blurry images,so switch to the sports mode (that running figure icon) to freeze jumps.Because sports are fasfpaced activities,this mode will give you a higher shutter speed and ISO to capture your subject clearly despite their fast pace.It also works well with #tlp 4!LOOK FOR THE LIGHTWhile flash isn't necessary when you're using the sports works best when there's good lighting to avoid 'noise or grainy images.Shoot your jumpers outdoors when the sun is bright to make the most out of your increased ISO and shutter speed as mentioned in point #6.PHONE CAMERASDid you know that your smart- phone takes a picture only when you release the camera button (and not when you press it)?With this in mind.tap on the screen area where your subject will be mid-air (to pre-focus) then press the camera button and only let go when he or she is in the focused area. JUMP SMARTPlanning to use a selftimer for your jumping selfie?Save yourself the workout of having to run back and forth to your camera or smartphone by using a remote control! 7. a: :i5:>1:l , ,__.1.) '' : =f3l'!4%1iL '. {'l $II; =. 'lF? hFl! !i-. -llinitil : 'pIi?2lT. %i-": lIfs l';11'lt:1l'i; Eii-; I.f. *i. . 1iil= ?'&1i-3iE'I; .iIE! . v: =;F5l-;1'J'l-'4/ fAf. ':| F.TT.1:'/ fAtl, i. F: '_v15.'? x-T ~= _!!5Gi'_v1. .. C; ':l: 'L'F T.. , Is:-= ;tPJi. %'aV; -I"ti:1lEl5i: wEti'iJrla= .. :7!E3iill: ?xl1:i: llifts! -ldil * " _. '.'.1a'2lI: ia Jlilbithriultifiillii.Ia . '.7lEf19.". : :.'/ Al: 'L| T|3%: l7.5i'}lT, I '_lAt ij: :a'. ~ llruil ii, iii iiL"E: E155mE5w. "., ii_']t5A'i| r= .:1"'l: .'1./ .: :Ir: f' Stlfft-it: -.1I= =l: iti it-T4-J/ flliii '. ,:l-"l'lT. '.= .l&'-: .. nulls fv1,3-24Iil. 'lI: i'Ilt_ltZ'2I= ;'$. ;"'. ti,3E', "4=. E Ii? il: :i: -:41!9;, -ti-.2!. 7.+'. '*.2:11 3iIl. Z$i? i3i~l sun? -1'1 ii| |EilT'i! Et; ";'i it l, iilii': 't: _5f. -i.5.5i%'ali. I3t Eli 'Fi'l= l=linit