the nazi holocaust the nazis’ genocide of jews. contents  def. of genocide and the holocaust...

Download The Nazi Holocaust The Nazis’ genocide of Jews. Contents  Def. of Genocide and The Holocaust  Jews living in Europe  Germany and anti-Semitism  Reasons

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  • The Nazi Holocaust The Nazis genocide of Jews
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  • Contents Def. of Genocide and The Holocaust Jews living in Europe Germany and anti-Semitism Reasons for the Holocaust The Nazis anti-Semitic racial policy The Ghettos Camps/ Auschwitz& Birkenau Liberation & Beyond References
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  • Def. of Genocide and The Holocaust Genocide: The Holocaust : any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group the Nazis systematic genocide of among 6 million Jews during 1938-1945
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  • Jews living in Europe 1 2
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  • Jews living in Europe 1st: map of the age of the European Jewish communities in 1939. Most of them including Germany have existed for many years. 2nd: map of Jewish population in 1939 in Europe.
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  • Germany and anti-Semitism anti Jewish sentiment the Nazis used to carry out the persecution & later extermination of the European Jews 1 2
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  • Germany and anti-Semitism 1st: Caricature of Jews preference for money and power in Germany. 2nd: Jews persecuted and murdered in the Middle Ages. 3rd: Pseudo-scientific measuring to define the Jews as inferior, threatening the purity of the German, master race.
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  • Germany and anti-Semitism 4th: The stab-in-the-back legend: The Jews got blamed for Germanys defeat in World War . 5th: Caricature depicting Jews threatening Europe, causing economic crisis in 1930s. 6th: Malevolent caricature even appeared on the childrens books.
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  • Reasons for the Holocaust Its fundamentally based on Anti-Semitism (hostility toward the difference in religion & Jews taking over the money lending business) Economic: Nazis confiscated property of Jews and sent it into the Treasury of the State to recover from economic crisis.
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  • Reasons for the Holocaust Military: Nazis developed the military employing SA&SS, buying war supplies, conscripting the army through property confiscated from Jews. Political: using hatred of Jews, induced dissatisfaction of German society to it of Jews, justified the dictatorship of Hitler, evoked the pride of racial identity.
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  • The Nazis anti-Semitic racial policy 1933-34: Boycott of Jewish stores & the Jews are not allowed to work as: civil servants, professors, journalists, artists 1930's: Physical attacks on Jewish property and people 1935-39: Jewish property is confiscated, Jews had to emigrate from Germany 1939-40: Ghettos are established in Poland 1941: The first organized mass murders (by shooting)& the first gassings (using gassing trucks), Gas chambers and crematoria under construction 1942: Extermination camps are established and Jews are deported there.
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  • aust.htm boycott.htm 1 2 3
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  • The Nazis anti-Semitic racial policy 1st: Nazis racism in Jews was soon accepted by many Germans. 2nd: Nazi storm troopers block the entrance to a Jewish-owned store. 3rd: Adolf Hitler salutes SS troops on parade while SS Leader Himmler watches.
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  • The Ghettos es/HI0135/Documents/Nazig enmaps.htm caust.htm 12 3
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  • The Ghettos 1st: map of Jewish Ghettos in Europe. 2nd: Jews in Vienna forced to scrub sidewalks. 3rd: Jewish children in the Lodz Ghetto on their way toward the Chelmno Extermination Camp.
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  • Camps Concentration camps (1933-1945) imprisoned people in camps because of their otherness or in order to use them for forced labor; many purposes Extermination camps (1941-1945) were constructed with one purpose: to mass murder Jews and others (six extermination camps, 3 million Jews were killed) Combined camps: Auschwitz-Birkenau /
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  • http:// / 1
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  • 42.htm 6 tm 7 8
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  • Camps 1st: map of concentration and extermination camps 2nd: map of deportations to extermination camps in occupied Poland; Jews from Germany& German-occupied Europe were deported.
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  • Camps 3rd: A prisoner in Dachau wearing a triangle patch identification on his chest. 4th: A chart of prisoner triangle identification markings used in Nazi concentration camps for guards to easily see which type of prisoner was. 5th: Jewish families arrested in Warsaw Ghetto to be gassed at Treblinka extermination camp.
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  • Camps 6th: The last Jew left alive at Vinica, Ukraine is about to be shot by SS man, as he kneels on the edge of a mass grave. 7th: Bodies are burned in Auschwitz in the summer of 1944. 8th: Crematory.
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  • Auschwitz& Birkenau functioned as a concentration camp & became the largest killing center more than 1 million Jews were gassed to death
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  • ausch-air.htm 1 2 3
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  • Auschwitz& Birkenau 1st: Aerial view of Auschwitz-Birkenau taken by the U.S. Army 2nd: Aerial view of Birkenau extermination camp
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  • Auschwitz& Birkenau 3rd: When the victims arrived to the extermination camps in overcrowded trains, men are separated from women (among survivors); the first to be gassed were the men. The SS chose those able to work, while those unable to work were sent to the gas chambers or shot. Their belongings& valuables were handed over before death or those still alive searched the bodies for after death.
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  • Liberation & Beyond
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  • Liberation & Beyond 1st: map of the number of Jews murdered in Nazi-dominated Europe between 1939- 1945. 2nd: An enormous pile of clothing taken from children who were gassed at Auschwitz.
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  • Liberation & Beyond 3rd: Bales of hair shaven from women at Auschwitz, used to make felt-yarn. 4th: A stash of gold wedding rings taken from victims at Buchenwald.
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  • References genmaps.htm genmaps.htm ine/noflash.shtml ine/noflash.shtml id=tm88ihPRoudfNh2JLYVlFZQf5hW4PHLj&ts=1129990030 id=tm88ihPRoudfNh2JLYVlFZQf5hW4PHLj&ts=1129990030


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