sally's "celebration of life" birthday party

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Pictorial of Sally's "Celebration of Life" Birthday Party with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.


  • 1.It was a beautiful day in Coto de Caza to Celebrate Sallys Life, Recovery and Birthday

2. Colorful balloons greeted the guests
3. 4. Drake and Coral, our nephew and niece flew in from Colorado to surprise Sally.Drake demonstrated his bartending talents.
5. JetBlue crewmembers flew in from New York and Oakland
6. Old friends mingled and kids played
7. The weather was perfect for spending an afternoon outdoors
8. Young and old began jumping into the pool
9. Barry and Nancy enjoyed their grandkids also at the party
10. Sallys primary neurosurgeon, Dr. Kim (left) and Mike Whalen helped celebrate the occasion
11. Dr. Kim brought his wife and two beautiful kids
12. 13. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers all enjoyed the beautiful day!
14. Our friend and musician Don Covel performed for hours.
15. Vince (upper right) has taken a renewed interest in photography. Most of the photos in this slide show were taken by him.
16. Sally loved joining Don with a James Taylor rendition
17. A group photo was taken after a singing tribute was performed by all.
18. New and old connections
19. A detailed pictorial covering Sallys entire life was on display
20. Many discovered new aspects of Sallys life
21. 22. Fresh oysters were shucked and served all afternoon
23. 24. Our Palm Reader allowed everyone to learn more about their respective futures
25. Delicious barbecue was provided by Wood Ranch
26. 27. Sallys critical care nurse, Michelle could finally relax away from the hospital
Critical care nurse, Michelle could finally relax away from the hospital
28. The Celebration of Life birthday cake was displayed
29. Family was reunited
30. Drake had never attempted Karaoke and had Coral in uncontrollable laughter
31. Trisha performed a beautiful song Acapella
32. Don asked Dr. Kim and Michelle to the gazebo allowing us both to thank them for their fabulous care and compassion
33. Both Sally and I were thrilled that these health care professionals would take the time to participate in her Celebration of Life
34. Sally paid tribute to all who traveled to be there
35. Hugs and kisses for all. Two uninvited neighborhood pets made an appearance.
36. Ravi (left) took some of these great pictures. Erni and Mike connected again.
37. 38. Later in the afternoon Bob Gilliland, SR-71 Blackbird Chief Test Pilot and 93 year old Louis Zamperini, Olympian and Japanese prisoner of war camp survivor joined the festivities
39. Everyone wanted their picture taken with these amazing legends
40. 41. Bob and Louis told amazing stories about their escapades
42. Tati had everyone in hysterics with her many faces and antics
43. This was clearly one of Sallys happiest days since her surgical ordeal
44. We both wish to thank everyone who attended this party and all who have supported us both through this life-changing experience.It is times like these that one realizes how absolutely blessed life can be. Recovery will continue slowly, but surely leading to a long, healthy and full life!