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This brochure details events associated with the Georgia Museum of Art's 50th anniversary, covering September 1998 to July 1999.


  • lFOr 5 0 yArs, ile Qeorgia -lLuvum oJ Art has plaled a tentralrole in the prtsertation and ?resffitation oJ the tisual arts in Ctorgla.

    Founder Afred Heber Holbrook initialll began his art colbrtion inI94A to honor hts kte wit'e Era Unfurhill Holbrook. A retired lm)er

    Jrom Nu York Cit1, Holbrook generousll donated his colbttlon oJ 100paintings to tle Universitl oJ Georgia and kter semed as the museumljrst dirtrtar. Visitors todry malt fnd. it ffiilt to beline that theCeorgia Muvum oJ Art onte ronsisted oJ onll two galluks on the

    graundyloor oJ the old unirersitl librarl on nortlt mmpus when itjrstopmed in Novmber 1948. In 1996 tb Ceorgia Museum of Arrrelotated to a *ate-oJ-the-art, 52,000 square-Joot building on the eastcampus oJ the Untuersitl oJ Cnrgia, housing ovr 7,000 works oJ art.

    The Georgia Statt hgklature fustgnated the Ceorgia Muvum oJ Art theoljcial state museum oJ art in 19 82. This yar will nark a halJunturl oJ exhibitions, bdurc, collections, edwational actitities andsthokr\ catalngur produred and. promoted lry the muvum to reacl) outto the citi

  • of Art. Plcase call the departn ent of education at (706) 542-GMOA for rschedule of speakers and iopics. 5ponsozl byThe Llnirersitl oJ Ceorgiai Oljo oJ tb VkePruidentJor R*earch, the Lanar.[)odd School oJ Arr andTbc {-inircrsitl oJ Gtoryia\ CnrttrJorI lunantrcs and Arts

    Faculty Exhibition'gISeptember rz - October z5Km1 Gq11egl119f Pritit5 arid Drawings; Virginia and Alfred.KennedyGallery; PhiJip Henry Alston Jr. Galleryflrrs crhibition learures p:rnring.,5(ulprurc. ceratnic, and print' br rhc [aculry oI rhe Lamar Dodd Scl-ool oI Art ,r fhc Urriver'it1 ul Ccorgia.Rereruo Evrr rPrnel Discussro n: Fatulry fxhibition'g8Thursday, September q, 5.lo p.m.M. Snith Griffith AuditoriumJoin professors of painting, sculpturc, printmaking rnr'1 ceramicsfiom the Lamar Dodd School ol Arr as rhcy.'liscuss thcirwork. Of{ired in conjunction with the exhibition }irrnltlE>hibtrcn 98.

    OcroBER r998Elegant SaluteSaturday, Octgbgr l, 7.p.m.The Friends of- the Georgia.Museum of Art will host thejr biennial ifund

    .gi;er Elegant Saiute, celebiating thd muieum's 50th innivet-sary.iCocktails. will be served at 7 p.m., followed by dinner anddancing until midnight, Tickets me $300 per couple and $ t.50 pcrperson- Gmerousll sponsored bl Atura oJ Athn1I'Alto oJ Athens, AutumStu,lios, Ltl., Bilk, Flowcrs, lnr. Balloors, Lucent Ttchnologits, NttioxsBank,end Dr. anl Mrs, Edwin Pittrnan, with spuial tbanks to flowcrs, Lnr., andCodtua Chocolatier.

    Family Dayr Day of the Dead!Saturdap October )r, z p.m.Don't miss the Georgia Museum of Art'ssecon.l annual celebr:ation of theMexican holiday, Dta dc ks Muertos.or Day of the Dead, Thc afrer-noon will include refreth- a :manr$ rifriliai and:arr '., .. ... , ',;i.iaCgiVii!95r,,:,lpqasritd".,''' r''

    rr'r . :..,.

    $'*!4iriaid Allox, 'Mq:ni.(i,1,:' !rii,l,.;',Hry*qrd,Albn Try9n,m$;hi Friindi oJ rbeMuseum.

  • ,RgVt,ltttl ot ivA.Ni rRiI,Nr'.. i .r :. :, . . r'.i :, i. i li l : I ri lrir:rr l.SrlJ-po"trait. letntug on o .tont stll. t619I T(HINC & DRYPO]N']2o5 X 164 ( V(.
  • The Age oJ Rembrandt: Seventeenth-CenturlEuropean PrintsOctober zv ry98 - lanrary 24, rg99Knox Gallery of Prints and DrawingsThe ITth century was a "golden age" of printmaking in Europe, with artists gain-ing renown for their etchings and engravings and for paintings, drawings and otherdesigns translated through the medium of prints. Included in rhis abbreviated sur-vey of mainly Dutch, Flemish, Italian and French etchings and engrauings areworks by some of the most important printmakers of the era, including the Dutchvirtuoso engraver Hendrick Goltzius and the Italian painter-etchers Guido Reniand Pietro Testa. The exhibition accompanies RIMBR,4NDIT Treasures Jrom theRembrandt House, Amsterdam and includes etchings by Rembrandt from the extensiveprint collection of S. William and Leona Pelletier, Iongtime patrons of the GeorgiaMuseum of Art.

    81 or AJter Rembrandt: Two Paintings Jrom the Bader ColleaionNovember 7, ry98 - Jamary rc, ryggMartha Thompson Dinos GalleryThis sma1l focus exhibition of two paintings from the well-known collection ofchemist Dr. Alfred Bader of Milwaukee accompanies the larger RIMBR/ADIrTteasures Jrom the Rembrand.t Housq Amsterdam, In recent years, Rembrandt's paintedoeuvre has undergone an intense period of study and re-examination. On display isA ManWrrtingbl Canrllelight, a small oil on copper panel artributed to Rembrandtand for many years accepted as a work by the Dutch master. The exhibition alsoincludes a vigorous oil sketch on wood panel by the Rembrandt School for or afterRembrandt's Dad.d Prcenting the Head oJ Coharh to SauL (whrch is in Basel at theOffentliche Kunstsammlung). Both painting and sketch relate to works in the exhi-bition from the Rembrandt Hotse. Generousll sponsored by Dtuctor\ Cirde member C. L.Moreheatl Jx

    Rsr-.A.rgo EvsNrsSymposium: " Rembrandt dnd Ne\.v Research: The Pilnts and theRembrandt House"Saturday, Noyember 7, 10 a,m.Offered in conjunction with the exhibition R-EMBR/IDL TreasuresJrom tlte RembrandtHouse, Amsterdam, this symposium wiil present unpublished research by national andinternational experts and will feature Nadine Orenstein, assistant curator of draw-ings and prints at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York; A.R.E. de Heer,director of the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdan; Thomas Rassieur, aPh.D. candidate in art history at NewYork University; and Bas Dudok van Heel,archiyist for the city of Amsterdam. SponsordblThe Unirersitl oJ Georgia\ CenterJorHumanities and Arts.

    tacher Workshop:,R-EMBRI-I/D Z/Thursdap Noyember e, 4 p.m.This tacher Workshop will focus on the Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn,reviewing his life and his significance to the historf of art and examining specificworks in the exhibition relating to a variety of themes, including self-portraits,landscapes and portraits of men and women. A11 participants will receive a compli-mentary slide-illustrated teacher packet. Refreshments will be served. This work-shop is open to al1 Georgia educators. Please call the Georgia Museun of Artsdepartment of education at (706) 542-GMOA for reservations.

  • DETAIL: Rslrsn,A.Nor veN RrJNSeLJ-portrait, leaning on a stone sill, t619ETCHING & DRYPOINTzo5 x 164 cuCorrscrrolr oF THE REMBRANDT HousE, Ausrsno-Lrra

    Family Day MMBRANDT!Saturdap November 14, 10 a.m.Are you interested in learning more about one of the most famous artists in his-tory) Join us for this family program and explore the exhibition and create yourown "masterpiece" to take home with you. Refreshments will be served. Sponsored $tHrywdd Allen Motor Co., lnc., Hryaard Albn Tolota, and the Friends oJ the Mu*um,

    Lecture: " A Stufu oJ Rembrandt Etchings," fu Dr. S. Willidm PelletierTiresday, December r, ,:ro p,m.M. Smith Griffith AuditoriumThis lecture will feature Dt. S. William Pelletier, an Alumi FoundationDistrnguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of Georgia, whose collec-rion of Adriaen van Ostades works was shown at the Rembrandt House Museumin Amsterdam in exchange for IfMBR,4I\DT; Treasures Jrom the Rembrand: Houv,Amsterdam. Co-sponsore d bl The Unirersitl oJ Ceorgia\ Center Jor Humanitie s and Arts.

    Elements oJ Stlle: The l4ac1 oJ ArnocroJtOctober y-JtnuuylMartha and Eugene Odum Gallery of Decorative Arts; Letitia andRowland Radford Collection Study GalleryThis exhibition features decorative arm from the collection of Arnocroft, the homein Athens, Georgia, of the late Eugenia Arnold Friend, who bequeathed the house,furnishings and gardens to the Junior League of Athens upon her death in 1994.The exhibrtion focuses on the eclecticism of one Southern familyt collection andincludes period and reproduction furniture and other objects such as porcelain.Visitors can stroll through history and view decorative arts representing variousstyles from the Queen Anne to Edwardian. Cenerousll sponsored b1 Dirutori Cirdtmembers Dr. and. Mrs. Daniel H. Magill lll and Mrs. Augusta H. Warren.REre.rr,o EvsurDecorative Arts Lecture: Thomas Savage, curator dnd director oJ thefituseufir division oJ tbe Historic Charleston foundationThursday, November 12, t p,m; Lunch: noon, oroM. Smith Griffith AuditoriumThomas Savage, curator and director of the museum division of the HistoricCharleston Foundation, will present this afternoon lecture, which will focus onSouthern decorative arts and the eclecticism of collecting. A box lunch will beserved prior to the lecture. Please call the Georgia Museum of Arti department ofeducation at (706) 542-GMOA to make lunch reservations.DECEMBER rgg8Family Day;Kwanzaa!Sundap December 6, 4 - 6 p.m.Discover the African-American holiday Kwanzaa with a special programJ food, sto-rytelling and art activities. Co-sponsored b1 the Unirersitl oJ Ceoqia\ Oljre oJ MinoitlServies.

    zoth Annual School Art Symposium ExhibitionDecember rr - z3Lamar Dodd School of Art and the Georgia Museum of ArtThis annual exhibition, hosted in conjunction with the Lamar Dodd School of Artat the University of Georgia, presents Georgia's most talented high school studentsin grades I0, I1 and 12. Students submit work in a variety of media, includingpainting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, ceramics, fiber art and jewelry.Sponsored by the United Partel Senius Foundation.

  • JeNueRY r999BeJore t948: American PaintingsJrom Ceorgia ColleaionsJanuary ry-Marcht4Virginia and Alfred Kennedy GalleryIn honor of the museumt 50th anniversary, this exhibition will showcase some ofthe finest examples of American art from collections throughout Georgra. BeJorel94E commemorates the year that the Georgia Museum of Art first opened itsdoors to the public with a collection of American paintings carefully assembledover the years by founder Alfred Heber Holbrook. One of Georgia's most belovedwriter