Papa's 85th Birthday Celebration

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Papa's 85th Birthday Celebration


<p>Eufronio Morgias 85th birthday</p> <p>Dr.Eufronio Morgias 85th birthdayAugust 4, 2015..this is how it all began...</p> <p>...a picture perfect family!</p> <p> all started when an extraordinarily determined young man dreamt to be somebody....</p> <p>...he couldve chosen a modeling career...</p> <p>...but instead, followed his true passion and became one of the best dentists in Tagbilaran City!</p> <p>...then met and fell in love with the woman of his dreams, Mama Lourdes!</p> <p>..they definitely knew how to have fun and enjoy life...</p> <p>...the perfect couple!!!</p> <p>..who taught us the meaning of true love and commitment...</p> <p>..then ventured to start a new family!!</p> <p>..check out those pants...</p> <p>..and the family just kept on expanding!!!</p> <p> our loving father...</p> <p>...we thank you for your dedication and love for us...</p> <p> are the The Perfect Father, Husband, Lolo... and much more!! </p> <p>.. and we wish you a Happy 85th birthday!! We love you!!!</p>