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1. Turn on SpeakersPowerPoint Show by Andrew 2. Decked out in all their military finery, with cavalry and soldiers galore, the Royal family assembled in central London today for the Trooping of the Color to mark the Queen's official birthday. But despite all the splendor on show, there was only one star, as gorgeous Prince George made his first appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to wave at the adoring crowds gathered below alongside the Duchess of Cambridge, making her first appearance since giving birth last month. The young price was wearing a baby-blue outfit trimmed with white frills, in a deliberate echo of Price William's own outfit when he first appeared on the balcony held by Charles 31 years ago. When George had appeared at the window of the palace earlier in the day, he had been wearing a dark jumper. 3. Queen Elizabeth waves from the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the Trooping of the Colour parade to mark her official birthday, alongside Prince George who delighted the adoring crowds waiting below. 4. How times change: The royal family pictured 31 years ago as Prince William was taken on to the balcony for the first time during the Trooping of the Colour while being held by father Prince Charles (left). 5. Spitting image: Prince George, was dressed in a baby blue outfit with frills for his appearance - in deliberate echoes of his own father's outfit in 1984. 6. Prince George waves from the balcony flanked by father Prince William, mother Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, the Queen, Prince Andrew and Prince Harry in the background. 7. Kate was seen riding in a horse-drawn carriage alongside the Duchess of Cornwall, while husband William was elsewhere in the parade riding on horseback. 8. Queen Elizabeth, who turned 89 this year, was celebrating her official birth at the annual Trooping the Colour parade in central London alongside husband Prince Philip dressed in traditional bearskin and red tunic. 9. Trooping the Colour is a military tradition dating back hundreds of years, but became associated with the royals in the 18th century. The Queen's actual birthday is on April 21. 10. Prince Charles (left) and Prince William (right) wore traditional bearskin hats and red tunics in their roles as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, and Colonel of the Irish Guards respectively. 11. Prince Harry, who left the military last month after a decade in service and two combat tours of the Middle East, rode in the carriage with Camilla and Kate dressed in the uniform of the Household Cavalry, where he remains a Commissioned Officer. 12. Sitting in front of ranks of the Household Division, the Queen and Prince Philip take part in the annual Trooping of the Colour parade. 13. Queen Elizabeth, who turned 89 this year, inspects the ranks of the Household Division during a parade to mark her official birthday. 14. Prince Charles, Prince William and Princess Anne take part in the Trooping the Colour parade while mounted on horseback. The Queen also used to ride during the parade, but swapped to a carriage in the late 1980s. 15. Prince William raises his hand in salute while riding alongside Princess Anne during the Trooping of the Colour parade. 16. Prince Philip, 94, is pictured wearing a bearskin hat which weighs 2lbs on its own, while Prince Harry is pictured wearing the uniform of an officer. 17. Prince Andrew was pictured riding in a third Barouche with his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie 18. Beatrice (left) and Eugenie (right) rode in a carriage along with father Prince Andrew at the parade to mark the Queen's official birthday. 19. More than 1,000 soldiers have taken part in the parade which existed as a military tradition before being associated with the monarchy during the rule of King Charles II. 20. The Queen smiles as she heads back towards Buckingham Palace from Horse Guards Parade after taking part in the Trooping of the Colour. 21. Members of the Household Guard march behind the Barouche carrying the Queen and Prince Philip during the Trooping of the Colour. 22. The annual event has taken place for hundreds of years, but only became associated with the royal family during the reign of Charles II, when it was decided it would mark the official birthday of the monarch. 23. Following the parade, Prince Andrew, the Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice were pictured on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.