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Jews and the

By: Oona B.P, Federico Franco, Jonathan Rossi

1933: 522,000 Jews in Germany

After 6 years: 304,000

Drastic changesLegislative



Why Hitler was strongly anti-Semitic

First thoughts in 1919

Already present in many parts of Europe

Jews had caused Germany's defeat in World War I

Rich bankers >> unemployment of aryan Germans

Nazi Ideologies

A. Commonly associated with FascismB. Social Dawarnism i) Anti-Semitism ii) Superiority of AryansC. Anti-Communism; Rejection of Democracy


D. FuhrerE. LebensraumF. Strong Germany i. Revenge Treaty of VersaillesG. Autarky


From November 9th >> Morning of November 10th

October 28, 1938: 17,000 Polish Jews expelled from Germany

Synagogues, Schools, Homes, Businesses, Shops, Cemeteries, Hospitals

A dozen killed; 30,000 arrested and sent to concentration camps >> guilty of being Jew

$400,000,000 fine & forced to clean and repair the SA damages

Not allowed to enter:museums, public places (playgrounds, swimming pools, schools etc...)

Many attempted to flee

1935; The Nuremberg Laws

Law 1: The Law for Protection of German Blood and German HonorJews were forbidden to marry with Aryans

Law 2: The Reich Citizenship LawJews were immediately deprived of the German citizenship; strangers

Jewish3 Jewish grandparents

Mischlinge1: 2 Jewish grandparents

2: 1 Jewish grandparent

AryanBlonde hair, blue eyes; Germanic heritage

No human rights left to the Jews

Nazi Chart


Shoah in Hebrew

January 30, 1933 (Hitler became Chancellor) >> May 8, 1945 (end of World War Two)

6,000,000 murdered - 1,5 million children

5,000 communities destroyed

1/3 of worldwide Jewish population murdered

SA: undermined the German Democracy

Gestapo: professional police officers

SS: personal bodyguards; control over Concentration Camps

SD: find the states' enemies and keep them under surveillance

Concentration Camps

SS > Death Head-Unit

Camps in which people are detained or confined, usually under harsh conditions and without regard to legal norms of arrest and imprisonment that are acceptable in a constitutional democracy

Political opponents

Forced laborers

The Final Solution

Aim: conenctrate and then annihilate all European Jews-Ghettos

Einsatzgruppen (SS + Police)- shooting- gas vans- starvation- disease

January 1942: Wannsee Conference- discuss and coordinate the implementation of Final Solution- Jews from: Ireland, Sweden, Turkey, Great Britain



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