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  • 1. Welcome to Gloria & Korians 2008 Birthday Celebration February 1, 2008 Slideshow ENJOY!
  • 2. Enjoying good food at NAN Restaurant
  • 3. The Foxie Four (Aunt Opal, Gloria (Birthday Gal), Aunt Virginia & Aunt Maryland
  • 4. Friendship & Mentorship in action
  • 5. Me tryin to get everyones attention to thank them for their patience and love for coming out to honor Gloria & Korian on their birthday
  • 6. Cousin Alex looks like hes havin fun. Hes such a kool, kalm and talented fellow. Thanks for coming to my birthday party. Love, Your cuz Korian E A L X
  • 7. What in the World Be quiet Maryland
  • 8. Alan & Anika Jones, my spiritual mentor and friend. Thank you for all the prayers and being there when weve needed you. You all are a part of our family. Love, The Freeman/ Young Family
  • 9. Aunt Opal & Dawn (Ojis cousin from Mass.) Thank you for being a part of our birthday celebration and your support. Love, Gloria, Korian and Jennifer
  • 10. The Foxie Four Again (Aunt Opal, Gloria (Birthday Gal), Aunt Virginia & Aunt Maryland
  • 11. The Foxie Four Again Again (Aunt Opal, Gloria (Birthday Gal), Aunt Virginia & Aunt Maryland Good lookin out Aunt Opal
  • 12. Arent They Beautiful? ( Aunt Virginia, Gloria (Birthday Gal) & Tracie (Tray)
  • 13. Here Are the Beauties Minus the Birthday Girl ( Aunt Virginia & Tracie (Tray) Im so sleepy & I wanna go home
  • 14. Older & Young cousins conversing about something. Whatever it is they are very engaged. Tanae, I dont remember that.
  • 15. Look @ the twins Oh no thats Vicki & Tanae. Wow how time flys.
  • 16. Heres Yo & Vikki (long-time girlfriends and friends of the family) being social butterflies. Arent they beautiful BLACK SISTAHS?
  • 17. Here Im again expressing the reason for the occasion. Boy do I look like a boney stick.
  • 18. Heres Aunt Maryland, Tracie (girlie a little bit lower and your goods would have been saying peek-a-boo. I look like a deer in head lights.
  • 19. I love this picture a lot because its the ONLY one of its kind. Weve come a long way; Korian was very happy her dad to come to the ATL for the party.
  • 20. Heres Karen the Ethos DIVA and her mom; I cant thank you all enough for hangin in there with us and waiting until we arrived. You all are the GREATEST friends our family could ever have.
  • 21. Heres one of Korians best friends Tracy Cole. They went to his promo together May 2008 Oh no Korians had her 1 st prom date Im going to faint NOW.
  • 22. Its good to see our male cousins posing for the camera. Mal & James thanks for your patience and support over the years.
  • 23. Look @ the birthday girls. Dont they look stunning TWO SPECIAL LADIES February 2 babies
  • 24. Oji & Dawn, his cousin from Massachusetts
  • 25. Look at my baby. Shes growin up.
  • 26. Rare moment Mom, Oji and Korian @ their birthday celebration @ NAN Restaurant
  • 27. Proud brothers Thanks for being there and letting me host the after-party @ SIP
  • 28. Hey yall. Im in SIP Heaven ! Cuz working hard @ his morning, noon & evening job. Thanks Rod for making the evening special!
  • 29. Here are the birthday girls with their very special birthday cake with candles compliments of NAN Restaurant! Arent they beautiful with a birthday glow?
  • 30. Mom, Tracie & Aunt Maryland cheesing for the camera. Very good ladies!
  • 31. Vikki and ME bein too cute. Is that a side double chin I see?
  • 32. The ladies in RED (Aunt Opal with her fly self, Vikki and Erica (Korians mentor) Could some of them be Deltas and graduates of HBCUs?
  • 33. Yo, Vikki and ME lookin and feelin good since we finally got our food.
  • 34. Gloria & Korians 2008 Birthday Celebration Photo Collage


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