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  • 7/28/2019 The Janos People


  • 7/28/2019 The Janos People


    experiencing this investigation. The story is sensational.'


    of Frank Johnson (from 1980 - now out of print/sale)


    Prologue: Disaster in another world

    Chapter 1 Encounter in England

    2 John and Frances dream

    3 Natasha's testimony

    4 Entry into the spaceship

    5 Frances examined

    6 What Frances was told

    7 John examined

    8 John in the engine room

    9 Pictures in the navigating screen

    10 Underground encounter

    11 Departure from the spaceship

    12 The Janos people

    the planet Janos climate and vegetation buildings and transport


  • 7/28/2019 The Janos People


    power and industry food and animals clothing and hair styles flags, badges and insignia speech and language telepathic communication personality and politics physical type and race

    13 Under whose flag?

    14 Homecoming

    An open letter to the Janos people

    A note on credence and credibility

    Author's Preface

    "IN PRESENTING THIS account of the Janos people, a human community which has been for many thousands of years away from the Earth, living on a remote planet, I amvery conscious of presenting something which will upset many comfortably-established habits of thought.

    The reader may accept my account as factual, or reject it, as he may choose; it does notconcern me one way or the other. The story only seems improbable because it throws ahefty spanner into the works of accepted assumptions about the history of mankind:technically it hangs together in a remarkably convincing way.

    It will also upset many ufologists - people who study and enquire into the strange phenomenon of the UFO or 'flying saucer'. Ufology, no less than other, morerespectable fields of specialised knowledge, has generated a lot of theories, some of them, to my mind, highly unlikely, and, indeed, in some cases strictly meaningless.

    This account, the first published presentation of a straightforward, realistic human background to the flying saucers, sweeps away all the armchair theories, if you take itat its face value; and I am confident that anyone who reads this book without

    preconception and with an open mind will end by taking the account at its face value.

    However improbable the Janos story may seem at first acquaintance - and it issensational in a way that fiction could not rival - one must consider what probability


  • 7/28/2019 The Janos People


  • 7/28/2019 The Janos People


    encounter, several times if necessary, to obtain a more detailed and more sharplydefined recall than normal memory alone could give.

    The success of the investigation owes a great deal to the professional skill and untiring patience of Geoffrey M'Cartney, hypnotherapist and consultant hypnotist in the city of Gloucester. At the same time, it must be stated that the case does not depend onhypnosis alone; very many items of information, including some of the mostimportant, were obtained in normal recall on occasions when the hypnotist was not


    I must also pay tribute to the members of the family, especially John, Frances andyoung Natasha, for their willing cooperation. They have been very strongly motivatedto try to understand what happened to them; nevertheless their readiness to submit toseemingly endless questioning, both under hypnosis and otherwise, has been a major factor in bringing to light the story of the Janos people. The fact that their recordedinterviews amounted to forty-seven c90 cassettes is an impressive statistic on its own.

    One thing, which has distinguished this investigation, has been its sheer size andcomplexity. Many 'encounters' can be fully described in half a dozen pages; whereasthis experience, of less than an hour, has yielded so much detail that I have had tocondense drastically to bring it within the compass of a book.

    This enormous yield of detailed information has been the reward of sheer persistenceon all our parts: it would have been so easy, at many points of the investigation, to besatisfied with what we had, and so miss most of the story.

    During the thirteen months of the active phase of the investigation, I have come toknow the family very well, and have acquired a considerable respect for the integrityand insight, especially of the two principal witnesses John and Frances, who are

    brother and sister, with whom I have spent a great deal of time.

    By the wish of the family, I have withheld their surnames and postal addresses. This isin accordance with the spirit of the advice given them by officers of the Janosspaceship, who imposed a degree of post-hypnotic amnesia on them, to protect themfrom the undesirable consequences of immediate publicity. ("It will cause you muchtrouble.")

    The witnesses have checked their own statements, and have occasionally made a minor correction. The conclusions, however, are my own; and they hold no responsibility for them, though they are in general agreement.


  • 7/28/2019 The Janos People


    I have been greatly helped by the many sketches made by John and Frances, which Ihave used as a basis for the illustrations. John is reliable and accurate on the shape andarrangement of objects, and has a good sense of layout and orientation; Frances isremarkably good at remembering speech, word for word, and has an excellent memoryfor detail; while Natasha, for her age, is an intelligent and observant child, whosecontribution to the investigation has been by no means negligible.

    It has been a great pity that Gloria's amnesia has been so severe and refractory. She is beginning to have odd flashes of visual recall; doubtless her memory of the incidentwill return fully in time, and will provide a valuable cross-check on the testimony of the others. Tanya has, without doubt, a full memory; but as she was only three yearsold at the time, she cannot be regarded as a formal witness.

    I do wish to make it clear that I make no claims that this book solves all the mysteriesof ufology. It gives a detailed, but not a comprehensive account of the Janos people,limited to what one family have been told about them, and to what I think can belegitimately deduced from that telling; but it does not go outside this theme. I think weshall find that many reported encounters, when re-examined in the light of what this

    book has to report, will be found to be part of the Janos story, especially where theydeal with fair, blue-eyed normal people in silver uniforms; but it will be apparent toanyone familiar with the literature of ufology, that there are many other reportedincidents which do not seem to fit, as far as our present knowledge goes.

    Perhaps the Janos people are not the only visitors to our planet from other worlds.Perhaps the Janos people themselves, when we are able to ask them, may be in a

    position to throw light on these other extra-terrestrials.

    I will now take you back in time some thousands of years, and away in space a fewthousand light-years, to a remote planet called Janos by its people, where disaster hangs in the sky.

    Frank Johnson Worcestershire, England

    April, 1980



  • 7/28/2019 The Janos People


    Disaster in Another World

    JANOS IS THE name of a world that died. (*pronounced 'Jan e-oss', the first syllablestressed)

    Janos was a planet, very like our own, with blue seas and lakes, green fields and hills,trees and grass; with towns, cities and quiet countryside; with ships and boats andaircraft; with pleasant single-storey homes and families of men, women and children,

    people very like us. People who laugh and make jokes; gentle, kindly, sensitive peopleof deep understanding, who abhor violence and will not make war, even to obtain thatwhich they most desire. People who, even in extreme need, do not want to bringtrouble on others. People very like us; but perhaps in all honesty we ought to say, thekind of people we would like to be, rather than the kind of people we of this planet alltoo often are.

    Janos had two moons, both small compared with our moon. One of these, the nearer one, called Saton, (pronounced 'Zaton'; but the spelling Saton was given by the Janos

    people) imperceptibly slowed, millenium after millenium, by the friction of solid tidesraised in its rocky crust by the gravitational field of the planet, had crept nearer andnearer to Janos, until it was too close for stability; the cohesive forces which held ittogether were finely balanced against tidal disruption.

    The people of Janos had known for a long time of their danger. For a long time theyhad known that they must eventually leave the planet, as the crew and passengers of asinking ship must take to the boats.

    With a science and technology more advanced than ours, they long ago developed theart of space travel, and constructed spaceships in which they explored the worldswithin reach of them, looking for a new home, to which they could go when the timecame to leave Janos.

    Their exploration ships ranged far and wide among the nearer stars and their attendant planetary worlds. This interstellar househunting took a long time; and the crisis creptnearer. Many planets were surveyed, and some of them would have made possiblehomes.

    But one green, lovely world had attracted them from the first, although they knew itonly by tradition; because, they tell us, it is so like Janos as it used to be. There was afeeling of home about it. They had known about Earth for a long time, from their history books; they knew where it was in the sky.


  • 7/28/2019